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100% HECS Waiver on Selected Undergrad & Post Grad Certificates, Associate Degrees (Up to 4 Course Units) and Diplomas @ UTAS


Just noticed this advertised on LinkedIn.

Just finished my free Diploma of Sustainable Living and it was such a good course.

My Free Things

  • Windows 11 licence
  • EndNote
  • Stata
  • Office 365
  • Edu.au lifetime email address
  • Student discounts
  • Student ID
  • Pooflip

Undergrad Certificates

Higher Learning and Post Grad (Only the first 4 Units are covered by the waiver^)

  • Diploma of Dementia Care
  • Diploma of Sustainable Living
  • Associate Degree in Applied Technologies^
  • Associate Degree in Applied Science^
  • Graduate Certificate in Tourism, Environmental and Cultural Heritage^

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    • They'll take anyone and everyone. Likely no need to upload a transcript.

    • I recently applied for postgraduate courses with a number of unis and all required transcripts.
      My high school certificate was too old for them to interpret - I was going to have to pay QTAC(?something like that) to interpret… but they ended up ignoring secondary and I just needed to pay USQ $5 or $15 for an official transcript of my diploma.

    • Don’t they say that you don’t need to upload any transcripts from other Aust unis as uTas will request these directly ?

  • How/where do you get the "Edu.au lifetime email address"?

    • +1

      If you read the first comments of the OP they said they posted some information.

      I graduated 2016 and it still works. Just a PITA having to update the password every few months.

      But note if you don't complete the course you apply for then your edu address may be terminated eventually.

    • +3

      I work at an RTO and we actually got involved with the police when someone created their own testamur and tried to use it to apply for a job.

      Maybe use a fake educational facility if you're going to be doing that!

  • Nice deal but I'm at the point now where Hecs fees don't matter anymore. I won't get to any new debt in my earning years.

    • +4

      Just curiously, what does this mean?

      • +1

        I won't get (up) to (paying off) any new debt (as I won't finish paying off my current hecs debt) in my earning years.

        Also, same probably but I've never felt so liberated by it, thanks!

  • +7

    100% discount on the first four units for both Associate Degrees (Applied Technology, Applied Science)

    60% discount on Graduate Certificate in Tourism, Environmental and Cultural Heritage.

    I think many of the degree's / certificates only have partial waivers, the 100% waiver in the title is a bit misleading.

    • Many of the certificates are only 4 units, the 100% waiver applies fully. The 4 units only bit is applicable to the degrees and masters (and is in brackets thereafter). Seems titled as best it can be.

  • The only one i want to do isn't free:

    Undergraduate Certificate in Creative Arts and Health

    it is excluded in the T&Cs

    • Really? It's in the OP?

      • +2

        yes. I've contacted them.

        These are the courses have their fees waivered + certain eligibility criteria:

        • Well crap. That's the one I was looking at as its what field I want to go into (allied health). If you could be so kind, keep us posted of their response!

          • @Skinnerr: the image i attached was their response sadly. and there's no other pathway other than someone here posted about the scholarship could try that: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11589740/redir

            its just a shame that I could see this course material being implemented so much into aged care but no intensive on it kinda makes it a deterrent.

          • @Skinnerr: The Undergraduate Certificate in Community Support is a great option for those wanting to start a career in Allied Health - it might be worth a look?

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Data and Environmental Management (70D) is on campus only when selecting during registration.

    But in the course structure it says online is available for attendance for certain locations (Cradle Coast)

    • The Introduction to Data Science unit is on-campus only.

    • +1

      I did the whole thing during sem 2 last year online. Just enrolled then emailed the coordinators. YMMV.

      • you did 4 units in one semester?

      • Yeah I just emailed the lecturer and he said that it was still online.

  • +4

    Highly recommend. Just finished the Diploma of Sustainability. Having something to work on kept me sane through Melb lockdowns. Thanks to OzB OP from 2 years ago!

    • +1

      Can I ask what was great about the course. Say even if it wasn't extremely relevant to your preferred field, it was a good educative experience all round for life?

      Are you heading this way in your field of work now?

      Any experience you could say would be great and thank you if you can help!

      • +2

        Just like any study, I believe you need to be interested in the topic. I am very interested in sustainability, so it suited me well. I'd like the diploma to support my future career direction, but if it doesn't, I'm still happy I did it.

        In addition to that, knowledge from units that I did as part of the diploma (e.g. politics, gardening, philosophy) I've found to be useful in daily life.

        IMO, if you're on the fence, you should never say no to free education. You never know what it will lead to.

        Also, the student ID gets you deals! ;)

        • +1

          After you peeps spoke highly of the Sutainable Living course, I applied for that.

          I am mostly curious about the Climate Change and Antartic course, but as one unit overlaps, I will complete that later.

  • +3

    Currently doing the undergrad in applied tech with UTAS from the last round. Course is interesting and pretty fun.
    I wouldn't call it hard by any means, they really want you to pass and will give extended support for those who ask. They need the cash as much, or even more, as you might need the extra qualification.

  • +1

    Course looks like something to do if you're REALLY bored. They don't look like something that will have high recognition, a useful asset to the company.

    • +1

      OzBargain preferred price for education is pretty good though. A lot of jobs don't give a flying whether you got your qualification from Sams Supa Cheap Certs or Harvard, they just want people who can fill the role and don't come off as an ahole in the interview.

  • +7

    Just completed the Diploma of sustainable living from when this deal was last posted 1.5 years ago. At the peak of covid-19 lockdowns- this was fantastic, but struggled once work returned to normal and the topics did get less interesting near the end. I am happy I pushed through it.. but I still contemplate if it was the best use of my time. However I did learn a lot about gardening, biodiversity, sustainable house designs and a few other interesting fields.

    • I was exactly the same Daisycogs! I've learnt a lot and it stopped me from being bored when I was more of a recluse. I'm definitely glad i did the course and it allowed me to get a student discount and free Airpods when I bought a new MacBook

  • +2

    is there any catch, if we fail to complete the under graduate applied science then do we need to pay the full fees?

    • interested to know too!

    • You can fail or drop out any of the units or courses, no additional fees applicable.

    • You can fail them, but you need to complete the course within the time frame (so retake the units) otherwise you pay!

      • If you fail or withdraw from a unit after the census you would need top pay the unit fee to do that again I'm pretty sure

  • to be eligible for the lifetime email, it seems I need to graduate. If I complete the diploma, is that considered as eligible for graduation or just finishing my study? Thanks

  • If you fail a subject do you have to lay for it to repeat¿

  • +1

    do i have to pay any money if i fail or if i don't complete the course?

    Not sure how my motivation will go with fulltime work as well…

  • +5

    I understood when I signed up last semester that if I fail I pay. It's a pretty good motivator.

    I have 3 kids and a disabled wife, work full time, and still manage. The content is not super hard.

    • Mine had a time limit and not much room to fail and graduate.

      • +1

        I've only done 2 of the 4 units I signed up for with the applied tech certificate, the other 2 I will start in Feb. I did much better than I thought I would last semester. They basically walk you through it and tell you what to do. No research required.

        I find it kinda like this:
        Here class, we are learning 1, 2, 3… now for the assignment we will be discussing 1, 2, 3… does everyone understand 1, 2, 3?

        Which were you doing? Was it not like that?

    • Kudos to you man. Do you mind sharing how many hours per week you dedicated to studying? How would you rate the course? Thanks.

      • +2

        I spent 6-8 hours a week in the first half moving up to 8-10 hours a week in the last half, online tutorials included. It was only the last 2 weeks where I lost any of my usual family time, finishing the last major assignment for each unit.

        I learned a lot from the course so far, how to code Python and how to manipulate\analyse data in ways that is meaningful. Sure it's an undergraduate certificate so no where near expert level but I think it's a pretty good foundation course. For the price I'm certainly not complaining. If I'd dropped the full cost which is usually something like $9-$10k I would definitely be questioning the value… but for $0 I think it's a winner.

        • +1

          Thanks for the reply, very helpful. Did you have any prior coding experience?

          • @DukeNinja: No none at all. I work in IT so I have networking and general computing skills, but never coded before at all. Like all things computing it's attention to detail. Nothing is ever "close enough", it's either right or its wrong, and it's verifiable. I like that about the subject.
            Explaining what I thought the author was trying to convey and then giving my own interpretation isn't my style of study. :P

        • Thanks for sharing. Which course did you apply for?

          • +2

            @moo: I'm half way through the applied technology undergrad cert.

            There are a pile of OzBargainers who started these UTAS courses last semester. Hopefully some of them chime in and tell everyone what they think of what they've been doing.

            • @illogicalerror: thanks for all the info. in the course details it says on campus sessions 2 to 3 times a semester. Were you required to go on campus to complete any of the units? Or could it all be done online from QLD?

              • +1

                @BOGWEEN: I did it all online from FNQ mate. Some courses do remote, some don't, gotta pick the right one.

                • @illogicalerror: cheers. yeah was talking about the same course that you did bud. wording seemed weird in some of the subject details for external. all good. also tried dming but you have it blocked. if you are interested as a QLDer we have jobtrainer. If you or anyone else from QLD reading this is keen from October 1st last year you dont have to be under 25 and/or jobless to get hella cheap/free tafe courses inc cert3 & diploma in IT.
                  https://desbt.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0024/12597/j... the ones with a red asterix next to their name in this list.

                  • @BOGWEEN: Just turned pm's on, feel free to hit me up mate if you want to keep yarning.

  • +1

    This is pretty amazing but apparently only a few units… So they get you in and then ask for money. Pretty cheeky if true.

    • The undergrad certs are only 4 units in total, so the whole course is covered.

  • Originally I thought it was offered by UTS.

  • +2

    So are any of these "diplomas" able to land you a job other than a barista?

    Because of most of it looks like cert-filler material you could find for free online to pad your resume with but isn't actually a hard requirement for any job and isn't looked upon as a serious tertiary-level qualification by employers.

    • +1

      Applied Techs will probably get you something, they teach you coding and the associate degree (although you'd need a bachelor) seems fairly decent and in depth.

      I did the data and environment management degree, although you're likely to need further study to earn big bucks, you'd be able to at least get a job in analysing/collecting environmental/gps data. I already did a postgraduate degree, however, I was felt I was still lacking in statistical analysis. This course really helped with that!

      Either way, they're a great taster of tertiary education or for padding out what your undergraduate (or postgraduate!) didn't teach you.

  • how long would it take to finish to undergraduate course in social work, assuming i take the fastest possible route?

    • +1

      The undergrad certs are functionally 1 semester of a bachelor degree, taken full time. So, 1 semester is the quickest you can finish it.

      • cheers mate

  • Just applied for Master of Planning. Requested HECS waiver to cover student contribution.

  • For those that have applied, how long does it take to hear back?

    • I'd be interested to know this too.

    • +2

      My offer came through today.

  • +13

    I recently completed the Undergraduate Certificate (UC) in Data and Environment Management

    Background: Already completed 7 years in Go8 universities. Only my postgraduate degree related to environment. I chose one cos I wanted to learn statistics and databases. When I applied, I messaged each lecturer to confirm that it could be taken remotely (it states on unit guide that it's on campus). They offered online tutorials and all lectures were recorded, so I completed this UC entirely online. If you're looking to apply this year, double-check. I had a full time job and experienced Melbourne lockdown woo.

    Units -

    KIT102 Intro to Data Science
    SQL, XML, basic coding, discussion on data types. Lectures are eh and the students are even more eh (they seriously spent 10 minutes jerking themselves about their RPi creations while our lecturer is trying to explain something), but the lecturer is funny and interactive.

    KGG102 Intro to GIS
    Data types, creating maps! Working with expensive software like ArcGIS. By the end of it you can create a handsome looking map! Strangely structured but cool teaching staff.

    KGA172 Space, Place and Nature
    Only humanities subject of the lot. Fairly complex, and there is field work too. Tutorials are marked and are very collaborative. Pre-class material is rewarding, but not entirely necessary, the material gives insight on how wicked enviro problems are.

    KMA153 Data Handling and Statistics
    Very structured, difficult if you fall behind, not a high pass rate and most of my cohort had average marks. This was my favourite unit, but damn it kept me up at night. Teaching staff provide A LOT of resources to help with learning, including apps, walk-through tutorials, weekly (optional) quizzes, practice quizzes, an hour of question time every week. Teaches you to question and think about the numbers you're given, very rewarding.

    Thoughts: Roughly 10 - 20 hours study a week netted me a WAM of 68 (almost nice). Around 25 - 30 hours, you'll be seeing HDs. Learning to make maps is hella time-consuming. Would recommend completing this part-time if you are a full-time worker.

    I really enjoyed it. Quite technical, and the humanities subject was rich with knowledge as well. My lecturers were quite experienced (both in industry and teaching), especially my statistics (KMA153) teaching staff, and very helpful. Course material is on par with highly-ranked universities. Very compassionate provisions for COVID affected people. I felt that UTas truly cares about environmentalism, and I haven't felt that from my previous universities.

    • +2

      Hey I also finished this cert last year. I had a similar experience, except I enjoyed the data science unit less and the stats unit more. It was generally quite an interesting certificate and I’m looking forward to pursuing study in similar areas this year. The stats course especially was really good, though difficult. I ended up with a credit, which I was quite pleased by. Really good and exhaustive resources available for each unit of study.

      And yes, maps took forever to get right.

      Edit: completed it all online from Melbourne during lockdown. I just enrolled in all 4 units, then emailed the coordinators to ask if I could do the unit online. Wasn’t an issue for anyone.

    • Did you have a copy of the unit guides for the courses? Were there many required readings?

    • Appreciate this info!

      Looking at picking up the same course, and I'm trying to decide between full-time or part-time. I see you and other commenters saying maps takes the most time. I'm thinking perhaps a 1|2|1 structure with Intro to GIS by itself might be safest… Regarding your weekly hours estimate: Did you come into this with much data experience already?

  • When is the cut off to apply ??

    • I suggest apply now and cancel later to avoid missing out. I am sure there will be cut offs.

      Although seen classes with about 650 students in them.

  • For an undergraduate certificate could I take 2 units in semester 1 and the other 2 units in semester 2?

    • -1

      You could but I wouldn't recommend it. I'd recommend doing 1/2/1

      • +1

        may not be free for semester 1 2023

        • I agree with you ltwo - definitely do it all this year. My comment of 1/2/1 doesn't make any sense.

  • +2

    Anyone working at UTAS want to share what the ozbargain effect was on their enrolment for these courses?

  • Trying to get more info on the Applied Design cert and keep coming up with 'Page not found'. Anyone looked into this further and found how to access it?

    • Works now.

      • Is it not working again :( I keep getting Page not found

  • asking for year 11 and year 12 transcript… I dont have that……that was so 1999…………

    So many questions…

    • -1

      yep very long application process..

    • +1

      You don't need to supply the transcript for year 12. UTAS are able to find it via the state departmental records using your name, dob and year of graduation.

      • it's needed to submit apparently… It's asking me via the Wizard form thing.

  • Can you send me a screenshot?

  • If I finished a diploma courses, is that considered as graduating? (I completed my university studies overseas)


  • hmmm I enrolled in the Diploma of Sustainable Living a few days ago thinking hecs for all units are waived. So it's actually just 4 units being waived?

    Will have to withdraw my application then.

    • +1

      No. Whoever edited my post is wrong.

      Full course is free

      100% HECS fee waivers are available to eligible students in 2022 for the Undergraduate Certificate in Sustainable Living and the Diploma of Sustainable Living. The HECS fee waiver is automatically applied when you enrol. See Fees & Scholarships for more information

  • +1

    I have a question, I had applied for the Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Technologies, it has 2 semesters and they have accepted my application for semester 1 only. Does that mean, I have to pay for sem 2

    • -3


    • No, it doesn't mean you have to pay. Semester 1 is in reference to your intake.. e.g. you're* starting your course in semester 1.

      It has nothing to do with paying for semester two as referenced in the above reply.

      spelling edit(*)

      • Thanks and there is no mention of fees in the contract, how can I be double sure that the course will be free.

  • if you study Applied Technologies associate certificate, but will it get you a job? if so then i will do it.

    i dont care im not looking to get into high paying job, as getting into a further degree will cost you so much money and time.

    • Wouldn't get you a job - but it will teach you further IT skills such as beginner programming in Python if you don't already have a base level of coding.
      This is arguably an important skill because careers and the economy are becoming digitised and it's important to grasp digital skills wherever you can find them.

  • Hi guys. Just applied for the UG Cert Sustainable Living. Do I need to do anything to avoid all fees? Or is it automatic? Application form was SO terrible… had to leave out earlier qualifications as form would not recognise my school or the University of Sydney :/ Luckily my Grad Dip at UTS went through…

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