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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G from $699 (after $500 Discount + $500 Trade in bonus, $100 Loyalty, $50 Newsletter) @ Samsung


Deal back on and cheaper, loyality voucher and newsletter code stacking (at the time of advertisement).
S21 Ultra 256GB Retail $1949 - Get it for $799

Note: Few user reported, samsung not issuing any new $100 loyality vouchers after last Friday. Some mentioned to send front and back photo (with IMEI) of samsung phone to [email protected] for code.

Trade in offer page

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          • @yoshi678: o well theres 0 chance that will come back and if it did why would someone not trade there s21+ in lmao

  • thanks Op!!!! traded my old S10 5G, end up paying $884 for the 512GB Ultra 5G

  • Anyone had there order approved? Mines been on waiting on approval for a few hours now

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  • Very tempted……Samsung must be struggling to sell phones.
    Are these new models much better than my Note 9?

    • +2

      preety sure there sales have still been amazing, its just their new phones are coming out in a month.
      compared to your note 9 other than no dual sim or expandable storage or 3.5mm jack its 10x better

      • +1

        So other than being 100x worse (by dropping those 3 great features), it's 10x better?

        That means it's only 10x worse!

  • Is it just me, or is the "Continue" button after entering your details also greyed out for anyone else?

    • I wasted so much time to press continue. tried different browser. it worked once and didn't work again..

    • Same :-/

    • Fill your details it worked for me

  • If I use the trade-in code for my phone, but I don't return the phone and pay the trade-in price, can I use my phone again for a future trade-in?

    • It didn't work for me.

    • +1

      not sure … when i did my trade in, they had asked me to provide my driver licence and credit card detials…. they will propably charge back all discount if you didn't send out the phone..

    • Nah doesnt seem to work again.

  • Is anyone still getting $500 plus $300 for trade in bonus? Making the phone cheaper than the $699 listed with codes?

    Or is it only $500 trade in bonus now for s21 ultra?

    • I can't get the $300 bonus anymore.

      • Ah damn, so others were getting $800 trade in bonuses earlier buying the s21 Ultra?

        • Yes at about 4pm. It's well and truly gone.

          • @BartholemewH: I remember some guy getting negs for pointing it out and so I ignored it and thought I buy it later… what a mistake

            • @Danneo: I wish I was reading the thread again and saw that being pointed out. Would have stopped work straight away to buy it, lol. Can't believe you waited to buy that later!

              Probably the best outright deal on phone ever.

            • @Danneo: My phone isn't in the eligible trade list so didn't bother. Installed the app later and my phone is eligible…….

          • @BartholemewH: Some of us have been trying well before that but Samsung's servers weren't up to the task and now we get punished for it.

            • @Guybrush57: Yeah, in the same boat.

              Between 3-5pm I was fixing up that bloody trade up app, and jumping from on live chat to another just to see the chats being forced closed one by one.

              • @b0b0: I've had some pretty terrible live chat experiences from different companies. Last time my friend tried to ask for voucher he got sent to home appliances section then had to be redirected somewhere else.

                Sounds like it was a big headache trying to get the trade in code for many people.

          • @BartholemewH: Was it from the moment deal started until things crapped out?

            What bad luck, I saw it not long after deal was posted thinking no way to get loyalty voucher in time and that it wasn't enough to make it a definite buy. If I saw that people were posting there was the extra $300 I would have dropped everything I was doing to try to buy it.

            But then systems probably crap out by then.

            • @JL1: There were only a few posts mentioning it. My phone was ineligible and family members with eligible phones (that will never use a trade in) wouldn't understand the speed required to get a true bargain.

  • Well. I think I dont have chances to lower the price further with the trade in. Even if the app would have worked, my note8 is an american model, so not eligible according to the T&Cs. Leaving this crazy bargain aside, I assume that 1350 for the phone is still a decent price if I just want to upgrade my 4yo note8 (which is upsetting me very often as the battery struggles to last a day). Does anyone who order the phone know what is the estimated time of arrival?

    • +1

      People have said in the last thread and this one it's often within 2 days

  • woo hoo. just scored a s21 for $200! bargain galore

    • yeah planning to get the normal s21 getting $250 which is still decent considering the value

      • How did you get it for 250 ?

        • about $200 was the trade-in value upgrading from S10+

  • Sold out at the Samsung Store in Chermside Brisbane :( so dont waste your time with shops open until midnight tonight. ;)

  • -1

    Been with Samsung since S3, and this has to be the worst phone ever. Regret "upgrading" from my Note 8.

    • Why?

      • 4G connection issues, phone call issues.

        Other stuff is great, love the camera.

        But Samsung first refused to acknowledge the problems. I have done:
        1) reset network connections multiple times
        2) factory reset 5x
        3) brought to Samsung tech shop for repairs and all they say is, we updated it and found now issues.
        4) have bought 2x new data Sims to ensure its not fault of carrier.

        Samsung finally admitted and changed the chipset. Was ok for 3months and the issue has started again. Now going through "the process" for refund and have been ignored my emails since October.

  • Got the 256gb Ultra for $909 with a s9 trade in, pretty damn good!

    • -1

      why did you pay that much? I paid only $469 with S10 trade in and I did not even use any code

      • Did you get a S21+? Not S21 Ultra?

        • I got an ultra 256 see my picture linked in my other comments

          • @canberrascooter: there was a potential bug before - think Samsung were giving extra $300 bonus for lucky people, looks like you also used some of the other codes but I couldn't get any

      • +1

        Lucky with the double trade in bonus while it happened.

  • -3

    Meh, these things don't even have an IR blaster which is the most important feature on any phone.

  • +1

    Can anyone let me know what is the value on the tax invoice? Does it include the trade in value?

    • +1

      Total value of invoice is what you pay. I have it from previous flip deal

      • Ah I see, thanks for that. So the invoice will be the price minus $500 trade in bonus and whatever value to your trade in is worth.

    • +1

      yes, I have got my tax invoice and mentioned a $500 trade-in discount,
      "Your trade in discount plus your $500
      trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus
      $500 offer ends 20 December 2021
      Promotion applied to your order
      Thank you for signing up to Samsung
      Electronics Marketing emails. Your $50
      promotion code has been applied to
      your order. Promotion applied to your

  • Anyone got a spare $50 welcome voucher
    No luck for half a day multiple email addresses

    • +1

      Save the hassle - mine didn't work, and some guy earlier tried five different welcome codes and none worked.

      • don't know what happened, but the code i've been keeping for 2 months and EDS work.

  • Finally got the 256gb Ultra for $779 with the codes I was saving for this deal.

    • how did you get that $100 loyalty discount? if you got

      • +1

        As everyone said here. I emailed them a couple of months ago and they gave one.

        • I had one but it had an expiry of 1 week from the day they sent to me?

          • @JL1: Yes

            • @aussie-bargainer: Just confused how his one was still valid. My friend's one also expired before he could use it for fold 3 deal. Unless it was the chat code without expiry.

              • @JL1: My email said it is valid for 7 days only. I used within 5 days.

                • @aussie-bargainer: Ah I see, yeah same on mine and my friend's. Marcnunes said emailed a few months ago so I was confused which loyalty code he got that still works.

  • Nooo, ultra is out of stock?

    • doesn't look like it to me

      • My bad, I panic and reacted too fast. It’s back, seems like site is glitchy on phone. Now the trade in doesn’t work tho…

  • +2

    I'm still getting the "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment" when I try add my trade in ID. It's been like 3 hours.

    • +2


    • +2

      Got a feeling they turned it off till midnight when the deal expires

      • Same

        • I'm still having this issue, it has been so challenging to even get a freaking trade in ID, and now stuck at the website….

          how did the rest manage to put the Trade in ID through? The website keeps saying Trade in service is unavailable…..

  • Is there a dual-sim version?

    I want to upgrade from my S10 dual-sim.

    • Esim only

  • Can I still do this if I need to keep the phone, it's a work phone and can't be sold?

    • Yes

  • +2

    Sooooooo, has anyone's order actually progressed or are we all waiting for approval?

  • let us know if it starts working, have my third phone ready to trade-in

  • +6

    Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    • +3

      Samsung's system is so crap

    • +1

      When does the deal end?

      • +1

        Apparently today is the last day.

  • +1

    Got to the last step (payment) and it's not working. Accepted all my codes though.

  • Keep getting this Sorry error when entering the trade in code. Had it last time also and Samaung ask u to talk to Asurion who dont respond . What do do have tried different browsers and PC's.

    • +1

      if code not working, delete app, restart phone and do it again. If IMEI is used before, it will give u the code but u will keep getting error.

  • +2

    Hhmm. It accepted all my codes, but not the payment. Tried a few times, then gave up.
    But just checked my cc online, and there is an authorisation for the payment. I have no idea if it's gone through.

    • Same thing happened to me - hopefully the order goes through, no confirmation email yet though

    • Same here. Dunno if I should try making another payment or just wait for email confirmation cuz it didn't gave an order confirmation detail.

      • I'd say be same result

    • exactly the same… I doubt it, because I didn't get a confirmation

    • +1

      Same happened here. Took my money but at top of page says order failed. WTF

      • you atleast got a response. I didn't, it just kept cycling back to payment page, so I processed it like 5 times via paypal and card. god help me if something goes wrong

        • +1

          I'm sure this is gonna be a mess with Asurion chasing me for my trade in on a failed order

    • I have the exact same issue. will try asking the chat bot.

      • How did you get on?

    • My trade-in code is still working… so I'm guessing the previous transaction did not go through. Will see how long it takes for Samsung to reverse the charge

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