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[Prime] Massage Gun, Muscle Massager, 10H Battery Life Muscle Massager $68.84 Delivered @ LuMeiYi-AU Amazon AU


Seem price gone up must have reached max number of promo, $76.49 now.

Professional & Powerful: This deep tissue massage gun with 20 adjustable speeds reaches up to 45lbs of stall force and massages 15mm deep to loosen tight muscles, break down lactic acid and alleviate muscle pain. Massage away the discomfort in muscles
10 Hrs Relaxing Time on 1 Charge: The unibody design facilitates a tighter connection between the battery and the massager for a smooth recharge. Large capacity 2600mAh lithium battery yields up to 10hrs of use on a single charge. Longer battery life for auto entering sleep mode in 3 mins after usage

Easy on the Go Use: The lightweight (1.6lbs) and portable electric massager is easy to use one-handed. You can view the settings on the LCD display, and adjust the speed via touch controls.Pack up the massage gun in the travel case and take to the gym, office, home, etc. Enjoy pleasant massage anytime anywhere

Relax & Rejuvenate: Select from 6 interchangeable heads to specifically aim at muscles like neck, back, shoulders, legs, foot etc. The massager will relieve and rejuvenate your body after long sedentary periods or strenuous workouts, offering a relaxing physical and mental therapy

Safe & Silent: Equipped with upgraded high-torque brushless motor with optimum efficiency and low noise, the percussion massage gun can reach up to 3200 percussions per minute within a few seconds while is only 35 dB to use without disturbing others. The IC chip prolongs the motor life by auto shutting off every 15mins to prevent overheating

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +10

    This is an excellent gun, it's made by Taotronics. Dont spend over $100 on Renpho

  • I always kept renpho prices on camel but they rarely go down 100 bucks…I was tired of waiting and got this exact model a week ago for a similar price. So far so good - it is strong enough to provide a good massage.

  • +1

    Agreed - it really feels like a premium device and even on its lowest setting it delivers an impressive punch (or massage)

  • Oh perfect got one Thansk OP

  • +6

    I just bought this based on the feedback of the ozbargainers above me - thanks guys.

    Key difference that made me finally buy one of these cheaper versions is that this one is 15mm amplitude - not 10mm of Renpho and close enough to the 16mm of Theragun.

    • Thanks, you sold me with that!

    • thank you - fantastic summary and comparison of the most important feature - bought one.

    • +1

      Based on the supposed model number it only has a 8mm stroke.


    • +1

      I watched some reviews and it didn't look like 15mm of stroke length. Theragun is 16mm, so 15mm is pretty damn good.

      One review I came across mentioned it's an 8mm stroke.
      If this is a TT-PCA004 that everyone is claiming it is then I looked up Taotronics website and in the specs it says 8mm stroke length. The Amazon listing is wrong.


      Power 42.6w
      Charging Time 3hrs
      Working Time 3 - 10hrs.
      Adjustable Level 20 levels
      Stroke Length 8mm
      Frequency 800 - 3200 rpm
      Stall Force 18 - 33lbs
      Noise Level 35 - 53dB
      Net Weight 1.6lbs

      • +2

        I received mine, measured the stroke length with the naked eye against a ruler, and have to say it’s definitely a lot closer to 8mm than 15mm (if not less).

        I’ll be returning mine, and based on the fact that TT has a number of different versions under the same model number, I’m not sure how you could ever be sure what you’re buying is what you will receive apart from trial and error.

  • Finally bit the bullet - cheaper than one Physio visit!

  • +1

    does this have charging protection?
    my friend left his on the charger before going to work. got a call that his house was on fire. it was from the charger. i believe its one of these cheap massage guns.

    • Wow, really?

      • +1

        yea, i couldn't believe it either. his was also cheap like this, and im guessing it doesn't have overcharge protection. best to charge it for a few hours and unplug it. im pretty scared to buy one. i want one, but don't want to spend a fortune on one.

        • -1

          It won't be related to overcharging. It's just that some cheap Chinese products come with unsafe power supplies that have a risk of exploding or catching on fire.

          If you're going to buy a cheap no name massage gun, buy on with USB charging, so you can charge it with your phone charger.

    • +2

      It has an IC chip, so that usually is meant to protect against over-charging and over-discharging, in addition to over-heating while in use.

    • All charging devices turn off when necessary.

      However as with anything components can fail.
      Even something like mobile phones which people don't give a second thought about leaving on the charge overnight can fail and start a fire.

      Even a fridge can start a fire.

  • Judging by the reviews for all of these cheaper ones, the batteryseems to be the issue with them often dying/not charging. Anyone have this experience? How do Amazon returns work when they aren't the seller?

    • +1

      Never have trouble with Amazon returns tbh, they will help you even from third-party seller item.

  • how did you get the price so low? Showing up as 89.99?

    • Tick 15% off box.

      • +2

        Even after ticking the 15% off and choosing free delivery, i got $76.49 as final price?

        • you must not have prime? is it charging you for shipping?

          • @Hugh G Rection: Ahh yes, i don't have prime.
            I chose the FREE Standard Delivery : get it by Monday, Jan 17 so theres no charge for shipping

            • @Thatsgold: There is extra "Includes $9.00 Prime savings"

              • @superforever: Thanks i understand now.
                I bought it even at $76.49 as i don't have prime

                • +1

                  @Thatsgold: But… isn't the extra 9 dollars more than a month of prime?

                • @Thatsgold: why don't you just get prime lol

                  • @2expensive: To be honest, i don't really buy that much stuff so haven't thought about getting prime but if something else comes up, i will get it

                  • @2expensive: Comes up as 76.49 even with prime.

                • +1

                  @Thatsgold: cancel order, buy prime and item,
                  1. you save money
                  2. you have prime

  • new year new back

  • Thanks OP. Will do wonders on my bum (glute muscle)

  • ordered one. looking fwd to trying it

  • Not sure how, but mine came down to $58.84

  • Thanks just got one. New year new stuff

  • +1

    Seem price gone up must have reached number of promo $76.49 now.

  • +2

    Coming at 76.49$ even with prime..seems like price jacked up.

  • Price: $99.99
    Prime Price: $89.99
    You Save: $10.00 (10%)
    Includes $10.00 Prime savings
    Voucher: 15% coupon applied at checkout

    Total price comes as $76.49
    Am I missing anything?

    Edit: Price went back to $76.49 as OP has updated.

  • Can someone share the promo code, as it doesn't show me any 15% coupon?

    • Sorry no code expired now.

  • I know 2 ladies that bought this to relax themselves when home alone

    • +1

      You're not doing it for them mate? =p

  • Is it worth the 76.49 or wait until it comes down again?

  • 89.99 now, expired I think

  • -1

    I bought this gun from Aliexpress for about $45 delivered. Love it! It is super powerful if you want it to be, but ultimately, does the job perfectly. Even feels great on the feet for some podiatry work. Highly recommend buying this over the $100+ ones that are out there. Save your money.

    • +2

      Could you please link the one you got at aliexpress?

      • Yeah for sure - this is the one I got. It was on sale pre-Christmas and had a discount code + Cashback came to about $45AUD delivered (I paid in US $$ and used my 28 Degrees Mastercard)

        Edit - $36.90usd to be exact with discounts applied (not including cashback). Bought in Oct last year and was delivered within a couple weeks.

        • +2

          Err.. that's not the same gun?

          • -2

            @NoApostrophePlurals: If you're saying because it isn't the same "branded" gun, then sure. But I'm very happy with my purchase and believe it performs just as well.

            A friend of mine bought the $100+ branded gun and we compared the two - he wished he paid and got the one I got. Each to their own.

            • +4


              I bought this gun from Aliexpress for about $45 delivered.

              You said this, good that you are happy with it but still not the same massage gun.

              • -3

                @superforever: My initial response was to say that I love these types of massage guns and that I paid slightly cheaper for an alternative one that does exactly the same thing. I should have been more clear in that comment by saying "I bought this "type" of gun.." My mistake, but I think you'll find the gun you've posted is actually no better (or worse) than the one I've purchased. I'd go as far to say that they actually do EVERYTHING the same. Do they look sightly different? I guess so. But they have the same components and attachments. Like I said, each to their own.

                Back to your original deal - It's a great massage gun and hopefully those that got the deal enjoy it.

                • +1

                  @CrocDundee: AliExpress ones don't tend to specify stroke length, wattage, stall limit.
                  And yes, those specs do make a difference to someone who has very tense knots.
                  Just because they are the same type doesn't mean they are the same.

                  • @tikei: Yeah I definitely agree with that. Just comparing the strength of my one and the branded one that my friend bought is all I am going off. Having said that, I like a really deep tissue massage and my aliexpress one does that no problem even at half strength/speed. But I totally agree with what you have said from a general sense and what Aliexpress offer.

                • @CrocDundee: Your initial response was that you "bought this gun from Aliexpress for about $45 delivered."

                  When asked for the link, you provided one that is not this gun.

                  The gun in the OP link is manufactured by Taotronics, which has a decent reputation for quality, durability and performance for many of their products. You do not own this gun so you can't compare it to what you own, only what your friend has, let along go too far as to make unqualified statements like "they actually do EVERYTHING the same".

                  As for the gun that you linked, it's vauge on details of specifications, it could have questionable build quality or quality control, it might not last more than 3 months, it could even cause a house fire. They won't have "the same components".

                  From decades of experience of buying things directly from China, I can tell you just because two things that look, perform and feel similar with similar packaging, inclusions and marketing materials, they can be wildly different in so many other ways.

                  Edit: I will also concede, on the flip side, many, many times, products that look, perform and feel similar with similar packaging, inclusions and marketing materials are actually identical in many ways, sometimes absolutely identical, so the gun you linked could perform as well as the one on OP theoretically, but in this instance, I wouldn't trust the long term durability.

                  • @NoApostrophePlurals: I already said that my original comment should have said 'TYPE' of gun.. I also agreed with pretty much what you just said when replying to @tikei - Anyway, all good. Enjoy the massage gun :)

            • @CrocDundee: If it was over $100 and "branded" as you say then it sounds like your friend got an entirely different one to the one in this deal and the one you got.

    • It's from marketplace not actually bunnings, so returns aren't as easy as you might think.

    • Easy returns I guess

      You can't return it to Bunnings

      Timeless Living Return Policy
      Please contact our Customer Service Team, by clicking on the Contact Seller located within your original order confirmation email, immediately if: -Your product was damaged during transit -You wish to make a warranty claim for any product you have purchased -You are not satisfied with any product that you have purchased Please note that you must comply with the returns instructions provided to you from our team which will be sent to your registered email address. All returns must be directed through our Customer Service team. Please do not return or post items before obtaining instructions from us first. If you do, there is a risk that your returned item may not be identifiable and not accepted. Applicable freight fees and a 15% re-stocking fee will be deducted from your refund in cases where you changed your mind about your purchase and wish to return the product. This also applies to orders cancelled when the item has already been dispatched from our warehouse. We accept Change of Mind returns up to 14 days after you have received the item and if the item is in the original packaging. Additional freight charges may apply.

  • Look for a good massage gun. Besides this one are there any other noteworthy options I should look out for?

  • Motor seems pretty weak. I have a massage gun with an 80w brushless motor. this one is almost half that.

    I've ordered it regardless, if it sucks, will return it.

  • The Fakespot Chrome extension drops the rating to 3 stars, after removing the potentially fake reviews.

    If you want a top quality massage gun for $100, then the EVIEUN GK2 is probably the best option - when it is in stock. Hopefully it will be back in stock soon. It sells for $89.95, but is regularly discounted. It has excellent reviews, and Fakespot gives it the same 4.5 star rating that Amazon does.

    • Can't see the stroke length or stall force mentioned. If they are not mentioned I gather that it is not better than others in the market and so it is not advertised.

      • This is from a review of it. It's sold under the Medcursor brand in the US.

        "From our time with it, we can affirmatively say that the Medcursor is shockingly powerful, particularly given the price. The massage head itself has an amplitude of 11mm and a stall force of 16.5 lbs. We’re curious to know if the stall force figure is correct, because in our testing, it seemed much stronger. Hey, sometimes figures on paper don’t always equate in real life. We think you’ll be more than pleased with its output. "

        Also, here's a review from someone who reviews lots of massage guns.

        • How to you know it's a Medcursor rebrand?

          • @tikei: "As you have probably guessed, a lot of the massage guns out there do roll off the same assembly line and are later rebranded. That is precisely the case with the Evieun GK2. Here in the US, it’s called the Medcursor among other names. Regardless, what we can tell you is that it’s an excellent massage gun."

            • @rogerm22: As someone who worked with Chinese suppliers, sourcing electronics, I can tell you that even if it's from the same factory, the chipsets and other 'inner' parts can be different depending on the supplier's cost price.
              Heck, we had existing products that we downgraded the chipset in later shipments due to costs. Since we never advertised to customers which chipset we used, we could downgrade it. The specs on paper of v1 and V2 were the same, but in practice it's lesser quality than before.

              If it was a simple product without electrical parts then I would agree with you. But for a product such as this that requires a strong motor I would look for a listing that specifies all the specs I'm looking for

              • @tikei: Maybe it's not the exact same product. That's certainly possible. However, it does have excellent reviews on Amazon. I recently spent weeks researching massage guns, as I was looking for a cheap one which had decent quality, and due to illness I have a lot of spare time. After reading reviews for pretty much every cheap massage gun on Amazon Australia and US, including reviews for ones that were not in stock, this one seemed to have the best reviews. There are many cheap massage guns which have a high rating due to fake reviews and if you read the negative reviews for some of them they say the seller offered them money to write a five-star review.

                This one appears not to have fake reviews, and judging by the negative reviews, it seems to have fewer problems than other sub $100 ones. So it certainly seems to be a very good product.

                I ended up buying a $23 massage gun from AliExpress. But if I was to spend a little more, then most likely this is what I'd buy. I can't see myself every spending hundreds on one.

  • +1

    Just got mine - it's a taotronics tt-pca004

    • Good, over $100 else where.

      • +1

        What about these?


        Looks to have different stroke length and wattage even though it's the same model.

        • I sent an offer for the second link you posted for $55 and they accepted. With THANKSPLUS21 code, brings it down to $45. Hopefully it's the same/genuine/works well!

          Looks like seller is in Hong Kong. Thanks for the link!

          • @NoApostrophePlurals: That has a stroke length of 8mm.. vs this one with an advertised amplitude of 15mm. Difficult to know what to trust.

            • @xmail: Yeah both with same model number. Worth a gamble for $45 though

              • @NoApostrophePlurals: 8mm matches the description on the taetronics website for that model, so I'm guessing this Amazon description is wrong. Seeing people buy it based on the 15mm stroke is concerning.

                • @xmail: The official website has multiple massage guns under the same model number, but different stroke length and power. No idea if the Amazon listing is selling the better variant or if it's a listing error.

                  • @tikei: Yes..seems like same model number.

        • Here's a critical review of a very similar model from Taotronics.

          My cheap massage gun has the same issues mentioned in the video, but mine was only $23.

          However, some of the more expensive Taotronics guns have good reviews.

    • +1

      Mine arrived today, but the grip has a smell of cheap plastic (like the plastic under heat for a long time) which is not comfortable at all. The smell sticks to my hand after using it.
      Also, when comparing to my cheap massage gun from AliExpress which has 6mm amplitude, it is almost the same, so I'm not sure it is 15mm amplitude as advertised.
      If you don't have these issues, I probably order another one to try my luck, else I will pick another massage gun.

  • Mine arrived today too. Really impressed with the quality for the price.

    • agreed if it works like it does on the first day for years would recommend

  • +8

    As some people suspected above the specs on this are definitely falsely advertised.

    Manufacturers website states:
    Stall force - 18-33lbs
    Stroke length - 8mm

    This seller is claiming:
    Stall force - 45lbs
    Stroke length - 15mm

    I've measurer the stroke length and shown the Max and Min, which is inline with manufacturers specs. 18.29mm - 10.19mm = 8.1mm

    Will be returning this product. There are definitely better deals to be had at the same price considering the actual specifications.


    • +2

      Great caliper pics!

      • Haha cheers!

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