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Motorized Standing Desk, Height Adjustable 140cm (Dual Motor) $292.83 (Free Del to Metro) @ Artiss Furnishings via Amazon AU


Black Frame Natural Oak Top $292.83, sub $300 so can claim tax return in one year
Other color options desktop and frame combination available with higher price
e.g. Black Frame Black Top $313.95
Dual Motors, 140cm is a good size for me, as I am Keeping a decent fixed height traditional desk that sits next to it

Notice: Item is fulfilled by the seller. Amazon Prime member benefits are not available.
Free Delivery applies to metro areas only, may exclude certain states and regional (rural) areas.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • try select Black Frame Natural Oak Top?

  • Awesome price

  • +1

    My last purchased from OzB this year. Thank you

    • Likewise

  • +1

    Anyone used this can share about the quality? And how the after sales service works?

    • Check out reviews. They are very mixed. Glad I didn’t buy it.

    • +1

      We've got the 120cm table top variant and aso a jburrows one from officeworks, and I'd say I prefer the artiss vs the jburrows, dual motor and general assembly is more modular.
      It’s pretty sturdy. The only thing is when using the preset buttons you need to sort of wake it up first and then press the preset you want.

    • +1

      Got the 170cm, very sturdy and the dual motors are brilliant. Make sure you have a drill as the table top doesn't come with pre-drilled pilot holes for the screws.

      • anyway I can put a hole on it without drill?

        • You can try and risk screwing them directly in but I'd advise against it, otherwise it may splinter.

  • +2

    I wish it can go lower than 69cm..

    • Yeah I figure for the price though I can use a footrest

    • Nice

  • How did you guys get free shipping?

    Mine showed $200 delivery

    • Not sure. Just added to cart.

    • Buy new house first

  • Is the 100kg load include the table top? Eg. I'd like to fit my own table top and still be able to sit pc/monitor on this

  • +1

    Black frame oak not showing the low price :(

  • +2

    click bait 😂

  • price updated

  • I can get see the $292 version, but when I try to add to cart or buy now I keep getting an error.
    It still shows as three left in stock…

    EDIT - now showing at $347

  • Its $347

  • Price just been changed to 347.98 Black Frame Natural Oak Top
    Black Frame Black Top $313.95 from what I can see

  • Updated

  • Is arris’s the new nick scale?

  • +4

    Just to say I have no connection to the seller, have no control or do not know when the price gets updated by seller

  • Thank you! Managed to snag one at the $292.83 price, I think there were limited stock at that price.

  • Got one, Thanks!

  • Grabbed one as well, Happy new year, everyone!

  • Looks like it is back in stock!

    • Wrong.

      PS: not really, just continuing an in joke that seems to be happening on this deal.

  • I can still add to cart for $292, it the desk good?

  • Looks like back in stock, just bought one.

  • I'm still able to add to cart at $292.83.

  • Thanks OP! Quickest first new year purchase ever :) Happy New Year!

  • +1

    $359 delivery to WA hell yeah

  • +3

    $292 plus $279 for delivery to non-metro area.

  • $292.83 plus $365.81 delivery to my post code in SA! What a bargain!!!

  • free delivery for Prime, just got one. thanks OP

  • Got one, thanks OP. Also tried my luck with cashback. Is this qualified for cashback from cashrewards or shopback?

  • Given it’s sub $300 it can be tax deducted at one go (not a tax advice, DYOR, I may in fact be wrong)

  • Few white frames 120cm around the $280-$290 as well, but 140cm definitely the best deal ignoring colour

  • Is this big enough to fit a laptop and monitor with keyboard and mouse?

    • +1

      Yes, I have the same size desk at the moment and can fit a 16inch laptop + 34inch screen + a horizontal screen just fine. Including keyboard and mouse :) there isn’t much more space left for anything else though :)

    • Yes. It will be compact but enough.

  • Does anyone here with this know how to set the memories? I tried the combo and does t work.

    • +1

      Yeah just position it at the height you want, press the M button once and then the number you want to set it to.

  • +1

    Went with Desky, good customer service with product warranty. You pay a little extra but done for a decade.

    • mate, i just checked the similar standing desk of Desky, even with the promo code, it is $296 extra (including $40 shipping) compared with this. It means one Desky standing desk equals two of Artiss standing desks to me.

  • Black Frame Black Top 140cm version remains at $313.95 (as of 10:30am 1/1/22)

  • +9

    Choose BK frame + 1.4m oak top, the price is also ~$292, if you are plus member, can save another $10.

    • Excellent thanks a bunch for hunting this one, was after a 1.2m one recently

    • Great find. Cheers mate. Just wondering, would it be better to buy directly from Artiss store from Amazon? Would the warranty be a bit easier than ozplaza?

    • WH Frame + 120cm Walnut Price is $283.95

  • Nice finding Bargainseeker007, I canceled Amazon order and bought it on eBay as a plus member got $10 discount and expected delivery is early 7th January.

    • May I ask did you get any delivery update?

      • +1

        My eBay order went in on first and estimated delivery is now 11th to Adelaide burb

        • My Amazon one changed from 18/01 to 21/01 :( (Melbourne SE suburb)

        • Nothing delivered yet. No update on delivery since the 10th on Hunter Express tracking page. Slowest truck to Adelaide ever! :-(

          • +1

            @reu: mine was delivered today, both boxes

          • @reu: Ah, Hunter Express…

            Delivered to the wrong address and called it done! No way to contact them to rectify because I am not an account customer. So what are you supposed to do!?!?

            Guess the other after half of the delivery will go to the wrong address too as HE updated the delivery address (once you are at the wrong address, it's easier than taking it to the right address I guess!).

            Good luck out there!

            Hope you don't get the Hunter Express treatment that I'm experiencing and I've heard about on ozb.

            • @reu: Hunter Express must have seen my post because I still don't have the second package. ETA: Delivered by the 7th of January! Lucky I'm not in a hurry.

      • +1

        Yes mine is dispatched on 4th expected delivery this Friday.

  • +1

    Or this one: $499 for a more premium modal, it also has 10 years warranty. https://www.retaildisplaydirect.com.au/standing-workstation-...

  • Just be warned that if they use Toll for shipping, the quoted delivery date will not be accurate if it needs to go through Melbourne. I'm waiting on delivery of a different standing desk from a different seller on Amazon that was due before Christmas. Toll are saying to add 10 business days. Even this is may not be accurate as I had one delivered from Sydney to Melb with Toll and took over a month.

  • Max height 118cm is a bit small for me. Any recommendations for a sit stand desk with a higher maximum height. I need max height 130cm or higher.

  • Wow, I use 107 height at work and a couple of the guys use 112 but 130 would mean the screens would be super high?

    You must be a tall bugger?

  • +2

    Thanks OP. I paid total 282.95 (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/392912280290) from ebay and used 5 x $50 Ebay gift cards deal with 10000 flybuys bonus points. So in fact, I got it for 232.95 the final price. :)

  • +1

    Ordered a black one from Amazon for $313.95

    Received frame only today, I'm sure this should come with a top also?

    • +1

      I ordered Black Frame Natural Oak Top for $292.83. I also received the frame only today.

      • I've got the top delivered separately.

  • Why only the frame is delivered? Will there be another shipment for top ?

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