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LawnPorn Root Builder 1L (Kelp Concentrate) $26.95 + Shipping ($0 with Prime or $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Great price, works out much cheaper than seasol. Also porn and root in a deal title

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  • +1

    lawn porn

    Belongs on porn hub

    • +15

      *lawn hub

      • +2

        Someone's been spending a tad bit too much time on lawnhub.com….

    • Even the logo looks very similar lol

      • I’ll take your word for it

  • +4

    "Ideal for encouraging strong and healthy roots without affecting foliage" - So it's recommended bushes that have been around since the 70s?

    • Probably a good idea if you trim the foliage back first

  • +16

    Does it matter how moist the bush is before you get into it?

  • +3

    As the gardener's would say, the wetter the better.

  • +1

    This is definitely good for rooting…

  • +2

    Rooting tooting deal

  • +8

    Smells fishy

  • +16

    I use this on my wife's patch. It's quite large and lush and has really strengthened the roots.

    Need something to help with the colour and odour, though.

    • +3

      This painted a completely different picture.

    • +2

      Sounds like she needs some Beet on it.

    • How about trying some soap and warm water?

    • too long use whipper snipper to trim it back and smell go away

    • +1

      The worst part is the lawn grubs amirite?

  • +1

    Lawn Porn Root

    Reminds me of a holiday down the Great Ocean Road in my teenage years….

    • +3

      Puberty can be very lonely.

      • Especially for those working in horticulture…

  • +8

    So it penetrates deep?

  • -1

    The company behind this product is run by jv.

  • +1

    Reviews only show one happy customer. Hmm

    • +1

      It's a well known brand for lawn enthusiasts

    • I hope s/he got a happy ending.

    • Size does matter after all…

  • You guys are hilarious 😂

    • Just having a bit of bush craic.

  • +4

    Plant doctor seaweed secrets is $12 for 1l.

    Both are 100mL per 100sqm for lawn.

  • -2

    Also porn and root in a deal title

    fscken this x100000

  • does it come with free seeds

  • +1

    Personally prefer Plant Doctor products, buying the larger sizes usually equates to exceptional value.

  • Interesting naming for these lawn products just saw this other one: "LawnHub Threeway" https://lawnhub.com.au/products/lawnhub-threeway-8-10-5-trac...

    • Poor Simon Rice, apparently he's not a looker….. "Threeway looks beyond aesthetics".

  • +2

    OP I think you missed quite a few opportunities with regard to product description. You failed to mention….. "with a proprietary method of hormone extraction resulting in a biostimulant".

  • Can you use this as a mixer for Xmas cocktails? Asking for a friend……

  • +2

    Treat for my cucumbers 😉

    • You have more than one? 😜

  • +1

    Great But I like to keep my patch Moist and throw some seed at it as often as needed….

  • I am at work, is it safe to click on a deal when boss is not looking?

  • Yeah. Lawnhub are legit lawn products. The name is just taking the piss but the product is great for lawns and gardens

  • I'm just here for the comments (GIF: Michael Jackson eating popcorn probably not the appropriate meme here)

  • Vulgar people

  • Anyone interested in this stuff in all sincerity should go look into Plant Doctor products. You won't go back.

  • +2

    Plant doctor products are better, and cheaper when paired up with the auslf coupon code

  • Who are these guys? They're hilarious….

  • Similar product for $29 + delivery

    Might not jump on it

  • 69 in the price

  • Sorry, can't stop.
    This work for all the holes?

  • +1

    Far out, I was seriously confused and thought this was an energy drink after reading the comments

  • +4

    Demographic of commenters on this thread: 14 year old boys.

  • Clicked to read the comments, not disappointed 🤣

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