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50% off Kapooka Canvas Bag $50 (Was $100), Clear Top Canvas Bags $25 (Was $45) Delivered @ Cooee Canvas


To bring in the New Year we have a strictly limited number of canvas bags at unreal prices just like our previous deal in August last year. Orders for clear top bags, Kapooka bags, and the brand new overnight bags will be delivered toward the end of Jan and the start of Feb. Shipping is always free :)

Please Note - Any items not on backorder will ship with the back-ordered products so please be aware that there may be a wait. (Late Jan Early Feb Most Likely)

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    Bought some of these bags a few months ago, and they're terrific.

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      Glad you’re happy with them! Thanks for your support and the upvote.

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    Does the bag come with a Sergeant with anger management issues?

    • +35

      This is my bag, there are many like it, but this one is mine.

    • +1

      It's usually the overzealous CPLs with something to prove that you need to look out for. The SGTs are relatively chilled out.

  • What’s the water resistance like? Could it go on the side of a kayak trimaran which gets splashed and stuff inside likely to remain dry? Would the salt water wreck the zipper?

    I missed this deal last time but just ordered 1 x kapoka bag, overnight bag and 2 x clear top bags. Thanks !!

    • +2

      Thanks for the upvote and your order!!

      The zippers on these ones are not waterproof and I think the saltwater would wreak havoc on the zippers over time unless you really made an effort to clean them regularly. The canvas on the other hand is water-resistant, particularly after you season it which closes the thread holes nice and tight. However, if the bag remains wet i.e soaked for a long period of time, the contents may start to get wet.

      • Thanks for the info, how does one “season” the bag? I’ll definitely use them camping and maybe on calmer waterways noting if the zipper gets wet, rinse with freshwater or spray with some type of lubricating spray I guess- salt water kills everything !

        • +14

          Seasoning is more or less soaking the bag in warm water, letting it completely dry out and repeating. We coat these bags which generally helps repel water as most people arent interested in seasoning them. But the seasoning process helps shrink the canvas and closes the needle holes.

          • @cooeecanvas: wow… we learn something every day!
            I have ordered the 80cm bag. Glad to buy our own product!

  • Do you have a link to the free gas cooker?

    • Not currently, but they are the cartridge style as you would find in most stores.

    • What's that?

  • If only the Explorer bags have water bottle pockets on the sides, and additional zipped pockets on the back

  • Hi OP,

    Do you know how many litres the big boy is? And it's overall weight? Thinking of this as a possible option for a check-in bag for the 4 (buy 4) of us on an overseas trip booked for Dec 22.

    • Hey mate, these bags are about 800gr, and they can hold close to 110L.

    • I was hoping the same. According to the measurements the big one is way too big for cabin baggage and the overnighter is a fair bit smaller than the allowed amount.

  • Takes me back to Miami in the 80s.

  • What material is your canvas made from?

    • 400gsm by the looks of it.

    • Poly-Cotton Mix

  • Any backpack bags?

    • +1

      we were working on something for "fishing" but we're not really happy with how it turned out. Backpacks aren't really our thing at the moment but we have something in the pipeline.

  • Re: the Kapooka bags, can the zip be secured with a small padlock or cable tie?

    • you could do the zip to the bag tab with a cable tie

  • Difference between kapooka and overnight is just the size, right?

    • Thats correct, it also doesnt have the little plastic pouch

  • I bought two of the clear top bags and use them for tent pegs and ropes. I used them again last week actually. Highly recommend!

  • +1

    I bought the canvas duffle bag last special and it served me great on our Xmas holiday. So glad there's an overnighter as had been waiting on one. Ordered one.

    • same here!

    • Glad you're happy :)

  • +2

    Got a Kapooka from one of the last deals. Used it over Christmas on a trip over four days. Packed for two people and still had plenty of space to spare. Very much overkill for a four day trip but I loved it.

  • Hi Rep, I received my order #2967 from the last deal but it was missing an item (LED camp light).

    The other items were there and great quality. Used the ratchet tie downs to secure my fridge/freezer in the car. Considering getting the duffle bag.

    • +1

      Hey mate, I will check this out. Some of the orders were refunded as there were a heap of the LED lights that were missing power plugs but everyone should have gotten an email. I will check to see if your order was affected.

      • Thanks mate. Couldn’t resist and just ordered an Overnight bag to replace my aging gym bag :)

        Went back through my email inbox and spam and couldn’t find any correspondence RE: the LED light.

  • Is there a difference between ripstop canvas and your ripstop style canvas?

    • +1

      We use the same canvas throughout the range.

  • Purchased a bag and stubby cooler but haven't received a confirmation email, is it common?

    • +1

      No email for me but I received a text with link to order confirmation.

    • You should normally get something unless details were incorrect or something however we dont have any orders for Elijah if you placed it under that name.

      • Thanks for the response. I have just sent a message with the order details to the phone number I found on your website “0419 363 672”.

  • Thanks, great deal. Ordered an overnight bag!

    I was tempted by the Kapooka but it looks huge at 40x40x80. Don't suppose would you consider something in between the overnight and kapooka?

    • Ahh haha we'll see. The kapooka is quite big but surprisingly the overnight bag can hold a fair bit too. We'll see what the future holds, we might do something in between.

      • True I should see how the overnight one goes first.

  • I'm guessing the LARGE bag that comes with the FREE cooker can actually house the cooker?

    • +1

      Hi mate, yes thats correct.

  • Hey mate, I received an email from Andrew a few months back after an item I purchased went on sale for $10 cheaper than I'd paid within a week of my purchase, saying that I could be given a $10 credit towards my next purchase. I'm keen to buy an overnighter bag using this credit - how do I go about this?

    • Hi mate, please send these requests to our email thanks.

      • Hey mate, I have, but haven't received a reply yet..

        • +1

          Have passed on and will do emails tomorrow :)

  • Do you have a canvas bag big enough to fit an ozpig?

    • I would say that one of these would fit within a Kapooka Bag.

  • If I join the Army I can get a bag like this for free?

  • +1

    How long do you think shipping will take at this time of year?

  • Kapooka bag tough enough to go through as check in luggage when we can fly again with 30kg worth of stuff?

    • +1

      I haven't looked into it but I think it might exceed airline limits in terms of size as mine is easily larger than my actual luggage.

      Carrying 30kg (for me anyway) would also not be fun around lots of different places, would definitely prefer wheels. Am scrawny and do not gym though.

      Lastly I do think it's tough enough but it depends on what you are packing. Since it's a bag and not a luggage mine flopped around everywhere since I'd packed it full of small stuff.

      • +1

        I would tend to agree here, if it’s just clothes you’re packing it would be fine but 30kg is bulky to be lugging around imho.

        • Great points. I was mainly using the 30kg as a worst case scenario. I was hoping to use it to check in bulk items like clothing but will check if the size is too big.

  • Thanks mate. Always happy to support local business. Ordered 2 x kapoka bags.

    • Thanks mate and thanks for the upvote

  • Apparently I already have
    6 clear top totes
    Solid top tote
    Triple pack explorer bags

    And apparently I ordered another explorer bag and a kapooka🤷

    • I hope you’re using them! Thanks for the support.

  • Just took 2 clear canvas top bags on a 3 day canoe trip. Worked ok!

  • Happy to take any baggage off Wuhan :-)) and support Order #3684 confirmed.

  • Highly quality and durable stuff. Use their products for my bush and beach bashing. Gonna try duffle bag, i am sure will be a buy for life

  • +1

    G'Day everyone, some of you may have already received fulfillment emails, this is because your order has been allocated an Australia Post tracking number in anticipation for postage once the bags are finished. We're ahead of schedule so we'll be most likely looking at deliveries toward the end of Jan.

  • +1

    G'Day everyone (again), I hope you are all happy with your orders. If there are any problems please shout out, it appears that we had a problem with our email so a few people had reached out over the last few weeks and we missed them so if we haven't got back to you we apologise. Also, you would be doing a huge favour if you wouldn't mind leaving us a review on our products either on our webpage or Google.


    • I missed out on the order 😔
      Was planning to get a few of the clear top canvas. Sigh.

    • Hasn't arrived yet

      • Can you send us a PM with your order details?

        • Still hasn't arrived.

          Sent another PM/DM, (two now) no reply to that second message.

          • @Spending2Much: Hi mate, did not get your second message. Where did you send that to?

            • @cooeecanvas: Thought I sent it in reply to our last message exchange on PM/DM here, can't see it. Maybe was on email.

              Anyhow, still hasn't arrived.

            • @cooeecanvas: Still hasn't arrived.

              Have sent another DM!!

  • Apologies West Coast customers. Extensive delays to Western Australia. Official reply from Australia Post

    I have checked the network and tracking information for this item and I can confirm that it has been affected by a delay due to floods that have caused extensive damage to the rail line into WA which will remain closed for repairs until further notice. Major flooding in January has impacted road and rail services in WA and NT. We are doing what we can to transport item via alternative routes, but that delays of up to 3 weeks may be expected. As soon as this item is processed into Perth it will show in the tracking as 'Processed at sortation facility Perth' and onboard for delivery within a few days of the Perth processing scan. If this item remains undelivered after 7th March, please reach out to us again at that time so we can log an investigation. I hope this clarifies the situation for you and your customer, and we apologise that you have been impacted by the damage to the rail network in this way. Kind Regards, Keira G Customer Services Australia Post Our contact centre is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

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