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[Refurb] Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor - S3422DWG $449 Delivered @ Dell Outlet


Edit: Out of stock once more

See every detail: 34” 1800R curved screen with 21:9 aspect ratio and 3-sided ultra-thin bezels that envelop you with minimal distractions.

I've bought refurbed monitors from the Dell Outlet in the past without any issues and as my aging AOC Agon monitor has been playing up thought I'd jump on the ultrawide bandwagon.

$100 less than the recent eBay deal but remember this is a refurb

Tech Specs from Dell AU Website

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    I bought one of these three weeks ago but waiting for it to be picked up. It looked very used and dirty. Also, everyone sings the praises of this monitor but the colours are so washed out to my eyes.

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      I had similar issues, until I set it up to match/get close to the settings found here (with HDR on): https://www.reddit.com/r/ultrawidemasterrace/comments/qd89qh...

      Hope that helps.

      • How do you think it compares to the color on an IPS monitor?
        It sounds in theory that it should be as good, but I have always preferred IPS for color. I wouldn't be using the monitor for gaming.

      • Thanks mate. I did comes across those instruction and the rtings review and settings but it's not close to an IPS. As a result of the washed out colours I can see the pixels. It's not a big issue in gaming. Especially eSports titles because you are not paying as much attention but no good for productivity work.

      • Outstanding, what an improvement.

  • I had a different monitor arrive on Thursday, no tracking was sent so it was unexpected. From what I can see the monitor was unused but box opened.

    • I had the same experience, I guess the box was damaged but the monitor is unused.

  • I still can't decide to get one of these or just get a second DGF.

    • i prefer two monitors as it makes productivity easier

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    3440 x 1440

    • -5


      • That is the resolution (seems obvious). First bit of info you need to know about a monitor, and it is not mentioned before now. I'll + to offset the neg he got.

  • I just returned it.

    Tried typeC2DP on MBP and HDMI on Lenovo X1, blurrrry. My current S27DGF is much better.

    • Did it allow you to select full resolution? My MBP is only giving me 1920 x 1080 option for the screen.

  • All gone.

  • Been using this for a month, ok for gaming and movies, gsync gives screen flicker under 60fps

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    It’s back in stock

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    Back in stock now.

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      Editing has been locked on this post but thanks for keeping us informed.

  • Back in stock at $529 now :(

    • Yeah, 2 days ago they were still at $449, I just got the monitor today, so far the box seems opened and damaged but the monitor is still under wrapped and well.

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