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[SUBS, XB1, XSX, PC] Mass Effect Legendary Edition & Outer Wilds Added to Xbox Game Pass


Nice addition to the Xbox Game Pass.

Other additions -

Leaving January 15 -

  • Desperados III (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Ghost of a Tale (PC)
  • Kingdom Hearts III (Console)
  • Mount & Blade: Warband (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Pandemic (Console and PC)
  • Yiik: A Postmodern RPG (PC)

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  • +6

    Actually is going to EA Play, which is only included in Gamepass Ultimate:

    PlayStation users can also get this game on EA Play.

    • Yeah I'm considering $20 for a year of EA Play instead. Sale ends today on Steam.

    • -2

      EA Play is included in normal Gamepass. EA Play Pro is Ultimate.

      • -1

        You are right, I meant to say the game is going to EA Play Pro, which is only on Game Pass Ultimate.

        • +1

          It has been on EA Play Pro since it launched. I think you're confused.

          • +5

            @Dagmar: To all the people negging, why not look it up and reply with actual information if he's wrong? I'll do it (bloody hell).


            "Ultimate… $15.95/month…Also Includes:… EA Play"

            "PC… $10.95/month…Also includes: EA Play"

            "Console $10.95/month" makes no mention of EA Play.

            So for Xbox owners, you need to pay for Ultimate, if you're on PC only like me and possibly other people, you don't/can't, there's only one option and it includes EA Play.

            You're both right, just not talking about the same thing probably.

      • +9

        EA Play Pro isn’t included in any Game Pass plan.

      • -2

        EA Play is included in Ultimate. EA Pro is some PC bollocks I can't comment on.

        What I can say is NO version of EA Play is included in Game Pass, only Ultimate.

        • +7

          Sorry, but that is wrong. I've got Game Pass PC not Ultimate and I definitely can access EA Play.
          Or were you referring to Game Pass Console? Gets a bit confusing..

          • -3


            What I can say is NO version of EA Play is included in Game Pass, only Ultimate.

            Are you being intentionally dense?

            Here is proof so you can stop spreading wrong information

            • +1

              @Dagmar: https://help.ea.com/au/help/ea-play/ea-play-and-xbox-game-pa...

              "If you’re a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass for PC, you get EA Play with your subscription. Find out how that works here."

              Game Pass on console does not include EA Play. Only Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass for PC.

              EA Play Pro is PC and Origin exclusive only. You can't even get it on Steam.

              • @Harold Halfprice:

                What I can say is NO version of EA Play is included in Game Pass, only Ultimate.

                I was correcting a massively incorrect statement.

                • @Dagmar: Ooof. I really did mean to write on console. I'm tired, man.

                  No version of Game Pass on console includes EA Pro, as EA Pro isn't available on console. To be fair I did at least say I have no idea about PC lmao

                • @Dagmar: You're the one that made the incorrect statement to begin with:

                  EA Play is included in normal Gamepass. EA Play Pro is Ultimate.

                  EA Play is not included in normal Game Pass. Only Game Pass for PC - and EA Play Pro is not part of Ultimate, it's Origin only.

                  Just admit when you've made a mistake lol

                  • @Harold Halfprice:

                    Just admit when you've made a mistake lol

                    He already admitted it was his mistake. Try reading.

                    • @Dagmar: I mean from what I'm reading you're both referencing different things but you most definitely wrote "EA Play is included in normal Gamepass. EA Play Pro is Ultimate." which is probably more wrong than the comment you're picking on.

                      Sooooo we should all just move on, eh?

  • +10

    Yess been waiting for an op to play Outer Wilds.

    • +1

      It’s very good

      • +3

        No its not. Its brilliant :D

        • Sweet, will try it.

          Another potentially awesome game I would never have tried otherwise!

    • +1

      Can also attest it is freaking amazing. Stick with it! It can get a little frustrating at times but once you click and work out a puzzle, oof, brilliance.

    • +4

      Same. Mostly cause of skillup on utube.

    • +1

      Could swear I played Outer Wilds on XGP console about 12 months ago… 🤔

      • +2

        Yeah, I had to do a double-take as well, but that was for Outer Worlds! haha

      • +3

        It was on Game Pass before, I think it left around the time the DLC was released.

      • +1

        It has been on before, and I missed out so I'm glad it's coming back.

      • It was also given out free for watching E3 back in 2018 so some people may already own it.

    • -4

      After everyone saying how good it is I bought it and had to force myself to finish. (profanity) me was it boring and so overrated.

  • Aww yeah. Was waiting for this day!

  • +13

    Thank god that Pandemic is going.

    • -2

      It looked pretty ordinary.

      • Am I to understand, from the downvotes, that 2 people think it was good?

        I didn't try it because it looked a bit rubbish.

  • How much is the Xbox Pc pass a month

    • $10.95 but there are creative ways to use a VPN to get around it. We’ll worth it.

    • +2

      also if you never purchased it before you should be able to get $1 for a month or something like that, there is always some deal for newbies

    • +11

      This is what I did and the instructions I sent my mate, which I got from another OZB thread. Works out to around $4.10c a month for Xbox Gamepass Ultimate (this can fluctuate, depending on the current price of the keys - still much cheaper than normal.)


      VPN that can connect to Turkey

      Microsoft/Xbox account

      Money lol

      1. Create Xbox AU account here: https://www.xbox.com/en-AU (or use existing).
      2. Go to https://www.eneba.com/
      3. Change currency/country to Australia/AUD
      4. Purchase 3x 'Xbox Live Gold 12 months Xbox Live Key TURKEY' (https://www.eneba.com/xbox-xbox-live-gold-12-months-xbox-liv...)
      5. If prompted for which seller, select ultimate choice
      6. You should get an e-mail with your keys
      7. Use a VPN and connect to Turkey
      8. Go to https://redeem.microsoft.com/, Log-in to your xbox account
      9. Repeat redemption for all of the codes
      10. Once you have redeemed as many as you want, (max of 3 for 36 months), you can then opt to "upgrade" to xbox game pass ultimate for $1 (new users) or $14 (existing)
        this can be done in the account/subscriptions page, also https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/live/gold/upgrade
      • So around $165 for 3 years? That's not so bad I guess.

        • +1

          I’ve probably already saved more than the price I paid for 3 years from a few games I was going to purchase, but ended up being able to play them via gamepass.

          • @Ehx: Yeah I don't play many Xbox games. I'm playing Halo infinite multiplayer and loving it. Friends who own it say the campaign isn't worth it though. Forza Horizon would interest me very casually and I already own the Master Chief Collection ($20 Steam) the Gears Of War games (also very cheap Steam) MS Flight Simulator (Steam) and several older games like Halo Wars 1+2, Forza 6/7/Horizon 3 from owning a Xbox One back in the day. I loved Game Pass at first but I quickly realised I personally wasn't getting my money's worth it of it.

            • @DisabledUser8353: Halo infinite campaign is awesome I'm having so much fun with it. The game makes you want to collect everything. Great game recommend it to anyone.

              • @Jklaro: I should have mentioned that he liked the campaign but we always played coop campaign and firefight. None of that is in this one afaik, it'll probably come later in patches I guess.

              • @Jklaro: Just finished campaign. Lots of fun and hard bosses.

            • @DisabledUser8353: Campaign is probably one the best Halo campaigns.

              Considering it's on Gamepass, it's 100% worth it. The biggest criticism that people have is that it doesn't give you any armor or unlocks for coop and online.

          • @Ehx: Yup same. Already covered my cost within the first year with a whole bunch of stuff like Psychonauts 2, B4B, It Takes Two, Jedi Fallen Order, The Forgotten City, Hades and dozens of other little indies that I had a passing interest in, but not enough to blind buy on.

            Also good as a demo service too, I've sampled and quickly uninstalled my fair share also :P

            Mine expires at the end of 2023 so I've still got an insane amount of value to look forward to from the initial ~$150 or whatever it was I paid through that VPN method.

            • @Stoibs: And you don't have to install to sample. Just play cloud if you like it then download.

        • Sometimes the gift cards are even cheaper. I got one for $39, so it is possible to have 3 years for $120.

          • @Mistredo: Yeah mine was around $130 something for 3 years. Not bad at all.

          • +1

            @Mistredo: Yeah I might keep an eye on them now I know the process

      • Do you have to do three years straight up? Or can you just do one

        • You can do one.

    • You can get it for $0 if you are willing to do Microsoft Rewards tasks

      • +1

        *hundreds of

        • With a few clicks in like 5 mins per day

          • @housewitch: That is over 2 hours per month, and you get $15 value back. I guess it depends on how you value your time. A great thing for kids with a lot of free time.

            • @Mistredo: I really enjoy solving the daily quiz now. Wish i could become a kid again😂

  • +7

    <<Ozbargainer: no time to play>>
    Only in cinemas.

  • Damn. I wonder if I can finish kingdom hearts before it goes

  • I nearly bought this over the Christmas break. Bullet dodged.

  • +1

    Reading the title made me mass erect

  • Man, I just beat Outer Wilds (main game, not DLC) last week. It's fantastic.

  • +3

    Game Pass paying off again.. was tempted by Mass Effect LE because I remember loving the original back in the day, but I'm all too familiar with old games 'feeling' too old/clunky to actually play these days, no matter how rose tinted the glasses get. Very happy to get a chance to check it out for "free"..

    • +1

      Worth it, IMHO, for ME:LE alone. I paid for the digital version at launch (I should’ve held off, but was too impatient - LOL!) but I think it’s worth every penny. I was about 10 minutes into gameplay in ME1 and was instantly reminded why I loved the series so much in the first place.

      It’s important to note the major upgrades revolve around the visuals, so things look a lot nicer on good hardware. Gameplay, however, remains the same because the games were originally built on early versions of the Unreal Engine, and that can’t be improved upon without completely rebuilding them. But, you do get all the DLC included (except for one or two where BioWare apparently lost the original files!), and the chance to play through all of them back-to-back without waiting for another release.

    • +1

      They actually some big gameplay changes for the first one, much better than the original release

  • Just begun Game Pass on Christmas day because I finally had a computer that could run games somewhat well and the $1 trial was cheaper then buying Maneater/Unpacking/My Friend Pedro. Spelunky 2 was firmly on my must play list already, so this is handy.

  • +2

    Awesome. Have been considering picking up Mass Effect but figured I'd hold off as it would eventually come to game pass.

    • I was the same, but caved a few weeks before Christmas when the disc version dropped to about $40. No regrets though, it's an awesome game (3 games really) that I'm sure I'll be playing long after it leaves Game Pass.

  • Oh right, I forgot about kh3. I wonder do I have enough time to play it.

  • I wish they would announce the games that go away a bit more in advance. I wanted to play Ghost of a Tale but now there is not enough time.

  • +5

    The greatest game of all time, and a space exploration game where you play as Commander Shepard.

  • +1

    Had a feeling Mass Effect Legendary Edition would come to game pass ultimate. that's why I held out
    Best deal in gaming…

  • +2

    at this rate if they increase the price, id still sub :) what a deal

  • +1

    Outer wilds is an incredible game, top 5 for me from the last decade

  • +1

    Damn, I won't be able to finish Desperados III.

    • You've got one more week. I'm in Act 2 now and only started 2 days ago. Pretty compelling gameplay

  • +1

    i remember being full into mass effect when it came out: has the art books, comic books, had it as my pc's wallpaper lol

  • Is mass effect made available yet? can't seem to find it in gamepass

    • If you goto the game page on EA desktop it says Jan 7 2022, 3 AM GMT +11 (depending on your location). So I am guessing Jan 6 US time, but for us Aussies almost a day later.

  • The VR mod for Outer Wilds is apparently very good (though requires ‘VR legs’). Hope it works with this version of the game.

  • Anyone able to get Mass effect: LE on Xbox game pass PC. I have the ultimate and can confirm that it doesn't show in EA store. Outer Wilds, yes..but not Mass Effect..

  • How do I get Outer Wilds it isn't showing for me.

    • Outer Wilds is on now. Must've been a timezone thing.

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