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[Back Order] COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests 20-Pack $207.96 ($10.40 ea), 25-Pk $296.87 ($11.87ea) Free Metro Delivery @ InkMasters


And 25 Pack ALLTEST SARS-CoV-2 Home Use Antigen Rapid Test Nasal Swab $296.87 ($11.87 ea)

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    I think these are all on Backorder, it has a backorder tick in the header.

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    Though these where going to be free?

    • +28

      Why would you trust #(profanity) Scomo?

      • +20

        Scomo just said this morning it won't be free…you gotta buy it from his best mate Gerry

        • +8

          Wait one week. They would be free.
          Elections are close.

          • @imnobody: It's free for PM and their staff…not us.

      • -5

        the private sector is better at distribution than the public sector a coring to scomo .and they will give a donation to scomo come next election, so probably won’t be free ….

        i’m going to buy one …..it test positive and then just show that one when needed over and over ….. can’t afford to buying tests …..

    • +28

      No no…we can't possibly undercut businesses by making these sought after items free.

      • +1

        can't screw over @Broden…

      • +8

        I first saw on a FB comment about not undercutting businesses and I thought it was satire.. until I saw today's news.

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        If the government starts making basic medical tests and treatment available for free, people might start expecting that governments will keep a decent public health system and make it harder to dismantle the rest of Medicare.

    • +27

      Scotty from Marketing has different thoughts. Even the United States which doesn't have a universal healthcare system are pushing forward with plans to make rapid antigen tests available free of charge. The Government we have is a strange mixture of incompetence mired with corruption.

      • +3

        corruption creates jobs, and it’s all about job creation …..

      • -7

        You’re comparing a country that’s falling apart at its knees; probably the worst at handling covid since Biden came in, pandering to the woke side of politics, the list goes on.

        But yeh “America is great” 🙄

        • +9

          I don't think America is great - but it's interesting that even they with their hyper-capitalist approach towards healthcare are making rapid antigen tests available for free to the masses. It's not surprising to see European and Asian countries with universal healthcare systems do it (notwithstanding ourselves, but the federal liberals have always attempted to undermine accessible healthcare), but the fact that the Americans are also doing it is striking.

          It's almost like it makes economic sense to do so given the high external costs of having a populace stay home because they're not confident if they have COVID or not…

          • +5

            @Tyrx: Majority of Americans don’t give a crap about covid to put it simply.

            Making tests for free isn’t going to change anything. I’m not sure why so many people are in a rush to test themselves or line up for hours for a test. (Except when necessary; ie. work, vacation, etc.)

            I’m not sure why so many people want to pay money to see if they have covid.

            If you’re sick stay home, don’t visit people, etc.

            I know I’ll be negged and tagged an “anti vaxxer” but so many people on here are so easily controlled by what they hear/read.

            People will rush to help get tested, but then will stop for maccas on the way home for dinner and/or the bottle shop.

            • @Danstar: ^^ THIS

              If you're sick (especially if its a respiratory illness with a fever), its most likely Covid, so just stay home and isolate till you're better - like we should have all been doing pre-covid, instead of soldiering on and going to work and spreading it around the workplace.

              Rapid Antigen Tests are less reliable than PCR tests .. and that's saying something.

            • @Danstar: Go* get tested

          • +1

            @Tyrx: Singapore send thru post free to their residents.

    • +9

      We can't make EVERYTHING free, mate!

      Just like We can't stay in lockdown FOREVER, mate!

      Always false equivocation with that scumbag, like anyone was asking for everything to be free. Nevermind the fact they are free in other countries or the hypocrisy of a government funnelling off billions via jobkeeper to their business donors and then crying poor with vital medical supplies for the citizenry. It is typical of the Lieberals, though.

      • +3

        Exactly. (Profanity) Scomo. The dumb dog.

  • +6

    RATs the new (expensive) toilet paper of the pandemic?

    Good deal only because RATs are hard to get nowadays? Otherwise Chemist Warehouse has kits for $50 for 5 (but generally out of stock currently).

  • +14

    im just curious, why is a printer ink store selling this?

    • +9

      huge demand, low supply. Everyone trying to cash in!

    • +1

      Same as clothing shops and others selling sanitiser last year.

    • +5

      They just 3D-printing these.

    • same day supply delivery

    • They are trying to undercut pharmacy business.

    • just like it’s easy to get toner and delivered quick, they can do the same with RAT, it’s about how quickly and cheaply you can move goods ….

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    These are the same ones that Costco were selling for $139? for 20 pack…

    • any in stock ?

      • -2

        yes plenty call and check with your local Costco…

  • +25

    Profiting off essential healthcare items in a pandemic is a special kind of low

    • +10

      Gerry: Did someone just mention me?

  • +12

    Disaster capitalism.

  • +3

    Why is a printer ink shop selling these?

    • +1


    • +1

      because they are efficient are sending goods …..get timer quick and cheap delivered, they can get RAT delvered via the same courier network they have ……

    • +1

      Same reason Officeworks sold them…they are basically an office supplies business and lots of businesses are stocking up on the bulk packs so they can provide them to employees.

  • +1

    FYI they have wrong info on one of their tests https://www.inkmasters.net.au/1-pack-alltest-antigen-rapid-h...

    The image and the product description is conflicting. Image is a 90% accuracy product but the info and the ARTG number they've given is for a 95% accuracy test. Unsure what you'd actually get if you bought it.

  • They are reselling the test kit from retail shop.

  • +10

    Rather wait in a 3 hour line for free than donate my hard earned to Gerry and friends.

    • +2

      some people aren’t going to wait inline …… just ignore the sms from contact traces and go about your day …..as scomo said , you use your own judgement ……..

      • +3

        If you get a positive, can we take the rest of the pack into our nearest HN and ask to speak with the manager?

    • +2

      (profanity) Gerry. All ma homies hate Gerry.

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  • Point of the test? If you need hospital, you still have to get PCR test done, self-tests are not being recognised and authorised by clinic. However, if you don’t need hospital, as soon as you’re re not feeling good, stay isolated for two days, you’ll be able to find it out by yourself. So why do I have to pay these test kits instead of spending my money to buy more toilet paper 🧻 then,lol

    • yep, the govt wants people to spend money and minimise PCR test …….if i’m sick for 2 days i’m going to hospital and they will tests they need ….FREE …..

      what broke the camels back isn’t people with symptoms or close contacts getting SMS getting PCR test ….it was people wanting tests for free to travel interstate people with no symptoms and not close contacts ……..

      • +3

        If you’re sick for 2 days and don’t have harsh symptoms maybe just stay home?

        That’s the biggest issue with hospitals; too many people taking beds doctors/nurses time for the stupidest of issues.

        If it’s not an emergency; stay home or see your GP!

        • All of the GPs i know won't see anyone with cold, flu or COVID-like symptoms.

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    Can't believe it has been over 2 years and we still don't have a dedicated & fully operational COVID facility to treat all patients.

    • +5

      Maybe we should just improve the hospitals we already have.

      We don’t need a dedicated hospital for a disease where there is a 98%+ recovery rate.

      We need hospitals to be able to handle all medical conditions in a timely manner.

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    Single $9.95 and on backorder, 5 pack $80 and in stock. Price gouge anyone?

  • +11

    We as a group, need to agree to ban all Gerry Harvey "bargains" from here on out.
    Yes there are other exploiters in this case, but his history is unbeaten when it comes to being looked after by the tax payer. Lowering import tax threshold, underpaying staff, banking and profiting off jobkeeper and now this (amongst countless other cases of downright bullshit)

    Friends don't let friends shop at Harvey Norman, and I consider you all my friends :)

    • +5

      A true ozbargainer allows HN to advertise deals but price matches at other stores.

      • +2

        Good point - any Hardly Normal post should be required to have the price match stores attached

  • Why is a printer ink/toner cartridges store selling rapid antigen tests?

  • +2

    Good to know which companies are now profiteering off people getting sick.

  • Any idea what the expiry on these is?

  • It's better to get it from overseas. Many brands are easily available

    • +2

      Are you talking about prime minister?

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