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Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G from $549 (after $500 Discount + $500 Trade in Bonus) @ Samsung


Looks like now they want to clear out the S21 +. Not sure about the loyalty vouchers and newsletter.

Samsung trade in page

Unobtainable as at 21/12/2021 10am - refer to comments, no successful orders using the trade-in discount promotion of $500 reported yet.
Available again at 2pm - refer to comments, Asurion confirmed trade-in services was undergoing maintenance but are back online.

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  • Thanks OP

    Ended up getting the S21+ 5G 256GB in violet

    $499 after $100 loyalty voucher (issued before 16 December when they stopped issuing them) and $550 trade in of perfectly working S9+.

    Couldnt get the $50 newsletter voucher to work. But pretty happy at that price.

    • s21+ 256gb is $1149, >>>with the samsung trade in, it will not give you the bonus if the bonus will set you below $0<<<

      so $1149 - 100 = $1049 - $550 = $499. in this case the phone costs $499 not $500 therefore you DIDNT get the $500 trade in bonus and you should cancel rn

      in this case its only $499 IF you give your phone in otherwise its $1049

      say you didnt use the CDS code it would be $1149 - $550 = $599 - $500 BONUS = $100 and only $649 if you dont trade in

      id say you cancel rn even if you lose the CDS code considering thats dragging you down anyway

      edit- think about it like this, the deal is $549 for 128gb, your using a $100 code but getting the 256gb model so they cancel eachother out and it should still be $549 BUT your also trading in a $550 phone meaning it should be -$1 definitely not $499 (its only $499 because -$1 + the $500 BONUS that you missed out on = $499)

      • +1

        My receipt says the normal price of the S21+ 256 is $1649

        Then less $500 current discount

        Less $500 trade bonus

        Less $100 CDS code

        Less $50 trade value for S9+

        Leaving a total of $499 to be paid.

        Are you saying that the starting price is actually $1149 and that should be less $500 and then less $500 trade bonus?

        • my guy you wrote $550 trade in LMAO not $50 had me proper confused nah i think your fine then

          edit - i see my blunder you included the bonus in that. very confusing 2 me

          • +1

            @abjsdhasehasee: Thanks for the clarification :)

            I meant $50 trade value + $500 trade bonus :)

            • +1

              @TheCandyMan2020: ye ok i really should have first realised theres no way in hell samsung is offering $550 for a s9 + ahah

              • +1

                @abjsdhasehasee: s9+ street value for good condition seems around $200 to $300. And no way in hell I would pay that for a 3-4 year old used phone.

                So very happy with Samsung giving me $550!

                • @TheCandyMan2020: very true, i wish I hopped on this offer and not the last offer for this which was with only $300 bonus but you could get $100 cds vouchers still so its only a $100 loss but still hurts

                  • @abjsdhasehasee: Some people seem to be saying it's a free upgrade from S21 to S21+ with the trade. That's sweet for those people if true.

  • Managed to get through about 20 minutes ago. Bought the Phantom Violet S21+ 128Gb, for $544.
    RRP was $1549, $500 off special, $500 trade-in bonus, $5 trade-in credit for an old Galaxy S8.

    Was meant to get the 256Gb model grr…will see if they can ammend the order.

    • better off receving the 128gb mnodel, trading it in for $565 value for the 256gb model
      so its $1149 - 565 - 500 = $84, 84+544=$628
      buying the 256gb model straight out would be $644, thats right a whole $16 difference for 2 days of ur time.

      more of a joke but something you can actually do

  • So is it worth paying $364 to upgrade from a S20FE to an S21 Plus?

    • +2

      No, IMO

      • I looked it up, I tend to agree.

        Upgrade from S9+ was worth it, but the S20FE is only a year old and has a better camera.

        I might trade the S20FE next year….

  • Black and Silver OOS.

  • Does anyone know if we are charged the trade-in value to our card we entered from the Samsung shop or the Asurion trade up app?

    • +1

      Asurion I'd imagine as that's who facilitates the trade in

  • +2

    Just when I was about to confirm the purchase, the website crashed. Now I can't access the cart and they all appear out of stock. I am tired, I am going to break the bank and move to the $2000 iPhone 13 pro max to release my frustration.

  • So what case are you guys buying for your S21+?

    I am thinking this


  • JB have a couple of decent priced options from what I can see.


    • Looks good for that price but couldn't find any in stock without having to pay the $6 delivery fee on a $20 case :(

  • Did anyone pick in-store pick up to speed up the process so you can get the phone pre-Christmas hopefully? I wonder how long it'll take before it's ready for collection from Sydney CBD.

    On another note, if I did want to trade my iPhone XS Max in (haha let's see) do I need to do it on the spot at the store, or do they take a similar approach to Apple where they just give you a barcode you bring to Australia Post who then wrap up/package/send the trade in for you?

    • samsung uses startrack express who are extremely fast and literally never get backed up. its meant to be 1 day delivery before 5pm or next day after 5pm. thats what happend to my order.

      • Yeah I had a good experience with delivery last time (although not as good as Apple) but given the Samsung store is a 15 minute walk from where I live and I'm going to be in the city this week doing last minute Christmas shopping, I figured it's a safer option as I don't have a backup present for my mother in law who is rocking an s7 edge (which was no longer eligible for trade in!).

        Really hope it comes in ASAP though. The website says "arrives 21/12/2021" (ie today).

  • Here is more T&Cs where they mentioned that they may charge a Admin fee for non-returned devices.


    Now will they cover $500 bonus in that admin fee?

        Device Non-Return Administration Fee means a $60 administration fee which will be charged by
        Asurion in addition to the Device Non-Return Fee

      Device Non-Return Fee means a fee which is equal to the amount of the discount You received when
      Your unique Trade ID was applied at the point of sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device
      Online in accordance with clause 5.2 of these Terms and Conditions.

      so $60 and the value of trade in, no bonus.

      either way i didnt get charged $60 admin fee from last time anyways. I dont think they care

  • Loyalty and newsletter codes are case sensitive. My existing ones work when typed out all in caps.

  • +1

    All these trade-in deals are a great discount and then we see people comparing S21 series to Iphone 13 or pixel latest phones but the value for money that Samsung is offering on these phones beats them down hands down.

    I have S21 and pretty happy with the phone.

    Imagine for an Iphone 13 price, you can have 2 of these phone and Airpods pro too:)

    • Whilst I don't disagree with your logic or sentiment here, I would caveat that there's a reason why even my iPhone XS Max which was released back in 2018 (3.5 years old) is still worth $370 trade in here (and $500+ private sale). The biggest issue with the super aggressive discounting by Samsung is that it just undermines/devalues all of their phones (and given how much they contribute to the broader Android ecosystem, all other Android phones too).

      • If that means $500 top of the line android phones next year then it's a good thing right?

        • True, that is the upside to it! Just wish we didn't have to think so much about whether there's an impending price drop before buying an Android phone - something which I appreciate about iPhones (and Apple products) is that it's rare there will be a huge price change so you don't feel screwed by it.

        • When I'm getting trade in value more than I paid for the phone previously it kind of negates the iphones holding their value. The iphones tend to have good longevity but with most phones these days the degredation of the non-user replaceable batteries is the limiting factor and also why I'd never consider a second hand device that's more than a year old. Apart from the battery I don't really feel the need to upgrade my current phone.

      • +1

        I agree that Iphones hold better value but to start with if a Samsung which is almost equally good if not better and is half the price, you have already gained the benefit of saving and not worrying about resale value.

        If there was no agressive discounting by Samsung then definitely Iphone holds better resale value.

  • While the trade-in code is now working, the original discount of $500 is now gone. No longer a deal :-(.

    • +1

      Still working for me…

      • I tried now and it's working again, thank you :-). However, for S21, the discount of $500 is now reduced to $300. For S21+, it's $500 discount. Not sure if I should pull the trigger with $200 reduced discount.

  • +1

    This has really pissed me off. I tried to get one yesterday, trade in wouldn't work, then I tried to get one an hour ago (ultra or +) and it's sold out in every colour but pink. I've wasted hours on this.

    • Quit now before sinking more hours lol.

      S22 out in 2-3 months. S21 will be phased out

      • I doubt you'll be able to pick up an S22 for $500, and I've got $190 trade in price for an old iphone X. I'm happy with any S21 at a discount.

      • should i trade in my s21 for s21+
        or wait it out for s22 and trade up then?

        s22 most likely release in Jan or Feb 2022

        • I probably wouldn't. Not enough of an upgrade to make the effort/hassle worthwhile with S22 around the corner too. But if you have lots of time to burn and you won't be out much, then I guess it's not bad?

    • Get the pink and put a case on it.

      • Or dbrand skin.

  • Had another look, only Phantom Violet 256 GB is remaining. Would be $649 after the bonuses

  • Woah I signed up to the $50 newsletter code from 8 different emails and sent emails to [email protected] to followup and I got them all by midday today!

    • how do you get the code?
      just signup or email that address and ask?

      • I did both and got the codes the next day!

        • what is the link for the signup?

          so you signup first then you email then to ask where the code is?

          or just email the address directly without signup?

          if you got any spares
          do you mind pm me one?

          need one ASAP

          • @pinkybrain: All the signups I did with Gmail never came through. Other emails have come through

            • @mandelbrot: what email provider did you use?
              also how long it took to get the code?

              also did you also get loyalty bonus code and can it stack with this?

              • @pinkybrain: Just go to the main homepage. There's a pop up on the bottom right. I had an old loyalty bonus code that stacks. But I don't think they are issuing them at the moment. That may change in the next few days/weeks

                • @mandelbrot: oic.. yeah sometimes the popup don't show..
                  i tried it on another browser and shows up

                  so what phone model + size of storage did you buy and which one your trade up from?

    • i just checked my emails when i saw this comment and found that i received the newsletter code in one hour of sending the email LOL. i never checked because apparently samsung disabled codes for the offer that day.

  • S21+ out of stock now. I really am beginning to hate Samsung. Website never worked.

    • 256G violet left

  • Gosh darn it, had a black 256gb in my cart, went to explain to my wife what I was doing, came back and bam, out of stock! Her S9+ has some screen burn in as does my old S8 (very faint) so they don't qualify, was going to trade my S20+ in though..

    • +1

      they don't need to qualify as you don't need to trade them in… bail on the trade in and they charge you the cost ($40 for S9 or $5 for S8) but you keep the trade in bonus

      • Oh really, how do you cancel the trade-in? I went through the tests and told it I could see burn-in so it wouldn't let me proceed..

        • They'll text you to follow up or whatever and you just ignore it and eventually they charge you the value of the tradein phone against your CC

          I just selected all the options to make the phone like brand new

          • @Duplicity: Seems there is a $60 admin fee as well, so $110 I'll need to take into account (assuming they don't also reverse the $500 bonus)..

            • @Schikitar: per this thread and the other thread I've not seen anyone that's actually been charged the $60 fee.

              • @Duplicity: Oh okay, thanks mate, will give this a try, just waiting to receive the newsletter code which doesn't appear to be coming today!

                • @Schikitar: Uninstall the trade up app, then re-install it and declare your phone as with no damage if you do not plan to send it in. People are saying you will just be charged the trade in value (e.g $50) of your old phone.

                • @Schikitar: …and again in trying to be patient I have missed out!

            • @Schikitar: I have question
              If i used card A for trade in app which deducted 1 dollar.
              And when i bought the phone i used card B.

              So know i am not going to send back my phone.
              Which card will be charged for not sending the phone?
              If some one can help me with this?

              • @Prabhreyat: 99% sure it'll be the card you put into the trading app

                • @Duplicity: My trading code i generated,
                  And i am trying to use is coming up already used.

                  So i am suspicious, if someone has used my code, to buy phone.

                  To confirm that i tried looking for codes just adding numbers.
                  Like my code is 981
                  I used 984 and its working.

                  Its really easy to steal someone's code with more discount.

                  And in the end, I will be charged. Even i haven't used the code.

                  Be careful everyone.

              • @Prabhreyat: Trade in managed by Asurion so they will use the card from the app. Samsung seem to only care about getting the payment for the new phone

                • @Magicmagic: Is there any contact detail for Asurion, so we can send email regarding disputes.?

              • @Prabhreyat: Card A I'd say..

    • I have one in my cart and its still allowing me to checkout so maybe you could still try and checkout? I have a 128gb violet in my cart and not entirely sure if I want that colour so Im sitting on one too

      • +2

        dont worry , the cart will vanish, if you click checkout

        it did for me this evening

        added one earlier today when it was in stock and tried to check after making up my mind.
        flash - it got cleared the moment i hit checkout

  • I had to reinstall the trade up app and use another browser to get over the issues that everyone is reporting. I dont know how it ended up but I got S21+5g 256gb (they had no stock for 128 gb) for $469 after trading samsung s10. I did not have any extra codes but just went through the standard process. The whole process is clunky but in the end gives a good deal.

  • how many days do they give you to send the old phone to trade in?

    • a week from delivery,

    • You are pretty much guaranteed to be able to sell it elsewhere for more than the trade in value

  • Next gen is couple of months away….just saying

  • all colours out of stock now :(

    • 256gb violet seems to be in stock.

  • +1

    Looks like most of android ozbargainers are using samsung 🙄

  • +1

    Everything is OOS

  • +3

    I’m so hyped about getting my bespoke flip 3.

    $679 for 256 model and free Samsung care.

    Couldn’t be bothered with loyalty and sign up but super happy with that deal. Will give it a go as my spare phone.

    My ADHD will love flipping my phone non stop.

    • I was considering between the ᶻ Flip and the S21+. I kinda want both but it’s so hard to choose.
      Welp, at least they are both OOS now 😂

  • +1

    More stock is bound to reappear. Samsung are flooded with them

    • wonder how much these s21s will get discounted to once s22 arrives?

  • It’s strange , z fold 3 is showing from 1799 onwards but when i click to buy , it goes to full price

    • Yeah it says "from" meaning if you trade in a phone at maximum value plus their bonus it'll be that cost.
      Ridiculous that they can advertise it like that imo

  • +1

    This was the most frustrating exercise, to say the least for a first timer. To the point where I'm thinking never again.

    • +3

      youll be back

      • +2

        nope, it's a phone at a good price, sure, but clearing multiple browsers (losing settings that i'll have to redo in time) and installing apps on phones to get ID that didn't work then did, taking personal pics of my ID and CC numbers, email, phone number, hell even signing up for a newsletter for another code (which I'm receiving spam email already), and have samsung screw it up royally, online chat that was another waste of time…

        not much want, to move on this deal again.

        • -2

          Savings of over $250/hr and you're already frustrated LOL

          Yeah sure….

          • -1

            @plmko: you say that like you know better, in reality, you only think you know.

          • @plmko: Just got the code now for signing up for the news letter, LMAO, I unsubscribed yesterday after not bothering with this show. Everything is OOS discounts are @ $300.

  • +1

    When I select S21+ , although no color is available ..it shows $1,649.00Save $500.00
    Total $1,144.00
    with trade-in …so no 500 normal discount ..looks like the current offer is removed now

  • +1

    It's reported at out of stock for S21+ now

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