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[Windows] WinX DVD Copy Pro V3.9.6 Giveaway Licence $0 (Lifetime Licence US$19.95, Was US$67.95) @ WinX DVD


Happy Birthday to OzBargain~~

Digiarty is holding a special giveaway party to celebrate OzBargain's 15th birthday. Every member here is welcome to get a licensed copy of the newly-upgraded WinX DVD Copy Pro V3.9.6 for free (originally valued $67.95) to backup your DVD collection for digital storage and better management. No worry about scratch, damage or loss any more!

● Clone old/new DVD to DVD disc for safe storage
● Copy DVD to ISO image for later burning or playing
● Copy DVD to MPEG2 with intact subtitle/audio tracks
● Read and scan the structure of Disney's 99-title DVDs
● Restore Sony ARccOS bad sectors/corrupted sector.

Platform: Windows 10 or below. For DVD Burning, Windows Vista or higher is recommended. The installing of kb932716 package is required for Windows XP, SP2/SP3 and 2003.

How to Get: head over to the campaign page, enter a valid email address and hit "Get it Free" button, and then you'll get the license key directly.

There is a catch that the license code should be activated before January 5th, 2022. The giveaway version is the latest 3.9.6 that could be kept and used forever once you activate on your computer. But it doesn't support free updates to future versions.

Wish OzBargain a more prosperous future and Merry Christmas to all Ozbargainers :)

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  • +5

    Thanks. I think.

    • +7

      Name checks out. Last time I used a DVD ripper was when MS paint was still MS Paint (original)

      • Yep; s'all bluray these days.

        • +1

          Just purchased some older titles that I could not find on any streaming service, and they are DVD only.
          They were heavily copy protected, this software handled them fine, then upscaled with Topaz…:)

          • +2

            @SpamMeNotInOz: Nice.

            My latest project has been 720p upscaling StargateSG1.

            Since the early seasons were recorded on such small film, that grain and noise is present in ALL versions; unless you post process it out :)

            • @MasterScythe: The bluray copies are fine, they already upscaled them as best as they can without the original film.

              • +1

                @matt1234: "Fine" is probably how id describe it.

                Theyve lost a LOT of detail by applying upscaling/decombing/grain filters across entire episodes or scenes.

                There is genuinely background detail in the DVDs which is lost to shadow in the BluRay copy.

                Im encoding chapter by chapter to find the best level per scene.

                • @MasterScythe: Is there a chance someone could see your work after you are done?

  • +16

    I used to love this, 20 years ago.

  • +1

    i thought this was going to be some winx horse racing game :)

  • +3

    DVD ?

    • +16

      its like a floppy disk but shinier

      • +3

        The also make great drink coasters…

  • +6

    A freebie is a freebie, however it’s not really a lifetime license, it’s just a one-off license without updates, rather than a subscription.
    It could not work on windows 11, and there’d be no updates ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • +1

      however it’s not really a lifetime license

      Agree, title and description are misleading.

    • Historically, and ethically I agree with you.

      In the world of SaaS, not needing to 'renew' your owned software is becoming a 'feature'. yuck.

  • Use WinX DVD Ripper Platinum every once in a while. Works great even on Windows 11. Not sure how this one compares

  • +9

    I don't have a DVD drive on my PC, just a retractable coffee cup holder.

    • +1

      In data centres it was used to remotely reboot servers by pushing the power button (before iLOM and iDRAC became a thing)

    • +1

      One wrong move and it brings a whole new meaning to Burning

  • +5

    Using CDBurnerXP from years. Free as always.

  • OP, you're associated, so I have to ask… what is the business model behind these sorts of giveaway?

    They're almost always legitimate in their use; but why is it "free" not… say… $10?

    Does the business just conclude the bulk of sales have occurred, and now "free" helps get the brand name out there for future products?

    Once activated, can I RE activate when I do my yearly format and refresh of my systems?

    • +1

      I believe you can’t reactive after the promotion period, even having the free serial number you get now.

    • “ Once activated, can I RE activate when I do my yearly format and refresh of my systems?”

      No, this is “lifetime” in the sense you can use it for the life of your current Windows install…

  • -1

    problem with these shareware/paid software is that they cant clone, copy protected discs which is like the most wanted feature compared to foss/alternative freeware.

    • Absolutely they can.

      MakeMKV even has the decryption keys "built in".

      • +1

        not this software


        DVD movies cannot be copied successfully because of strict copy-protections.

        Most likely to cover their backs against the law as I assume Digiarty Software is a subsidiary of a bigger Company.

        • +5

          You're misinterpreting.

          I just tried, and it works fine on a stamped 'protected' disk.

          They're simply saying why a copy might fail.

          A great example is trying to rip zootopia, with its over 700 false chapters. Disney are bastards, i own the movie, let me watch it digitally!
          I figured it out; but still, took work.

          They're not saying they cant, they're just covering their backs against customer complaints.

          Edit: rofl a neg? someone cant handle facts. Sucks to be them. Hope they're OK

          • @MasterScythe: Hmm? What do you mean 700 false chapters? Is this some kinda anti-ripping protection??

            I'm curious, I've never ripped a DVD so I have no idea what you're saying.

            • +1

              @LazyDays: Dvds are formatted into chapters. In my experience, everything sits in the chapter 1 folder

              • @belongsinforums: So all DVDs are partitioned into chapters? Interesting, thanks for telling me that!

            • +2

              @LazyDays: Yes, It's a copy protection trick.
              In really lay terms, PC's are able to read more data types than a standarised DVD decoder chip in a player.
              So, when you get 700 chapters telling each other, to see each other, the computer will loop in them forever until a CRC check fails.

              A DVD player however, will not be able to read past 99 chapters, ignore this 'junk data' and play the disk.

              That said… Disney movies specifically are known for not playing nicely in a LOT of DVD players, or modern BluRay players for precicely that reason.

          • @MasterScythe: What I do is read the DVD in VLC and right click when the movie is playing to see which title is being used so that I can know which to rip.

    • No, tried it last night even worked on newer protected disks handbrake failed on.
      Results appeared faster than MakeMKV and definitely less errors and more options.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I recently got some older DVD's of a TV series and thought I'd watch them classically on the DVD player but it's a pain, menu's, chapters, animations, copyright warnings etc. Maybe I'll rip them and watch them without the junk

  • +1


    • For a heavily protected DVD Makemkv can take hours just on the initial scan, then 15minutes to clone. Whereas this software scans even the most heavily protected titles quickly. Ofcourse if your titles use standard copy protection or no protection then no difference.
      This also has many more output options.

  • I am use this, thanks OP.

  • 48 upvotes so far but only 2 of those have left comments…

  • Free is free!

    But MakeMkv is free for DVDs too? You also get Blu Ray support whilst the current beta is active.

    I feel like if it's free grab it, and if you're only ever going to rip DVDs (why would you) the $20 lifetime license is worth it.

    But Blu Ray is the future, the only reason to buy things on DVD are if they only came on DVD.

    • Lol… Blue Ray is obsolete. People RIP DVDs and BlueRay's so they can dispose of the Physical Media
      Well in my Case, I have a few old titles that are in DVD only, they don't have Blue Ray editions.
      I normally use MakeMkv extract them and use Topaz Video Enhance AI to upscale (usually just 1080p) which is a big step-up from DVD 720 x 480 (480i), then let the TV do the final upscale to 4K.

      Tried this software, and must say it felt quicker, and hid all the errors. MakeMkv usually complains about regions, encryption and produces warnings in the logs while it tries different options and can take a long time for the initial scan. Where as this software just works, no initial scan taking forever, and have many more output options. Like with an heavily protected DVD MakeMkv took me 2 hours to scan, but then to clone only 15minutes. So no complaints here.

      • Blu Ray is far from obsolete. The only streaming service that is even close is Apple TV / iTunes rentals which is a viable option.

        Streaming sucks, the content gets taken away eventually or edited. Obviously you don't buy every movie ever, but you want to have the stuff you'll watch a few times (EG something like Shawshank Redemption).

        Yes you rip physical media to make it easier, but if you want the best quality you need to purchase physical media. You also get bonus stuff included sometimes, as well as behind the scenes, etc if that interests you.

        It may not be a common opinion, but physical media isn't dead and streaming isn't always a good idea/solution.

        As for upscaling, my Sony does a great job just going from DVD to its 4k resolution. Obviously if you can get said content in Blu Ray you would though.

      • Lol… Blue Ray is obsolete. People RIP DVDs and BlueRay's so they can dispose of the Physical Media

        It's heading that way, but not everyone is able to use a computer.
        Even in the 'younger generations' there's a SHOCKING statistic of people who only know how to use phones\tablets!

        If you compare the number of people who own Home Media Servers and the ability to rip (let alone bypass newer copy protection)
        To the people who own home cinemas\projectors and want to eatch content in uncompressed 4K or even 8K (or 3D)? You're going to find a clear leader.

        I only know about 3 'geeky mates' who run a mediaserver; but almost everyone I know who's built a house in the last 15 years 'splashed out' on the entertainment, and have some form of high end entertainment centre.

        Hell; just from a few years working in a theatre store, the number of 'media servers' we sold, compared to the number of 4K Bluray players we sold is HEAVILY skewed.

  • Dumb question but how do I apply the key?

    I got the Platinum one, a while ago, and I thought I had applied the “freebie” key but now it is asking for a key for it to work.

  • +2

    Installed and activated, then realised I haven't had an optical drive for years..

    • Hahahha, same boat mate

  • Looking for free transcoding, re-encoding software.

    • Have you tried handbrake?

      • Yes actually. Its good but I wanted something different, easier.

        • You wont find anything easier than the 3 click solution of handbrake.

          Select the file, choose your "profile" (if you're not nerdy enough to do it manually) click start.

          Less than 3 clicks is gonna be hard to find.

  • +1

    Talking about winxdvd… Anyone here uses blueray player software? Is there free one? Seem like not as popular as DVD?

    • Decent players usually come with free software. Mine came with the Cyberlink Suite

  • +1

    Sorry btw I'm not associated..not sure how to edit

  • As an aside, is it possible to get Windows 11 for free?

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