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Hush Puppies Atlas & Atlas Multi $59 / Modern Work Laceup $49 / Adventure Men's $139 + Post (Free $99 Spend) @ Hush Puppies


Found these earlier. I have a pair of the Atlas that I paid full price for and wear for work, they fit an orthotic well and are stupidly comfortable. Not mad I paid full price at all.

There are other models on sale too, however didn't really know what was / wasn't a bargain so take a look.

Work Laceup

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  • Do you find orthotics to help relieve fatigue from foot?

    • Mine aren't custom, they're just off the shelf. They provide medial arch support because my tibia internally rotates when my arch bottoms out.

      Orthotic corrects the issue.

      If you have a biomechanical issue causing you pain, yes orthotics can help. Best to get a podiatrist to assess though.

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    Thanks op
    Got it from ebay with free delivery plus gift cards and $10 off code THANKSPLUS21

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      Thanks for the heads-up. I used AFTERPAY10 for $10 off while completing purchase with Afterpay.
      The ebay listings have free delivery which is better than going through Hush Puppies site for 9.95 delivery.

    • Damn, didn't even think to check ebay

    • Thanx… got a black pair..

  • Thanks! Got a few pairs.

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    Use code HONEY10 to save 10% off your total order too! :-)

    • how'd you find that? thanks!

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      Code didn't work for me

    • Thanks. Worked for me!

    • Nice, works. On $118 sale (2xAtlas) it’s a slightly better discount than the VIP $10 off, but if you’re spending less than $100 consider that instead.

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    Would these be suitable for wide feet!? They say the inner sole can be removed for standard ee wide fit.

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      • Removable insole to fit your own orthotics.
      • Dual Fit. Remove the insole for a wider fit.
      • Our standard EE wide fit.
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      If you remove to fit wide feet then your arch support will go away?

      Shoes is one of the thing that I never buy online as size varies between supplier and most likely changing is headache 😔

      • I tend to agree but sometimes these bargains make me think again. But I guess I will hold my ground this time and not get carried away!

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    I don't like the idea of buying shoes online since despite being the same size some shoes from different brands won't fit as well as others, common problem for me
    However, since they are quite cheap I took a leap of faith and bought 2 Atlases (black and khaki, kinda wanted the brown as well but idek if they will fit well so let's see)

    • Yeah this is my situation when it comes to clothing as well.
      I really like the look of the brown ones though and the black ones. contemplating grabbing a couple of pairs myself

    • I feel your pain. I've bought shoes online multiple times and have NEVER had them fit. One time I even bought an identical pair to replace the exact same shoe that had worn out. The new ones were much more narrow and didn't fit at all.

      It's annoying as I've had good experiences wearing Hush Puppies before and would gladly wear some of these.

    • I find going by euro sizing helps, people sometimes mislabel UK vs US sizes.

      Getting the black and brown Atlas.

  • I love my puppies.

  • Any of these good for home gardening and DIY work?

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      nah you need "dad" style new balance for that

    • Maybe the adventure but honestly I recommend crocs for that use. Got some as a gift and they are indestructible, comfy and easy to clean.

      Just consider if you need steel toe though.

      • Crocs boots? Interesting

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          Just regular crocs.

          I’ve met both abattoir workers and surgeons who wear them on their respective cutting floors.

          • @Minimum chips: I've heard people rave about them as hiking shoes as well. Not for the actual hiking, but when you get to your camp and you want to walk around in something comfortable and let your hiking boots breathe then crocs are supposed to be good. They weigh pretty much nothing so you can just strap them to the outside of your pack and never notice them.

  • As a size 10.5, I feel discriminated against… 😔

    • some are listed in UK sizes which are 1 down just incase you didn't notice.

      • In Australia, for some reason, we go by UK sizes for men but US sizes for women. So yeah I was referring to the AU/UK size 10.5.

  • Used Honey10 10% off and missed the HELLOVIP $10 off voucher instead by a few minutes when signing up for newsletter

  • Thanks, bought some.

    Sole Material: Rubber
    Sock Material: Pigskin
    Lining Material: Mesh
    Upper Material: Leather

  • ShopBack = 8% - not bad.

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      Meh, use the 10% code above better than being bothered with cashback websites.

  • Why, oh why did it become standard to design shoes with elevated heels? Only a few brands make flat shoes. It makes no sense to me.

  • Thanks OP, I ordered a pair of black Atlas via eBay plus for free delivery and used code THANKSPLUS21 for another $10 off.

  • Thanks OP.

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    Thanks OP bought two of the atlas multi!

  • Flat from front (not arched as pic shows) but well built and comfy.

  • I bought a pair on ebay, without entering a discount code. I immediately cancelled the order and put another order in with the code. They denied the cancellation on the basis that they had already sent the order. I don't know how they could send the order within about a minute of me purchasing it!

  • Thanks OP, grabbed a pair of the Atlas in black. Luckily the smallest size fits me. Wish they made it in women's sizes (with the same quality) because the shoe is super comfy.

  • mine arrived today (took less than a week to deliver from VIC to WA) and they fit well so far, haven't tried them out properly enough yet though (we'll find out how well they fit after a at least a few km of walking)
    looks and feel nice and much better quality than anything you'd get at this price range since it is on sale and normally retails at much more than this, recommended for sure

    also forgot to mention, the khaki is slightly bigger than the black even though they are the same size (you can kinda tell just by looking at the pictures online, which is why i bought the khaki over the browns as i wanted to see which would fit better)

  • Mine arrived, they are very comfortable, the rubber sole is thick and bouncy, it doesn't feel like they'll compress and lose their cushioning but time will tell.

    The rubber sole is fairly glossy but I'll get used to it.

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