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Philips 7605 Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV: 70" $1104.35, 50" $649.35 Delivered @ Philips via Amazon AU


50" $649.35

4K LED TV | With four times the resolution of conventional Full HD, Ultra HD lights up your screen with over 8 million pixels and our unique Ultra Resolution Upscaling technology. Experience improved images regardless of the original content, and enjoy a sharper picture with superior depth, contrast, natural motion and vivid details.

Saphi Smart TV | SAPHI is a fast, intuitive operating system that makes your Philips Smart TV a real pleasure to use. Enjoy great picture quality and one-button access to a clear icon-based menu. Operate your TV with ease, and quickly navigate to popular Philips Smart TV apps including YouTube, Netflix, and more.

P5 Perfect Picture Engine | The Philips P5 engine delivers a picture as brilliant as the content you love. Details have noticeably more depth. Colors are vivid, while skin tones look natural. Contrast is so crisp you'll feel every detail. Motion is perfectly smooth.
Dolby Surround Sound | Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Support for Dolby's premium sound and video formats means the HDR content you watch will look-and sound-gloriously real. Whether it's the latest streaming series or a Blu-Ray disc set, you'll enjoy contrast, brightness, and color that reflect the director's original intentions. And hear spacious sound with clarity, detail, and depth.
Freeview Plus | Find out what's on TV this week with the Freeview 7-day TV Guide, or browse backwards to see what's available for catch up. Search for all your favourite Australian free-to air TV in one place with easy access to ABC ivew, SBS On Demand, 7plus, 9Now and 10 play. Just press the green button on your remote to get started !

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  • tempted on that 50" for my bedroom

    • Spend just little bit more for known brand & model. May Be u might get in same price range

  • What's the refresh rate on the 70 inch?

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      Supported Display Resolution
      • Computer inputs on all HDMI: up to 4K UHD 3840x2160 @60Hz
      • Video inputs on all HDMI: up to 4K UHD 3840x2160 @60Hz, HDR supported, HDR10/ HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma), HDR10+/Dolby Vision

  • it shows $1,699.00 for 70inch? I am after 50 inch actually

    • Tick the box that says "Save an extra 35% when you apply this coupon."

      • i see, thanks, haven't used Amazon before, and not sure the Tv quality also?

        • Genuinely zero internet presence, can’t find reviews or anything of the sort

        • Hard to say .. I personally don’t trust Philips.

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    Saphi OS may be a problem for apps

  • Is micro dimming an equivalent of FALD?

    • Couldn't find review for this specific 70"model (70PUT7605/79).

  • Hi.
    These aren't "philips" but by a brand called tempo they also make eko TV, teac , jvc etc found in main stores

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      Tempo is the Australian distributor. The manufacturers are TP Vision who bought Philips TV division. Before taking over TPV were the OEM factory that produced Philips TVs. It's basically same manufacturing, R&D, and company but under different ownership.

      That said, it was the "Made in Holland" marked products that were good.

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    Philips used to be such a great brand.
    Last thing I bought that was Philips was a simple 2.1 soundbar back in 2014.
    Shat it self by 2016. No warranty and BigW wouldn't budge.
    Bought a Samsung from DSE (few months before they went defunct) being running perfectly for 5 years now.

    I've essentially been put off any of the BigW brands. Seems many great names have fallen.

    Quick edit:
    I opened up the Philips soundbar. All the caps on the power supply/PCB had let go of the magic goo.
    No a damn thing inside was branded Philips it was the cheapest nastiest crap off the shelf that fit in the mould.

    • Didn't know Philips was a no go brand like that. What about all those Philips hue type things you see? Same as all the cheap chinese ones but over priced?

      • Haven't bought anything Philips since the soundbar incident so really can't give you an intelligent opinion on the smart home gear.

        • No worries. I was only referring to them as they're presented as more of a premium product in that category. Surprised they aren't s highly regarded brand for TVs, nearly went for this deal

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        Philips hue is definitely much better than most of the cheap smart lights out there. I've used a bunch of them and the hue system is the best IMO.

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          PHilips LEDS are manufactured in factories they own. A lot of Philips products since the 90s are made by a third party and rebranded.

      • +1 for Hue. I have about 15 hue lights, indoor, outdoor, several rooms and it works flawlessly.

  • Saphi doesnt seem to have Disney +, at least on my TV from last year.,

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