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AstiVita Derma Roller Acupuncture Face Roller & Skin Care Tools $4.59 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ AstiVita Amazon AU


AstiVita Derma Roller - 540 Grade A Titanium 0.25mm - Acupuncture Face Roller & Skin care tools/Face massager in Gift Box

When I checked out the price it reduced to $4.59. I don't know how it happened.

Apply the 30% off coupon before adding to cart.

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  • got one but don't know anything about it or if even if it should be used on my face or not

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      You can use it on someone's face.

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        But not yours

      • Bonus points if they are asleep

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      An acupuncture roller for your face, even Dan Brown's albino monk wouldn't use that on himself.

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    Is this a torture device?

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      When did ISIS start sell merch

  • A good present for someone you like/dislike?

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    The needles length is useless, will do aboslutley nothing. You need at least 1.5mm so you can target the cells that will trigger the collagen production. The product does work, but every time you use it the effects diminish.
    Also stay away from the 540 needle rollers, and go with a 192 needle roller. The rollers with higher needle count cover a larger area on the skin and barely pierce the skin.

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      I wasn't even considering buying it but this sure was fun to read.

      Every time you use it the effects diminish woahh okayy

      • Because the needles get bent I think???

        • Nah I don't think that's why. I think it's something to do with the way the skin reacts to it assuming they were following up from their previous sentence

      • It has more to do with how skin repairs itself after being damaged. The amount of collagen produced following skin trauma reduces each time it is damaged hence why the effects diminish. Nothing to do with the roller itself

        • Yea I thought so. Thanks for the clarification!!

    • Dermatologist recommended 0.3mm for home DIY, though many have used 0.5mm on the face no problem. Now, 1.5mm is definitely not for home DIY.

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        You need to go to a minimum depth of over 0.3mm so the needles penetrtate into the dermis. The thickness of the dermis varies depending on its location on the body. On the eyelids, it's 0.6 millimeters thick. On the back, the palms of hands, and the soles of feet it's 3 millimeters thick.
        If you're using the 540 needle derma roller, it pretty much does nothing as the sruface is highly saturated with needles. It's like those tricks they do when they lay down on a bed of needles, the needles don't go through. Using the 1.5mm 192 needles roller with light pressure, you will be inserting 0.2mm up to 0.5mm of the needles into your skin which is not optimal to trigger collagen production but will work.

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          Provide link or proof

          • @bOngOCaT: just google skin layers, and google where is collagen made

            • @Winston100s: I’m talking about using 1.5mm with light pressure for home diy. Where you getting that information from?

              540vs192 needle sounds plausible

              • @bOngOCaT: Because I've used them on myself and others who have used them have the same feedback. You would need to be applying at least 5kg of force on the 1.5mm 192 needle roller and even then the needles will still not go all the way inside. I'd say up to 3/4 their length. Get a few rollers with different needle dimensions and try out for yourself :)

                • @Winston100s: It would be great to hear how you came up with this:

                  • 5kg force to penetrate 2/3 in
                  • 1.5mm needles only penetrates 0.2-0.5mm with light pressure

                  How did you even measured this. Sounds sketchy to me. Light pressure gets 1/3 in but to get another 1/3, so 2/3, it requires 5kg of force 🤣

    • A 192 count 1.5mm roller you recommend?
      I’ll have a look tonight
      Fascinating knowledge from you, real keen to get one with proven results hence your advice has peaked my interest

    • +1

      Thanks. Bought !!!

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      That's how the real men do it.

      After that, wash your face and scrub with sandpaper.

      • Sandpaper is great for exfoliation - twice a week is ideal.

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    Will this stimulate glans?

    • needles on PP?

    • Just the tip

  • Imagine tooling those needles to your eyes I wouldn’t touch those

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    I have no idea what this is or what its even remotely designed to do, but I bought it anyway.

  • What is the 30% coupon ?

  • 0.25 won’t do anything to your skin… Enjoy ruining it I guess?
    There are plenty of advice from medical professionals out there explaining the needle height and count and how to use them. If you have deeper acne scars, go get it professionally treated by a dermatologist.

    • they are like $600 though

      • Unfortunately the rollers at their ideal length and count (0.5-1mm, 192) won’t be able to heal any deep acne scars, they’re mainly used for light blemishes, wrinkles etc. Professional heat treatment gets much much deeper

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          If rollers at ideal length won’t heal acne scars then why is that ideal?

          • @bOngOCaT: In the context of home usage, there’s various reasons as to why a shallower needle is more preferred, people generally won’t go as deep as necessary, especially if it involves their entire face, fear of redness , and bad application technique (skin not stretched). A lot of it involves not understanding the principles behind micro needling and simply just rolling it on their face expecting results. In which case a 0.5mm to 1mm needle will be ideal.

    • If 0.25 won’t do anything then why would it ruin your skin?

      • Not sure if you’re memeing or not, but the needles are supposed to penetrate past the epidermis to induce collagen to be deposited which is how deep scars are healed. By rolling a 0.25mm needle on your face, it effectively just puts small holes in your face without encouraging growth.

        There are plenty of medical papers you can read online regarding how it should be applied.

  • Can be had for like $1.50 off aliexpress

  • Does this work for marinating meat?

  • Given the number of votes this seems to be becoming a popular device for Ozbargainers.

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    Is this good for pork crackling?

  • These should be single use and discard.

  • Astivita? Didnt these guys sell tapware, sinks, monitors, blowup Santa's etc some years ago, but went insolvent?

  • People have mentioned that the results diminish every time you use it. What frequency are we talking about and after how many uses.

    I've had friends tell me to get one and they have even gifted me one. But I'm scared to use it as I don't understand the long term effects. I've never used it and it just sits in the box, I'll probably just throw it away.

    I do use products that contain SPF when outdoors and have all sorts of serums, L-ascorbic Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid 20% and 100% hyaluronic acid which I use nightly, or other products.

    My friends don't have the same routine as me and are looking for a cheap alternative to buying serums, which are not cheap.

    Curious to get others experience. Does this roller complement a good serum routine or replace it…or is it just a bit of a hyped fad.

    P.S. I've pretty much made up my mind that I want that rollee nowhere near my face. I'm happy with my current routine.

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