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[Backorder] COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests from $17.60 Each + $30.80 Delivery @ HiCraft


Hey Folks,

These folks seems to have four of five different Rapid Antigen Tests, all stating currently “in stock”

In saying that they also mention pickup/distribution on certain items in the next 3-4 days, whilst others are pickup/distribution in the coming weeks..

Opting for a 20 pack makes them cheaper again.

I understand that to some, their pricing may not be as cheap as others, but I think in the current climate where people are selling these things for $50 each, it’s not too bad.

Just thought I’d share if it helps someone.

I haven’t heard much about these guys, so maybe do a little homework before giving them your hard earned.

Stay Safe

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    I have been waiting for them to fill my order from a week ago. No replies to my emails, and their phone is constantly engaged. My credit card has been charged. Has anyone actually successfully gotten supplies from them?

    • Which pack did you buy?

      They mention some are a couple of days wait and some are weeks

      • +1

        The 20 pack of vchecks. $286. When i put the order in, it said 3-5 days until pick-up. Their website is now saying 3-4 weeks.

        I did manage to get through to a recorded message yesterday saying if you are wanting an order update to email them. I did. No replies.

        • +1

          I ordered the same kit back on the 24th. They said they were getting stick on the 1st Jan.

          I emailed them just before new year and they confirmed I was in the 1st January shipment.

          They seem to be a legit business.

          These tests are a little more expensive BUT. They are 95% accurate, not 80% like the others AND they are saliva based so much better if you have young kids who don’t want a nasal swap stick up their nostrils for 30 seconds

  • +15

    If it's above $10 a test, I think it's scalping. I feel terrible being forced to purchase from these people :(

    • +2

      They should be free like in the USA, UK, SG etc… when they go for the herd immunity route. where is the planning ahead Scomo??

  • All the $10 ones got negged into oblivion. I don't expect this to be overly popular either =P

    • Just trying to help people out.

      I work with people desperately trying to find these, and they’ve paid much more

      • By ripping them off?

        • Not from me buddy

          I’m not a scalper, I just noticed a hard to get item available

  • Only ORAWELL COVID-19 SALIVA RAPID ANTIGEN TEST KITS - PACK OF 5 TESTS is actually 3-4 days, the rest are 2-3 weeks.

  • +3

    Did government said will punish those guys trying to sell such thing on high price?

    • I doubt it

      They haven’t touched the people selling petrol at ridiculous prices

    • +2

      I believe the ACCC said that they were going to "name and shame" companies that jackup prices. I'm sure all these companies are super scared right now.

      • +2

        If just name and shame, I doubt it will work. They're shameless.

  • +3

    I could get behind local businesses pivoting to produce hand sanitizer and paying more than usual for it.
    I could get behind local businesses/individuals producing reuseable face masks and paying more than usual for them.

    But (profanity) this.

  • +3

    I'm able to add 50,000 tests to my cart. I really wouldn't trust their online stock info.

  • Rip

  • +1

    Seems suss.
    A big, green “In Stock” in the title but then says 2 3 weeks wait for delivery. So they don’t have stock at all.
    Prices tad expensive, gst not added

    • -4

      $16 plus GST = You are wrong

  • +1

    RATs are the new masks and hand sanitisers. Wait for a couple of weeks they will flood Woolies and Coles.

  • +3

    Also, why did you neg a cheaper ‘deal’ the other day and say

    These companies need to stop taking advantage of people with price jacked items.

    And now keep posting this ‘deal’?

    • -1

      It’s not a cheaper deal, the admin guys have a problem with the way I broke down the pricing, hence third attempt

      • +1

        Okay sure.

        Question still stands - Why the shift from negging a RAT ‘deal’ to promoting one?

        • -6

          Who are you ?

        • I agree @Cucumber123. Weird behaviour to say the least.

  • +1

    Downvoting due to price gouging during a pandemic. Are you associated with the store Sh3nanigans?

    • -1

      No.. Otherwise I would have rocked the pretty little box

      • +1

        All good! Thanks for your response. I was just concerned that you may be a sock puppet/shill account as there are many accounts on here which seem to be associated with stores but don't "rock the pretty little box"

        Will there be a fourth attempt? You seriously don't realize that this really isn't a bargain Sh3nanigans? This is ozbargain.com.au not ozrat.com.au..

        Price gouging on Medical Supplies during a pandemic just doesn't sit right with me & these tests are worth no where near $17.60 each & it disgusts me to see them being sold for that.

        • +1

          I understand that it’s about bargains, and that we should be paying $10 for them, but where do we get them ?

          I’d like a PS5 for $749, but I can’t get one for months

          Again, it’s just something that I saw and thought someone may want, since you can’t get them.

          I don’t need them, but if I do I may have to pay something similar

          I’d certainly refuse to pay $50, but if I had to pay something similar to this, it wouldn’t be the end of the world

          • @DisabledUser283005: But it's not ozsupply&demand.com.au or ozpricegouge.com.au either, we are on ozbargain.com.au my friend

            HealthyLife & Amazon had much better prices going this morning before they sold out, & we'll probobly see many more deals like that in the coming few days when more RAT shipments arrive to retailers. Also expect tests to start being given out for free at some testing places at least in QLD & possibly NSW… you say "you can't get them" but I expect that to change shortly.

            As @Cucumber123 mentioned it seems weird that you keep posting this deal & defending every comment after you posted this from the other day:

            I certainly will refuse to pay $17.60 for a test & I feel sorry for anyone who pays this :(

          • +1

            @DisabledUser283005: You can get your PS5 with profits from RAT's .
            Only if you can get out before the State Govt's come into the field with 10's of millions .

  • +2

    Will be free to collect in a week if you can wait

  • +1

    Pricing gouging is not something we condone on Ozb.

  • +1

    Agree this is getting ridiculous.
    If you are in a position where you need to pay for a test, I feel sorry for you. Hopefully situation gets better soon

  • +1

    Price gouging and not actually in stock

  • +2

    price gouging on a health product in dire situation.

    These people should be thrown in jail.

  • +4

    I'm not sure who's worse Opportunists or the federal Govt? …Actually its scomo

    • +3

      Scunty is a better name for him.

  • Is there any way to give RAT test result to authorities without buying/undertaking the test?

  • +1

    One scalp please.

  • +1

    lol how is this a deal

  • +1

    Free RATs to be announced at 5:15 today by scomo.

    • -1

      That’s 10 mins ago

      • "Breaking: More than 6 million Australians will be eligible for 10 free COVID-19 rapid antigen tests over three months, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced."

  • +4

    OP negs a deal for $14.50 a test and yet posts this for $17.60 a test. Care to explain OP?

      • +3

        Why did you neg that deal and then post this more expensive deal? Makes zero sense

          • +4

            @DisabledUser283005: You haven't explained yourself once that's why we are asking

            • +2

              @brandogs: I agree with @brandogs & @Cucumber123

              Care to explain why you negged the deal for $14.50 a test stating:
              ""Sh3nanigans on 03/01/2022 - 18:45
              These companies need to stop taking advantage of people with price jacked items.""

              But then you continuously post a deal today for $17.60 a test which is a company that's taking advantage with price jacked items?

              Then you tell people to "(profanity)" off when they ask for a proper explanation? What gives? I don't understand your train of thought.

      • +1

        Seems a bit suss tbh

      • +2

        @Sh3nanigans You're done….. you're done

  • +3

    Seems like scomo just announced that any mark up by over 20% will now incur fines and possible jail term.

    Prices should drop soon.

    • +2

      I think I also heard that RATs will also be available for free at testing clinics for symptomatic cases and close contacts? That should reduce the need for at-home RATs slightly as well, apart from using them as "entry tickets" to other people's houses.

    • He is a DH trying to do the popular vote thing .
      We must vote him in because he never lies .

  • +1


  • +1

    Price gouging much

  • Gotta love people price gouging, pretending to be innocent.

  • +5

    Set up a hand sanitiser buisness in 2020.


  • Price gouging

  • Keep an eye out at Coles express gas stations. They tend to restock just before the evening shift.

    Got 3 boxes tonight.

  • Unobtainable "bargain" if there is no stock.

  • Shame on you…

  • Comment for a negative vote

  • +1

    I would not deal with this company again. They told me they had stock, when they didnt. I have been waiting weeks now for my order. They dont answer phone calls. They say email them and they will reply within 3 days! No email reply.

    Buyer beware. Even if they are inundated, there is no excuse for poor communication.

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