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Pokehome PX3 Massage Gun $73.83 Delivered @ pokehome via Amazon AU


Better Specs than last OzB deal with LuMeiYi-AU Amazon AU. Apply $45 coupon voucher to get this price.
Massage Gun, Muscle Massager, Powerful Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Handheld for Pain Relief, Pokehome PX3 Massage Gun (AU Plug)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +21

    thought pokemon massage gun..

    • Need a HM slave for this one

    • Wait for a pokimane massage gun

    • i thought it was poke home. ….should have gone to spec savers.

  • +2

    Gotta catch them all

  • +4

    I know this one, I used to play it on gameboy as a kid…

  • which spec is better…?

    • +7

      Seems like the previous deal is better with 15mm amplitude while this only has 10mm.

  • Pokehome and Fakeme are funny brand names to have…

  • I have Px3, it has a 60w motor. Not sure how it translates to amplitude. I find it good, but at highest settings it does not feel fast enough.
    Also have Renpho mini which is faster but the amplitude is not as good as the Px3. Have the Renpho rechargeable hand held as well, where the Rx3 is about 50% more powerful compared to it.
    Bought another cheap massager which was D.O.A from Amazon. Still looking for light and powerful massager for $100

    • i bought this and returned it back in Oct 2020. Not sure if it was a 60 watt motor as now advertised, but it wasnt strong enough. Could press against my leg and it would stall quite easily.
      With the help of another ozbarginer found the Yunmai Pro which has been awesome. Bought for AUD$141 on sale. Strong motor, the stall force is great, i can't press hard enough to stop it moving (within reason… ie really leaning into it). Only gripes would be 3 speed settings. Also had it almost a year now and im not sure im getting less battery life from it now. I dont use it every day so it's hard to tell. Still my recommended massage gun.

      edit: Found in stock on aliexpress for about $175 inc shipping.

      • It might be same one. As the box of mine came with 2020 printed on it. The stall force is quite strong. Never stalled mine yet. The Yunmai looks good

  • +4

    Waiting for the OP to explain the 'better specs'.

    • +1

      He meant if you wear 'better specs' over your eyes you're gunna call bs on deal.

  • +2

    wait…. did I just buy something that has no relations to Pokemon!?

    • They do have 4 letters in common.

  • -1

    Pulled the trigger on this purchase. Lets see if its a keeper, or if i'll need to utilise Amazon's generous returns policy.

    • Depends on where you're poking it

      • +2

        Or depends on their base stats.

    • Any warranty on this? Returns accepted just in case if we don't like them? :)

  • where is the voucher

  • Hope this is better than the last deal as I impulse cancelled that in exchange for this. I know you have to be quick.

  • +3

    Came for the Pokemon comments, wasn't disappointed

  • +1

    How would this compare to the Kmart $89 one ?

  • Awfully hard to transfer pokemon for safe keeping to this with this technique.

  • How does it compare to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/675356, Which one is better?

    • +1

      This one has higher wattage but lower amplitude and stall force.

  • +1

    I used the Fakespot Chrome extension to remove potentially fake reviews. This brought the rating down from 4 and a half stars, to just 2 stars.

  • Mine just arrived. Having never owned one I'm pretty impressive. I can see why if you wanted to work bigger muscles very firmly it might be a little underpowered but for me it's perfect and seems to have plenty of oomf.

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