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Segway Ninebot Max G30LP $869 + Delivery (Free C&C BNE) @ Bike Scooter City


Not a bad deal for the gen 2 Max, G30LP.

This is the 40km range model with the new version motor, and these guys are selling the global model that does 30km/h out of the box.

Have had one for a few days and great so far.

Promo code popped up when I was browsing their site for $30 off, their list price is already the cheapest online at the moment.

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    In before the 'not legal in my state' comments.
    If you're in the market, do your own legal research to see what the regs are in your state and keep comments about finding better prices ploise.

    • At 30kmh for these versions it wouldn’t be legal anywhere, though you can speed limit them to 25kmh with the change of one character in the serial if really needed.

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        I think you will find, at least in QLD, the law is you cannot ride them at >25kmh in public areas. There is no law that says the scooter can’t go over this speed (on private property). In other states YMMV.

        • In Qld to be a Personal mobility device ‘rideable’ it should have a maximum speed of 25kmh, after that it’s an uninsured motorbike or some other nonesense.

          New rules next year supposedly… and a maximum riding speed rather than maximum capable speed would make more sense, but sense isn’t likely to come in to it.

          • @Pobman: Pretty sure the police will be measuring actual speed, rather than max speed. In D mode it’s about 20-25km, 30km in sport mode.

            Agree about sense - it’s unlikely.

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      So talkin prices…is this $869 +/- $2500?

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    Like to see a really good deal on the MAX G30 global edition

    • How is that different?

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        I think it has an increased range of 65km.

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        Bigger scooter, bigger battery, in built charger.

        This Lite version is preferred by many shorter people though.

      • LP is the compact, lighter and less range version of the G30P. Battery is 367Wh vs 551Wh. It also doesn't have a built-in charger so you need an external power brick to charge it.

        Gearbite had the G30P on black friday for $750 which was a banger of a deal. Bikescootercity will have much better support though

  • Thanks guys.

    Edit: There is a deal on the G30?

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    Other option is get a 365 Pro and 32 kph max speed with a 2 minute firmware update. Got one of these for under $700. Well impressed.

    • If you don’t have hills to climb, perfect!

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    Speed is irrelevant,these are actually against the law in NSW on footpaths and pedestrian walkways/cycleways….but don't hold your breath waiting for the constabulary to enforce ordinances.

    • Cool story. Good thing not everyone lives is NSW I guess…

  • doe anyone know rules around the ninebot gokart pro legality on the streets? doesn't need to be on road, but just pedestrian, thinking of getting one for commute. i'm in victoria, and unfortunately its not listed as wheeled recreational device

  • Just did a CFW mod to mine, and can now get 34kmh, and really pulls up hills now when it didnt' before.

  • how does click and collect work on this website? i don't see any function for that

    • It’s on the shipping step. I did it and it worked fine.

  • Called their number and it hangs up
    Then sent them an email and no response . Been waiting for 24hrs.

    Maybe I'm dumb but can anyone provide me with a screenshot where I select click and collect?

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