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Douxlife DL-OC04 Ergonomic Mesh Chair w/ Lumbar Support US$39.99 (A$55.11) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Great price on this mesh ergonomic office chair, a whopping $40 cheaper than the previous deal. For comparison, same chair is currently selling for $87 on eBay

AU Stock with 1 week delivery

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  • Any reviews on the chair?

    • -2

      Look at the website.

  • +18

    Thick Explosion-proof Nylon Base

    Anyone have an explosives licence that wants to do an experiment?

    • Sounds like @ssplosion.

    • +4

      I guess it means resistance to fart damage

    • +10


      The story is most likely false but couldn't find a Snopes.com article about it.

      • (profanity) love the story.

      • +3

        It's great that the nylon base is resistant to explosive damage, but did they consider not making the chair explode in the first place?

  • Must be like sitting on a plank of wood

  • Anybody on OZB has this chair? If so, hows the quality?

    • +1

      Yeah pretty sure this is the chair in my office

      Not much height adjustment. Medium sized too so prob not for big people.

      But the back support is amazing. Great for slouching, great for sitting up, great for working while leaning back at 30 degrees
      Time to get 1 for home

      • Cool, Thanks!

    • no mate but it looks like verona mesh back chair by equip

  • Very filmsy. Refrain.
    Given the quality deals here….. This one is a blot.

    This one isn't going for. You get what u pay for.

    This shud not be manufactured at all.

    • +1

      Any recommendations for a home office chair <$200?

      • I am using this since lockdown began and found to be sturdy for the price.

        This went upto $350 not sure why but back at this price. Not at all a bad deal.

        after this officeworks professional chair


        • same chair is available on amazon….reviews will tell u the construction and quality.

          • @vwrite: Verdict?

            • +2

              @iDroid: If you're asking re: the first one they linked - people seem to find it's okay.

              It's called:

              • Unbranded Korean Office Chair Superb on Amazon
              • Korean Office Chair Ergonomic Superb Computer Gaming on Catch
              • Ergonomic Korean Office Chair SUPERB on Kogan

              if you wanna read through the reviews. They're generally positive.

        • Thanks for the rec. price is good too! Are the arm rests removable?

        • +1

          PU leather. Sorry I won't touch it.

  • Why does everyone here use Mastercard rates when converting from USD

    • +1

      because it's better than visa

  • love good bangs

  • Thanks OP, ordered one for the office so I can stop using the dining chair.

  • thanks for listing, bought one to replace a broken chair…. :)

  • Are there not any affordable chairs that support up to 150kg. I'm pretty fat and my current 120kg chair lasted 6 months before the cylinder entry point at the chair base was pushed up into the chair seat base so that it collapses with any weight. Nothing I've tried has enough force to pull the air cylinder out to its default location. So anyone? A good chair that supports 150kg. All the ones at IKEA only go up to 120kg.

    • +1

      Try gaming chairs. I have a ThunderX3 TGC22 myself. Have had this chair for 3 years and been my main chair working from home since for the past 20 months. Still going strong (both padding and gas cylinder). A more known brand would be SecretLab, but much pricier (e.g. $650 vs $220 that I got mine). The market is saturated with options now, so I'd suggest do yourself a favour and get one with thick padding and reputable build quality.

      • +1

        Ok yeah. That looks promising.

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