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Ozito PXC 18V Pole Hedge Trimmer - Skin Only $98 (Was $189) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings Warehouse


In what appears to be a competitive response to Aldi deals next weekend the Ozito PXC 18V Pole Hedge Trimmer - Skin Only is reduced down to $99. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the corresponding Pole Pruner skin only, nor does there appear to be an actual combo with both attachments in what would be a proper match for the Aldi deal.. At least i could not find in my area.

If you do want both hedge trimmer and pruner attachments the Aldi deal is clearly superior price wise, even with cost of also buying the small battery kit. However if you don't mind forking out a little more $ to stay within the Ozito system, you can buy the Ozito PXC 18V Pruner Attachment for normal price $57.98. This is what i have done today for convenience sake as i prefer being able to deal with Bunnings for warranty (i.e. walk in swap over warranty replacement if required).

EDIT 04/01/2022: Price appears to have dropped a dollar to $98.

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  • Is the aldi one top heavy too?

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      My understanding is yes. Bunnings usually have them in store to feel the weight etc. From what i tried they all seemed top heavy, some come with a strap your meant to use to offset it a bit i think (i just put my big boy pants on or not tackle it all at once). My corded Ryobi is top heavy also fwiw but tbh the cord is more annoying than the weight to me. My use is only modest (a few hedges and trees), if i was using it on an acreage or something i'd put a lot more research into that before buying.

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        I have this harness now which works well. Prior to that, would spread over a few days.

  • Cursing… I need it but only need the pruner. Already have the ozito batteries, would be great if I could just have got the ozito one for the same price :(. I think they are pretty much identical aren't they.

    • Maybe check again in a day or two, they might reduce the pruner too.
      I'm in the same boat.

      • Same here. Is the hedger tool interchangeable with the pruner?

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          Yes, see the link for the head only in the description.

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    Has the regular length hedge trimmer ever gone on sale? I don't need a pole as it's all within reach but have never seen it on sale

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      Pretty much everything Ozito will go on sale sooner or later… question is will it be available where you are and is the saving worth the wait.

  • If it's not top heavy it's probably pretty weak I guess. I bought a 36v Makita with a hedge trimmer and pole saw attachment and extension pole for around $1200. It's really top heavy but is quality and tough. Will build up your arms.

    • Will build up your arms.

      Or break your back


    What does that mean, I gather the way people are talking, no battery, no charger? If it is is, why don't they say that?

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      It means you get the tool, minus the click in battery that powers it.

      Usually the batteries you buy for the tool will work for multiple other tools within brands ecosystem of tools. So if you already have paid for batteries, you can keep adding tools to your arsenal, and not have five million batteries in each one you need to keep charged (:

      • Yeah the system makes sense, just haven't heard skin only term. although I"ve seen a lot of Aldi tools say they had no battery, i'll check for the skin only term

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          He’s messing with you. It means no condom, skin to skin.

        • Yeah I’m still a tool amateur, so it’s definitely good now you know. Wouldn’t be fun buying. Tool thinking it came with a battery!

  • Spent $245 on the Ryobi version (kit with 2Ah battery) in late Nov 21, it seem to have slightly bigger cutting capacity. Can't wait to trim the hedge that my next door neighbour doesn't give a shXt, otherwise wait for this is better, will do the same job for cheaper.

  • Aldi have a 2x 20V lawnmower kit coming up soon, I'm hoping there's a competing Bunnings deal. I'm spewing that they got rid of the 2x 18V steel deck brushless mower last year. Surely it will be replaced?

    • +1

      They didn't get rid of it, but its seasonal/promotional not all year round (and it has a wider cutting area than this Aldi one). I bought one about 6 or so weeks ago. I posted in the Aldi thread and a few other ppl went and bought it last week but seems there was barely any stock left.

      • FML, need an electric mower but the plastic ones look tacky, and the 2x 18V isn't brushless. Have to wonder why it isn't part of the regular stable.

        • I bought steel deck mower just before xmas.
          Maybe search a few stores online?
          EDIT: it looks like it isn’t on the website anymore. Might be worth ringing around.

          • @mskeggs: That's if they answer the phone! Found one at a nearby store but of course the clowns here are just palming me off to each other.

        • Only thing you can do is lookup the item code in the Aldi thread/Ozito website then call Bunnings and ask which store might have it or if you can do a special order.

          • @Xizor: Yep I've got it, their store inventory for where I am at says one in stock but of course it's nowhere to be found & no one knows or is the slightest bit interested in helping me a) confirm its existence, or b) find the bloody thing.

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              @Dealymcdealface: Ask them to check for others stores then once you find one that physically confirms see if you can do a delivery order over the phone via their special orders desk. I did this for an edger once.

              Ugh, accidentally clicked associated *&^$ i am not associated with Bunnings at all.

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              @Dealymcdealface: Did you get that sorted out? If this is the one you're looking for then you'd have better luck finding them at Acacia Ridge as they have more than low stock (going off your past posts if that's the area you're looking in)

              • @Applause: Thanks man that's the one. I was looking on the north side (Stafford & Newstead) but I'll check Acacia Ridge out. Stafford checked store stock and reckoned the only place with one was Newstead (it wasn't, they had no clue). If I can't find it, I guess I'll just buy a petrol mower for the same price that mulches as well.

              • @Applause: Managed to find the steel deck one at Acacia Ridge, QLD. They had about 8 still for sale at the end of the row. Appreciate all your responses 👍🏻

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      The Ozito 2x 18V steel deck brushless mower is a seasonal product sold for a short time each year

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    Have had one of these for a few years, it's great as a hedger and pole saw. Impressed me a lot. The biggest downside is that it's heavy especially if your using it for a while.

  • Would a ROCKWELL 18V 1.5Ah LITHIUMTECH Batteries work with this tool?

  • Bunnings look to have removed the popular multi pack of ozito tools which was $249 on ozbargain. Would have been good to pair with this..

    Used to be here: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-power-x-change-18v-cordles...

    • You can still check store availability for it in the Powerpass app. The item number is 0195860

      There's still some floating around in some stores that haven't sold out, I saw some in Echuca when I was up there for Christmas last week

      • Anyone seen these ozito multipacks in Vic lately? Maybe Echuca might still have them? Keen to buy one of these packs.

        • +1

          Echuca shows as having stock. Ring before visiting if you want to make sure.

          • @Applause: Thanks mate, yeah i dont have a powerpass acct, this helps greatly.

          • @Applause: Just sent ya a quick PM mate :)

  • Can anyone advise if these will take the 1.5ah batteries from the recent ozito drill deal? I know they won't last long but gotta ask

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      Yes. All PXC batteries will fit.

  • are there any deals om pole saws? any new models that are actually light and not top heavy?

    • I would avoid any pole saws that are light and not top heavy. they need a bit of weight to cut down.

  • Hopefully the ozito cordless drills will go on sale again soon.

  • Thank you OP copied exactly your recipe and bought the pruner extension too.

  • good price

  • Thanks Op, needed one so picked up yesterday. Did the job, will take a look at the pruner attachment next.

  • Thanks OP, I picked up one today but I have no batteries for it because bunnings have removed both:




    Will try and wait for a deal.

  • A pallets worth still at the front at Northland. Others were sold out nearby.

  • Non at Belrose - found one in Chatswood - was about 5 left at 4pm.

  • +1

    picked up the 36v model with 2 chargers and 2 4AH batteries , hedge trimmer attachment , chainsaw attachment and whipper snipper attachment for $139 this morning - (WA - Belmont Bunnings 1 more in stock at time of purchase)

    • Lucky bugger!! That 4 in 1 is a promotional item as i understand and only randomly available. If i stumbled on all that for that price i'd probably buy for the batteries and to have backup tools for future… or to not have to swap the attachments haha. Already got the line trimmer at a separate item but that is a fantastic price!

    • what’s the item number? can you post receipt pls

      • damn sold out everwhere for that 4 in 1 pack

        • In stock in Bendigo in the Powerpass app
          Item number 0296586

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