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Ice Cream Maker with Compressor $136.67 Delivered @ ALDI (Online Only)


Aldi is selling this Stirling ice cream maker with compressor (it has a built in freezer unit so you don't need to prefreeze a freezing bowl). The price is less than half the price of any other ice cream maker with compressor that I am aware of. The 1L capacity is a bit small but when you have made one batch you can scoop it out and make another one. The cost for me was $129 + $6.99 shipping + $0.68 card fee.

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    Our Breville seems to have died after minimal use

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      Really? Mines going strong after 7 years.

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      How long did you have it before it stopped working?

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        If it was just out of the manufacturer warranty, they might still be able to return it, as products are covered by the ACCC by how long the reasonable consumer would expect it to last.

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          What I can't work out is why anyone (let alone 6 people) would neg your helpful comment?

          ACL is the correct term. Australian Consumer Law. And yes, warranties these days are something the manufacturer tries to limit their responsibility with, when in fact it usually extends a lot longer.

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            @team teri: Not just one person negged it but 6!

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            @team teri: *

            I agree, the way my comment is worded is incorrect, due to the fact that ACCC only administers the ACL, as such my comment should of highlighted this distinction; so thank you.

            I probably, should mention 4 people did
            downvoted my comment since it was a
            corny Dad's joke; "he said minimally".

            For the other 2 that voted once it was changed, they probably work at MSY.

      • I'm trying to work that out, but it would be well out of warranty.

    • My compressor still works well, but the mixing arm does not cycle through the mixture before it gets to the ice cream consistency. Might sell it for parts as someone may want the compressor part.

    • The 'minimal use' part is a detriment, not an benefit.

      Anything that uses a compressor to refrigerate gas needs to be run every month or two in order to move oil around the system so it can lubricate the seals.

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        needs to be run every month or two in order to move oil around the system so it can lubricate the seals.

        That's for car air conditioners, powered by the car engine. Electric-powered compressors have no rotary seals (at least for the last 30 years or so), so they're fine with being powered off for long periods.

        In electric-powered units, the motor is inside the pressurised cooling circuit. Only wires come out of the compressor "can".

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    I have breville one - does not really get cold enough to make proper ice cream - just buy it from the shops

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      Ours worked well, while it worked.

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      —32⁰C isn't cokd enough for ice cream making? May have been faulty?

      If you know how it works it can make great ice cream but you need to modify the paddle first.

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        Any links to modify the paddle?… thanks

      • Yeah what is this paddle modification business?

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      Dang. Multiple comments showing lackluster performance from the expensive well-known brands

      May as well broden a couple cheaper ones? When broken, ALDI has historically been decent with returns/replacements/refunds with special buys

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        may as well buy icecream from colesworthdi

        • I prefer Colesdiworth. It rolls off the tongue easier.

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    Limited delivery areas sadly

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      I have looked on the web for similar cheap machines due to this.
      Seems only Aldi has such a cheap machine at a cheap price.
      I guess the delivery areas are closest to the shipping docks?

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    Anyone with this can recommend (or not)?

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    This, or 50L of ice cream from the supermarket?

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      Yep, 50L! It will cost around $5 in ingredients each time you want to make your own anyway.

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      The only 50l of ice cream from a supermarket comes with emulsifiers, preservatives and all sorts of artificial malarkey….

      • +19

        Stop it. You're making me hungry

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        Agree. Supermarket ice cream tastes good. Cant replicate all the science they use to make it at home.

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    Thanks OP got one. First impulse buy of the New Year. If crap I will simply return it.

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      I can tell yah already its crap .

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    IIRC, making ice cream yourself actually isn’t that cheap. You’d be buying this for the experimentation on flavours and textures. I wouldn’t even say it’s convenient. The effort to make it wasn’t unsubstantial. I figured after a while it wasn’t worth the effort - just buy it from the shops.

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      That was my experience too.

      But beyond that, what stopped me from making my own ice cream was knowing what actually went into ice cream! Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

      • Could you elaborate please? Would love to stop eating ice cream too…

        • I haven't stopped eating it, I've just stopped making it !

          Yorkshire_man gives a rundown of the confronting ingredients

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            @ash2000: Made a liquorice ice cream one Christmas with a whole bottle sambuca and liquorice pieces. Well worth the effort on this occasion 🥴.

    • It only takes like ten minutes, but that is infinitely harder than grabbing ice cream already made out of the coles freezer.

      • HUH????????? what are you using to make it in 10 mins (and I presume you mean 10 mins plus freezing time)

        • Most likely never actually made one at home…

        • takes longer than 10 mins to make the custard base …. when i used to. are ice cream if was more because some fruits were in season and cheap e.g mango, cherry, apple, flavours they don’t have in supermarket …..never bothered with chocolate or vanilla ……. if adding alcohol, don’t go over the top, it lowers the freezing point of the ice cream,

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      Not just flavours but knowing what ingredients go into it. Important for some.

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      But homebrew tastes SOOOOO much better, doesn't this translate to ice cream making?

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    I use my Breville one all the time, making your own ice cream tastes so much better. 4 egg yolks + a cup of sugar beaten for about 1 min, add a 600ml tub of thickened cream. This is the base for any ice-cream. Then add flavour & top up with milk as needed.

    My favourite is 'cake & flake'. Add half a packet of the homebrand cake mix, make the ice-cream then as you pour into the container add 12 of the mini flake bars then leave to set. Cake batter flavour ice-cream.

    The kids love it (but we only eat it once a week cause I'm sure it's not good for you!)

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        Ice cream is made with egg yolks, milk and cream. Gelato is made with milk and less cream. Commercial ice cream is made with emulsifiers and other shit but not egg yolks as too expensive.

        • depends which ice cream, some commercial ones use each yolks, hard to beat connoisseur when it’s $7.50 litre on special …..there are some better but not per $.

    • this recipe uses 2 whole eggs (ie less yolks).I've used it a number of times and works very well.

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    Anyone have any experience with the cuisinart compressor models?
    Less features then the breville but do you really need those features?

    • +1

      Have had mine for 2 years and love it.

    • +1

      The top end cuisinart creates a better ice cream than breville as the paddle is better (scrapes closer to the wall) but doesn't have the extended keep cool feature which may be important. But it does suffer more issues from reviews.

      • Like the Cuisinart, I also thought the Breville was well-reviewed and noted articles about the paddles - then see OzBargain comments on broken/not-cold-enough

        Any additional horror/positive stories for Cuisinart models?

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    I'm actually too lazy tbh. I will just buy the ice cream instead of another specialised home gadget that will eventually end up at the tip.

  • Unfortunately, ALDI delivery service is currently unavailable in your area 2330 postcode That Sux

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      Username checks out

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    Making ice-cream at home is like making bread at home. It isn't much cheaper than the supermarket or convenient although in my opinion you have better ingredients, better tasting ice cream and healthier by reducing sugar and all the artificial stuff. Home made ice cream always tastes better than the top brands in the supermarket.

    Home made vanilla ice cream - cream, milk, vanilla extract, sugar, egg yolk (optional)

    Bulla vanilla ice cream - Fresh Milk, Fresh Cream (25%), Liquid Sugar (Sugar, Water), Milk Solids, Maltodextrin (Maize), Emulsifier (471), Thickeners (412, 407), Flavours, Colour (160b), Contains no less than 10% Milk Fat in Ice Cream

    Connoisseur vanilla ice cream - Cream (36%), Skim Milk Concentrate, Water, Sugar, Glucose Syrup (Wheat), Dextrose Monohydrate, Flavour, Vegetable Origin Emulsifier [471 (Soy)], Vegetable Gum (410), Colours (160b).

    • do you think buying this for just making vanilla ice cream worth it?

      • +7

        Vanilla is just an easy comparison. Fruit ice creams with fresh Australian Mango is the best this time of year

        • +2

          100% - mango with cream vanilla and maple syrup insane

          Although sour cherry, raspberry, vanilla is currently my fave…

    • Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the info. Did it make much difference to the texture/consistency when you reduced the sugar? I'm tempted to buy so I can reduce sugar intake but I've also read that you can't cut down on it too much.

      • More sugar helps to make the icecream smoother as it make it harder to freeze. I've done half the sugar but you'll then need to take the icecream out 10 to 15 minutes before eating which softens it and makes it smoother.

    • +1

      This is the reason I'm buying one, especially for a Keto diet.

      The Keto ice cream options at supermarkets have so many ingredients, knock me out of Ketosis and are quite expensive.

      I've found a sweetener that doesn't knock me out of Ketosis - really looking forward to giving things a go with just full fat cream, vanilla flavour, sweetener and egg yolks.

      • what sweetener did you find that helped?

        • +1

          It's called Allulose. But beware it can effect your digestion very quickly, especially when first trying it, so I'd recommend having access to a toilet near by when first trying it..

          Erithritol and Monk Fruit also tend to be ok, but allulose seems to have no effect on my keto/blood sugar readings and also doesn't drive cravings for more sweet stuff.

          Xylitol, Stevia, and all the alcohol based ones in protein bars (maltitol) all are no go zones for me.

          • +1

            @AndyDD: Interesting, will have to see how this goes for me too. Ta!
            I use Monk Fruit atm which is readily available and seems to be ok.

      • +1

        Sweetener is fine but you'll then need to take the icecream out 10 to 15 minutes before eating to soften it

    • Agree with Ice Cream, at best you can make it for like $2.5-$3 a litre if you’re using cream from Costco (as it’s the largest cost), no hope if you’re using supermarket cream.

      For bread though, you can pump out Helgas quality bread for 60c a loaf which is substantially cheaper, I pre measure all my dry ingredients in to containers and keep them in the pantry, then just dump yeast, container and water in to the bread maker the night before I want a loaf. If I want a supermarket shape loaf I use the bread maker to knead and then bake in a Pullman pan. Hands on time is like 5 minutes per loaf including measuring the ingredients.

  • it seems WA is out of the range of ALDI as well

    • +14

      WA is out of range for all of us at the moment.

      • This is pretty funny and I’m in WA

        • +1

          We love yah just keep the resources flowing to pay all the Eastern States bills tks :)

          • +1

            @popsiee: And we cancel events that would have brought together 1000 friends for a few days of celebration to allow us to spend time with 35000 strangers at other events…

          • -1

            @popsiee: and we love paying GST to build roads and services in WA

          • @popsiee: Finally some recognition.

            In 2011, Western Australia provided 46% of Australia's merchandising exports. In 2018-19, Western Australia's gross state product was A$260.6 billion (14% of Australia's GDP), making it the nation's most productive state.

  • +2

    If you purchase this you may use it 3 or 4 times then ended up in your storage catching dust. Not worth it. It is cheaper and convenient to buy ice cream from shops.

  • Ice cream makers are like flightless drones. You use them once or twice then they sit gathering dust.

    • +2

      I've been using mine for at least 6 years. Multiple times during summer.

    • +2

      Depends on who you are. I use mine all the time. I make a base batch that does 5 flavours. When we get low I go again. Have a lot of fun working.out recipes.

  • I have the Delonghi icecream maker. Been going strong for 4 years and it really does work well making sorbet, icecream and froyo. Finally managed to find some corn syrup too from a Korean grocery store and it makes a world of difference to the sorbets.

  • +1

    A true ozbargainer just uses the salt and ziplock bags method.
    (then goes back to buying icecream from the shops after the novelty has worn off)

  • +1

    Yes, im sure a vacuum cleaner would get more use collecting dust….

  • +4

    Ordered, didn’t know I needed one until now.

  • +8

    I have the freezer bowl version of an ice cream maker, not a compressor type. Making your own is labour intensive, yes. It also isn't much cheaper than buying it.
    However, it means you can explore many different flavours and there are some great ice cream recipe books out there ("The perfect scoop"). The best ice cream I've ever had have been ones I make myself, and my kids also love it. If you don't have a passion for cooking, it will probably gather dust. Likewise if you think supermarket ice cream tastes great and you eat a lot of it, maybe just stick with that.
    I've always wanted a maker with a compressor but couldn't justify $400 for the Breville, so I'll give this a crack. Thanks op!

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Got one. Keen to try because of the ingredients that you know you put in there compared to a store ice cream.

    • You'll realise how much sugar is in it now

      • +1

        Yeah, I know mate. Actually really keen to have an ice cream not too sweet.

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Waiting for wife at Westfield while she is getting a neck massage. Will have to blame her for making me wait.

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    if people are worried what is in ice cream (made with milk and cream) wait till you read the ingredients in the vegan versions ….

    • +2

      Just blend frozen bananas and strawberries.

      • +3

        We live remote and just buy 15kg of bananas a week to make icecream/smoothies. Way cheaper and much nicer. Just put in raw cacao for chocolate; also great with mango, passionfruit or any other local fruits. Best thing is you don't feel sick after eating it even if you have too much!

  • Any ice-cream maker with stainless-steel materials including basket?

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