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ARCTIC P12 PWM 120mm Case Fan Black/Transparent $6.98 (Min Qty: 3) + Delivery (Free with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


minimum of 3 tho so kinda scuffed
free delivery if u do delivery hack

very good fans comparable to nfa12x25 for like 1/5 of the price. very quiet good performance.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    These are great value fans but don't expect a premium product. Also personally I went with these for a water-cooled build and struggle with the pitch of them at higher rpms.
    But definitely great value for the price

    • +6

      I use a couple of these a front intake fans, can't say the pitch at high rpm bothers me, I mean there's air noise but nothing that particularly stands out.
      Under about 1100rpm they are what I'd call silent.
      I have a liquid freezer 120 which I think has this fan too (maybe the CO version) and being inside the case can barely hear it even at 1800rpm.

    • Great for a server in the garage

  • I'm thinking of buying 5 (3 Top exhaust, 2 bottom in-take) for a Thermaltake View 31 case, but I'm unsure if I should buy the F variants instead as they're supposedly better for airflow.

    Looking to cool the case as much as possible as it runs a Ryzen 5900x (Of which has a Deepcool Assassin 3 cooler on it) + RTX 3070. Keen to hear if anyone has thoughts to help me out on this one :)

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      I have 5 of these (PST version) on a Meshify C case (along with a fractal case fan, 3 using as intake, 3 as exhaust).

      They are decent, cooling down 3900xt and rtx3070 with Noctua d15.

      The build quality is kinda cheap but performance is good considering the price you are paying.

      I would recommend these.
      Mind you the model available on this post are not pst variant (means no daisy chain)

    • +2

      P12 > f12 always. Same for p14

      • Good to know, sounds like I might grab these. I think I'll need some splitters though by the look of it

        • +1

          Ye generally PST are the better option but for the price it's prob best to look for extra splitters

    • +2

      I have both, the P's are much quieter for any given airflow.

    • +3

      I have 6 on my Corsair 4000d airflow which has a 5900x (with noctua d15 after AIO annoyed me) and a 6900xt. Work well for me!

      • +1

        Nice, sounds like these will do the job well then :)

      • +1

        Got the exact same setup.

        • Great choices ;)

  • Thanks. Have been keeping an eye out for these! Also if anyone has any deals for the Phanteks T30 120mm or any descent 140mm (pressure optimised) fans…

  • +1

    I ordered 3 of during their last sale in August last year. I still haven't received it or any progress on the delivery. Has anyone received this product?
    Note: This appears to be from the same seller judging by the rating, rating count and reviews.

    • +5

      You should have reached out to Amazon months ago. It took about 2 months for mine to arrive from the UK.

      • +2

        Just reached out to them and their solution is for me to cancel my order and re-order it as the order is stuck and no longer available.

        • +1

          dude i made the same order in august and they still have not arrived, i messaged them in november and they told me it would arrive late december LMAO i completely forgot about them until this post

    • +1

      Order 24th Dec from Amazon UK and got them 7th Jan. But I ordered the 5 pack PST.

  • +3

    I replaced the 3 fans on my EVGA CLC AIO with these and it's no longer a jet engine. Also runs cooler!

  • Cheers OP, thinking of grabbing some of these for my n200p build. Whats the delivery hack you are talking about?

    • +1

      Since its Amazon UK, you'll need to buy $50 worth of items to qualify for free shipping. However, you can cancel each individual item immediately after ordering.

    • +2

      Order the fans and another item that makes the value more then 49. Order it the cancel the extra item. Ez

  • Was going to get 3 Phanteks T30 for my radiator. Would these be a good option as case fans? I am looking for something quiet with maximum performance.

    • +1

      Absolutely, these are practically only barely second to the nfa12, and lose out ofc to the t30s.

  • +1

    They are good fans, and a good alternative to the NFA12x25. But they certainly aren't comparable.

    NFA is much quieter, far more robust and the materials are very different. But you pay for it.

    I would rock these P12s on a decent budget build for sure.

    • NFA are not much more quiet, defo better build quality and perform literally 1c apart when noise normalised

      • Noise normalised performance isn't the only thing to consider. I used 5xP12s in my NR200 but found the vibration at circa 1,100rpm was ridiculous. I switched to NFA and haven't looked back.

        I don't want to create a fan curve that simply glosses over the 1,100rpm point.

        • +3

          Well that's exactly what I did, at 1050 there's a slight wine so I just went straight past it.
          I'd say 15 minutes of new fan curves is worth $300 extra for nfa12s

          • @abjsdhasehasee: Don't get me wrong, I agree and I did create custom fan curves. I just didn't like the backdoor hack to overcome a design deficiency.

            Also, the NFAs are probably double the weight. The fan blades and the overall construction is just different, beefier.

            P12s are still good, they're just not Noctua-good.

          • @abjsdhasehasee: Some people are just happy to pay 6x the price for small boost in performance and quality.
            Must have the computer up on his desk right next to him

            I couldn't care less about the weight of the fans or construction.
            Alot more brands will be bringing some budget friendly t30 levels of performance 30mm fans out soon, that will easily push more air at lower decibels than the nfa12s. So I'll stick with my 99% similar performance p12s for 1/6th the price until then

  • +1

    Thanks OP!
    Anyone can share knowledge on the delivery hack thing?

    • +2

      Add some other items to cart to get you over the $49 mark then immediately cancel.

    • +3

      add soemthing $50 value to your cart and check out with both items. Then cancel the expensive item.

      • This is the way

  • Cheers OP, just ordered three, will see how they go replacing the stock fans on my EK 360 AIO.

  • Good deal if you just want 3 regular fan since they not PST (daisy chain)

    I ordered the 5 PST pack for $57 via Amazon UK on 24th Dec and just got them today. Making them $10 each after 12% cashback with cash rewards (overall free from 2 x $30 from TikTok).

  • Just noting these are not the PST version which allows daisy chaining. Still a great price.

  • Bought 6 from last deal, using it with my other 3 P12 fans on my rig, Lian Li o11 D case. 6 Intakes, 3 exhaust, working great.
    (Made them spin only at around 500 rpm)

    • what softwares do u use to change the fan speeds?

      • Just mainboard bios

  • +1

    Got 3 for my techfast pc so I can play my free copy of tomb raider. I love ozbargain

  • I "downgraded" from Corsair ML120 Pro to 4 of these. Not only does it run cooler but sooooo much quieter! At a fraction of ML120 Pros' price!

    At this price, it's just a no-brainer, just buy now and don't regret not buying them later type of scenario.

  • My go to substitute for noctua.

  • min 3

    max also 3 too zzz

    can order more from another account but it doesnt have prime

  • how are you all getting to $49?

    • +1

      add something from amazon uk,
      e.g. this random mouse https://www.amazon.com.au/Cooler-Master-MM720-RGB-LED-Gaming...
      place your order with free shipping
      then cancel the mouse in your order > then you have free shipping for just the fans

      • omg - that simple… thanks mate!

        • np, ive done it I think 4 times with no problem. ik someone said to me that their account was warned for suspicious activity but ive been fine so far.

      • Btw doesn't have to be same overseas Amazon as the item you want, (UK in this case) just as long as it's Amazon Global, in case there was something else you actually did want say from Amazon US etc..

  • Thanks OP for this deal. I've bought 5 pack from PCCG, but another 3 wouldn't hurt.

  • Out of stock? Showing as $20.12 for one?

  • Showing as $22.95 for me now, I am no amazon whizz but I think the deal has expired :(

  • +1

    I think I might have purchased the last three yesterday.

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