[Price Error] Seagate Ironwolf Pro 4TB HDD $36 + Shipping @ i-Tech

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Looks like a pricing error. Order away and hope it doesn't get cancelled.

Note: This store does not typically honour pricing errors and the store is currently away (holidays) until Monday, 10th January. See their Contact-Us page for information:

  • Office will resume operation on Monday 10/01/2022
  • Enquiries will resume normal operation on Wednesday 12/01/2022

Moved to the forums as we have received multiple reports the order was cancelled by i-Tech, citing a database error.

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    • people are just bored I assume

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        people either forget, new or don't read up on their companies, i-tech does this all the time and never honours s hit

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    JB just price beat by 10% so ordered 100 units. Flew down there in my private jet to collect. Parking was a real pain in the butt.

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    • On a more serious note, would there be any stores that do price match errors?

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        Is this a serious question?

        Not sure whether you're just naive or entitled - I don't think your patronage is so important that businesses will be willing to lose money just to sell you something. Most price beat policies should have T&Cs to allow some exceptions around reasonableness.

        • yep, they'll gladly take your negative review on yelp or some crap, if they don't have to sell you 10 HDDs at a massive loss.

        • Is this a serious question?

          Not possible….

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      Please share your receipt.
      I will price match at Hardly Normal.
      Have a spare Bitcoin that I can invest in HDD- high yield investment! As it is, crypto is going down.


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    This store wouldn't even have the stock to honour all these orders folks. Use your heads.

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      Just unfortunate that the COVID-19 has screwed with some people's heads here.

      • I fully believe that this deal will be honoured, especially given the past history with i-tech honouring deals.

        On another and completely separate note, I just got my booster shot and despite what the dog keeps insisting, I haven't experienced any side effects.

        • You're being serious, because I can understand your sentences…

          • @edfoo: I'm just parodying the fact you said Covid is messing with people's head.

            • @RedditUser1: Haha you didn't get my point there. I know you were joking but because you could type such coherent sentences, that's why I made a joke back your mind has not been messed up by COVID-19.

              • @edfoo: Fair enough, that's on me for missing your joke.

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    itech has a history of pricing errors which they don't acknowledge - whether intentional or not

  • Lol at the 1 report on this deal for illegal/inappropriate.

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      And the 1 for Not Available to Australia

    • How can this be illegal or inappropriate?

      It was on their website? What an arse.

  • No cancellation yet, also cant log in or request password reset. Ordered 4 hrs ago.

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    The time to refund may cost so much money that this company will collapse. Feel sorry for them.

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    If this order gets canceled (which is the most likely scenario), can we get the admins to ban deals from this site?

    • And miss out on all the excitement?
      I think people should not have to rely on Ozbargain admins but use a bit of the tiny grey cells.

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      If they won't ban Rosman Computers for their BS, then i-tech won't get banned either.

  • Listing page finally updated to "No Longer Available".

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    Serial offender of pricing errors.

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    No longer available on the site

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    A lot of scalpers on this thread hoping for a miracle LOL

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      Jokes on them then! The only thing scalped were the email addresses

      • It's alright I use simple login, scalp away.

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    Joke is probably on us and Paypal.

    They are probably about to fold. They do some magnet price item, get a few hundred k cash in of futile orders and deregister the company.

    • can you imagine if? Damn, that will be the last time anyone on OzB takes a chance on 'price errors' on small companies, will teach everyone to be extra careful forever more.

    • Or refund as e-check and earn interest for 7 days.

  • wow is this still going? did people actually get successful orders?

    • Because according to their website, they are currently on holidays until Monday, hence why the price error hasn't been fixed.

      I feel sorry for the poor worker who will have to spend weeks refunding each individual order.

      • CTRL+ F all who brought the price error ironwolf and delete all in their CRM.

        Easy PZ

  • As if there's any chance they will honour this.

    • Note: I didn't cheat! (ie. go forward two minutes to read the comment below)

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    My order has been canceled.
    No apologies from the store.

    Here is the email I received.
    Your order #xxxxxx has been updated to: Closed.

    We’re sorry to advise that your order was automatically cancelled due to database error. Your order will be refunded in full back to your original payment method. We're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.
    You can check the status of your order by logging into your account.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 02 8004 3033.

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      They said they were sorry to advise in the email

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      Let's check the audience's reactions James:


      And looks like No one is surprised, but if you listen in closely you can hear some say "dammit, I wanted to scalp 100 so bad! I can't believe it was fake!"

      • Let's check the audience's reactions James:

        they died from shock.

  • Your order #xxxxxx has been updated to: Shipped.

    Let's go! I only bought 1 though lol.

    • Who did you buy from?

    • -1

      Same wtf lol, I think it's because we only ordered 1, because so many other people are saying theirs is refunded

    • Really? I bought one but got cancelled :(

  • i-tech will be in my blacklist :)

    • You mean bucket list? ;p

  • I love all the trolls wanting there 15 mins lol

    You that bored?

    But I guess I'm amused by it lol

  • +1

    Oh lol mine actually got shipped. Tracking number provided too.

    • What time did you order? And from i tech?

  • Refunded just now

  • -1

    Wait wtf I just got a shipping notification with a tracking number, is it because I only ordered 1?

    Can anyone else confirm if they got a shipping notification and how many did they order?

    • A few here saying the same thing. What time was your initial order? Was it from i tech?

      • +1

        is a troll they already said "Order cancelled, waste of time"

  • Either people who didn't get greedy and ordered ONE are getting shipped, or it's a lie, and it either doesn't arrive or will be changed to cancelled soon.


    Anyone else who ordered just ONE, can confirm they got shipping or nah?

    • I ordered two around 7 am thanks to the morning shift. I haven't received a tracking number yet but mine changed status to in progress. Holding my breath here. Not sure whether they process single orders only or by the order received.

      • -1

        Your tracking ID:


    • I just want to know if they ordered from i-tech or another store. Because, it's possible although it would be unlikely, that another store will honour the deal.

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        Dude, there is a reason why they haven't bothered giving further details.
        The less they give, the more you get hooked and want to know.

        Its basic human psychology.

        Be smarter and don't be baited.

        • -1

          That's my fault for the ambiguity, I meant that it is unlikely that a store is honouring the deal than it's unlikely they will honour the deal.

          Basically, I'm skeptical any confirmation emails have been sent at this point.

  • F my life! Bought a 920+ two weeks ago. Now looking for deal for hard drive. Any other good deal going on?

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      dont feel too bad mate, no one's order is being honoured, you missed out on nothing here.

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    We’re sorry to advise that your order was automatically cancelled due to database error. Your order will be refunded in full back to your original payment method. We're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Same here

      • From what seller?

        • i-Tech

    • Same here, from i-Tech….

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    For those ones who got the SHIPPED notification email, congrats. But hope you guys can keep updating the process status till you really get it. As I know, a tracking number is nothing than just a system-generated number from a courier system, such as AU Post. It does not mean the item has been REALLY dispatched. So please correct me with the real result.

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      This is what I'm waiting on, seems to be a very few lucky ones who say they got shipped, but it could all very well be total BS.

      I know one liar claiming he received it already but the deal was only 2 hours old at that point (so no way it shipped since they're on holiday) so there are defs trolls in this thread.

      • Thanks

    • Even shipped is unsafe. I know a friend who bought some shoes on a pricing error deal, received the tracking IDs, parcels received by AusPost and then the seller requested all parcels not to be delivered by AusPost (and have them returned to the seller instead). Not sure whether he has got his money back yet. He was teasing me on missing out on that deal.

      • Thanks

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      Status changed to onboard with driver. Drivers name is “G. Ulliable”. Can’t wait!!

      • +2

        I know you're joking, but G. Ulliable is actually a name of a famous queer rapper, so it made me crack up a bit when you said he is your on board driver and is going to be delivering your package, like TMI.

  • order this morning, and receive an email from them, due to "We’re sorry to advise that your order was automatically cancelled due to database error. Your order will be refunded in full back to your original payment method. We're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience."

    damn… knew this was gonna happen.. oh well…

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    24 hours on. I have not received shipping, cancellation or refund advice.

    Thankfully I paid with Paypal, so I'll wait it out for now.

    • +1

      I'm in the same boat, with iTech. Ordered two, fingers crossed.

  • +1 email from I-Tech late last night saying order was automatically cancelled due to a database error. 2 minutes later I received my PayPal refund confirmation.

  • +1 received cancellation email too :-(

  • +2

    Mines still in play, haven't heard from them yet…

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    Hahah people still thinking they're going to get it, the comments were a delight

    • It's impossible to say what's going to happen; it can only be said we have a very slim chance of having the deal honoured.

      • +2

        Even after people started receiving cancellation e-mails?

      • +1

        You let us know when they want to lose $1000's of dollars to fulfil orders that they legally don't have to :)

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        Lol “impossible” is a stretch.

  • Got the paypal refund just under 12 hours ago but no email yet.

    Had ordered 6x from itech at 730am on Friday.

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    I just got an email from them saying order cancelled. I think i-tech should be banned on this forum

    • Wait so because people post the most obvious price errors that you know will be cancelled and then do, they should be banned ? 🤦‍♂️

      • Yep, banned for life if its something they do consistently

        • +2

          They aren't the ones posting obvious pricing error deals on OzBargain though.

  • I'm impressed by this great data mining idea that these stupid sheeple become a part of!

  • Just got the famous database error email and refunded

  • Same just got a cancellation order. I ordered 5 and was one of the first that purchased (when I purchased there was only 10+ likes. Thus unlikely anyone actually got shipped item. I ordered from i-Tech via PayPal.

  • I got my order cancellation email today… They claim it was a database error.

  • Dam! Order was cancelled.

  • Lol 12000 plus clicks

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