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30% off Hot Sauces: Habanero, Reaper or New BBQ 200ml $9.79 Each + $6.95 Flat Shipping @ Pepper by Pinard


Ozbargain's favourite Hot Sauce has returned!!! Also introducing our new BBQ Hot Sauce.

Choose between the New Medium heat BBQ, Medium heat Caribbean Habanero or the Extra Hot Caribbean Reaper sauces.

Promo code: OZBARGAIN30

The promo code is for sauces only.

Cannot thank you guys enough for the record breaking day we had last time we did this sale here.
We ran out of stock in a few hours and a lot of you missed out, hopefully you get some this time. Be quick!!!
Also thank you to all the people who reached out to tell us how much they loved the sauces, it really means a lot to us.

We really love our Ozbargain family.

Thanks and enjoy.

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Pepper By Pinard
Pepper By Pinard

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  • +1

    Just ordered. Love the website. it's so easy to use

    • Hey JFK,

      Appreciate it, thank you.

  • +2

    The reaper is quite tasty. Will try the BBQ this time.

  • +1

    Reaper sauce is brilliant. Absolutely first-rate customer support and comms too.

    These guys stand behind their product and brand.

    • Matty, appreciate the kind words mate.

  • Nutritional info?

    • +3

      This is per serve (10ml)
      Hab & reaper: 8 calories per serve, 0.1g proteins, 1.9g Carbs and 1.4g sugars
      BBQ: 16 cals per serve, 0.1g protein, 4.0g carbs, 3.1g sugars

      Hope that helps.

      • Such a shame you add so much sugar, makes it off limits for me, many hot sauces don't add sugar which makes them perfect for keto.

  • +1

    Fantastic hot sauce. Habanero is my fav as the Reaper packs a little heat.

    • Appreciate it thanks.

  • +1

    Ordered a bottle of each flavour to try them out :)

  • Hi PepperByPinard, is the nutritional information available on the site?

    • This is per serve (10ml)
      Hab & reaper: 8 calories per serve, 0.1g proteins, 1.9g Carbs and 1.4g sugars
      BBQ: 16 cals per serve, 0.1g protein, 4.0g carbs, 3.1g sugars

      Hope that helps.

  • Thanks!
    Just ordered 1 of each…

    • +1

      Woo!! You will love it.

  • +1

    Great sauces, got one of each last time. when they are empty will be ordering more. I think I prefer the habanero, the reaper is not as hot as I expected but doesn't have quite as good a flavour (at least to my palate). Love it on eggs in the morning.

    • Hab on eggs perfection!! Thanks for your kind words.

  • Thanks op
    Bought one of each to try!

  • One of each bought

  • Keen to try these out. Gonna try both.

    • Legend!! Happy to hear what you think when you try them,

  • Ordered the Habanero and BBQ sauce to try.

  • Ordered a bottle of each flavour to try them out. Always keen for a good hot sauce and based on the reviews I have seen I am looking forward to giving these a go :)

  • Great checkout process. ordered all 3.

  • Was gonna order The LOT to try them out but no 30% discount there :(

    • You need to add the code OZBARGAIN30 then it deducts the 30%

    • The promo code is for sauces only.

      • That's what OP's post is about… 30% discount off Sauce

        • +2

          Yeah I know I still +1 the deal, just wish it included "The LOT" too as I wanted to try it all at 30% why not.

  • -1

    Keen to try. Are they gluten free?

    • +2

      Unfortunately they contain gluten but a very small amount of natural gluten from the pickling.

  • @PepperbyPinard Do the sauces contain onion or garlic?

  • Thanks for the code mate, ordered a few but hoping to see bigger volume bottles in future if you can - I'll burn through these in no time!

  • +1

    Purchased a bottle of the Habanero over the bar at Bankstown Sports club a few weeks ago. Not expecting it to be too hot as its rated 3/5, but holy shit it blew my wig off after mixing a couple table spoons of it in a bowl of wings! Had a delicious flavour though!
    Disclaimer: I'm a (profanity) when it comes to hot sauce!

    • +1

      Haha yeah we use the small Habs they have more seeds ;) . Thanks for the kind words.

  • The Carolina reaper hot sauce I ordered last time was amazing. We have a shelve in the fridge full of hot sauce in our kitchen at work (we love spicy food), and it was probably one of the best we ever tried. Not just pure hot, but also full of flavour!

    • Appreciate it, thank you.

  • Cheers op. Haven't tried these before but I bought one of each to give them a go!

  • Anyone in Melbourne eastern suburbs want to go in on this together to save postage?

    • +8

      You really are an ozbargainer aren’t u haha

    • +1

      Would've taken you up on the offer but I already ordered!

  • Ordered just a couple of days ago, as I figured any deal would have happened by now. :( They haven't even arrived yet to test/dive in again!

  • Code doesn't work for THE LOT bundle

    • The promo code is for sauces only.

  • +2

    After running the gauntlet with many hot sauces over the years, I've finally concluded that for me, carolina reaper just flat out does not taste good. Most, if not all sauces I've encountered with carolina taste exactly the same (watery, full of vinegar and the reaper cuts through all that and is always there).

    I'm sure there are many people who don't mind it, but I'm interested to know if there are actually people who actively like it (I'd presume so).

    I'm actually a hardcore nandos extra bloody hot addict (and yes, it's not extra bloody hot at all, it barely has a tingle). Made with bird chilli, I believe - tastes great. I smash through 2-3 bottles a week.

  • Just ordered all 3. Can’t wait to try ‘em 😋

    • Appreciate you!!! Enjojy.

  • I've also been so lucky to have huge support from Ozbargainers in 2021, I'm going to support all other small businesses who post on Ozbargain in 2022 - thank you for this deal and I'm sure my family will love this hot sauce!

    • +1

      Ozbargains is the best community out there hands down.

      Thanks for your support.

  • Hi PepperByPinard…

    I have ordered one bottle of each… paid via card through Paypal but the website is still hanging & not showing as going through but the money has come out of my account & I have not received email notification…
    Can you please explain what my options are now ???


    • +1

      Hi there, Yeah seems to be a bit of an issue with paypal, hang tight while we see what going on. Hopfully your order went through

      • Money has been returned to my account… will try to order again

        • How'd it go the second time?

  • Disappointed that the website fails to list ingredients and nutritional information. Missing vital information that let consumers make educated choices about what foods to buy (and what allergens might be present). These are probably allergic for coelics, as they secretly contain garlic not mentioned on the site. It shouldn't be up to consumers to ask for complete info. Is it too much to include a photo of the site of the bottle that includes the nutrition and ingredients? Should be required by law.

    • Thanks for your feedback. We will take it onboard for next time. Live and learn.

  • Thanks OP, ordered all 3 to try!

  • Isnt shipping free for orders above 50?

    • There's a code on the website. 'OHYEAH' for orders over $50.

      • But it doesnt let me stack the codes!!

  • My partner is vegiterian, are any of these suitable?

    • Maybe OK for a Vegetarian.

    • All sauces are vegan friendly.

      • Thank you

  • +1

    Hey OP,

    are these vegan friendly? No info on your website


    • +1

      All sauces are vegan friendly.

  • Love me a good hot sauce, excited to try an Ozbargain favorite.

    • +1

      You wont regret it!!

  • Whats the scoville rating on these babies?

    • I really need to get them officially tested for scovilles units. Don't have that answer for you unfortunately.

    • +3

      The scoville scale might be the biggest load of nonsense created in food. Seriously, if you buy enough of the hot sauces, you'll get a real sense of just the complete lack of actual parity to the values. You could build your own scoville scale for your own tastes and it would be decent - but as soon as you rely on the random claims of random hot sauce makers, you'll see that there isn't any level of consistency at all.

      • Not sure what you're talking about. Sounds like you're saying it's a subjective thing like with wine ratings?

        Scoville heat units are determined by how many times capsaicin needs to be diluted by sugar-water.

        The "lack of parity" comes from your own subjectivity and tolerance levels ironically.

        • No, the "lack of parity" comes from this:

          It's a scientific process which also mentions an alternative process of using a committee of "experienced chilli eaters" to come up with numbers. Not a recognised standardised committee. Just some people that you deem are experienced enough to pull numbers out of their ..

          If you buy enough hot sauce, you'll begin to realise that this is the method they are all using - they can make up whatever nonsense they like and put on there because nobody will ever dispute it. There is no official body, there supposedly testers but you won't see anybody actually claiming they have a certified level or anything.

          "The Scoville organoleptic test is the most practical method for estimating SHU and is a subjective assessment derived from the capsaicinoid sensitivity by people experienced with eating hot chilis.[3][4]"

          It's a wild west of bs.

          I believed it too, but then I started buying stuff and experimenting and I realised, oh, this is just all over the place.

          • @f23lda: From your link:

            "In the Scoville organoleptic test, an exact weight of dried pepper is dissolved in alcohol to extract the heat components (capsaicinoids), then diluted in a solution of sugar water. Decreasing concentrations of the extracted capsaicinoids are given to a panel of five trained tasters, until a majority (at least three) can no longer detect the heat in a dilution. The heat level is based on this dilution, rated in multiples of 100 SHU."

            I would argue that as a buyer, the result of this process is much more useful to me than a random stranger on the internet saying "I don't perceive a difference". An imperfect scale to judge heat level is better than having no scale at all…

            • @yama131: None of them are doing that. They are just sticking Xg pepper in and saying "this is about X scovilles". They're just guessing based on what they are putting in.

              As a buyer, you can argue that that is enough - but then you buy a pack of chill and one is atomic and the other is completely benign. I bought a ton of these sauces and treated the scoville value as gospel, but it started unraveling when I got to situations where a 100k scoville sauce is wayyy hotter than the 500k"

              We're not talking about my tastes either, I used to buy them for work and we'd try them out. In a world where the scoville count has a commercial "value", and nobody is there to regulate things and say that the value is accurate, you get misled.

              And you can see how having a 100k scoville sauce actually be hotter than something claimed as vastly hotter is kind of a dangerous concept.

              I can't substantiate what I'm saying, but I guarantee you, you won't find much substantiation from any of the manufacturers as to how they actually determine their scoville ratings either. If they were actually applying the scientific principle, they would say because it's an extremely good piece of marketing.

              As a measure of dried chilli, scoville is good - when it is applied to hot sauces, it's close to rubbish.

              • @f23lda: I can't validate what you're saying regarding "they just guess the scoville" - not sure what the sauce of this statement is.

                "I used to buy them for work and we'd try them out" - this to me is similar to watching a movie where everyone has said it's the best and getting let down because of the high expectations. This is not exactly a randomised blind controlled study.

                Anyway.. if you're saying something is useless then you have to propose an alternative, otherwise it's not really solving anythign.

                • @yama131: Of course I can propose an alternative. A test institution is created and they get a certified level through the proper test and show it on the packaging. But that costs money and hot sauces are so niche, there is never enough money in them for most companies to be able to pay for the test.

                  As for the rest, yes, it's all highly unscientific and unsubstantiated, fortunately the burden of proof is not on me, I'm not the one saying hot sauce is X scovilles. If you're interested in becoming a scoville skeptic, there is a very easy way to do that. Try to find where any of these companies actually give up how they put values on. Try to satisfy yourself that they are following the procedures. You won't be able to. Like I said, I began as you - believing it. I would love for you to prove me wrong - no big issue if you do, I didn't want to find out this is a just some lame informal scale.

                  I'm sure you've experienced the phenomena where 2 similar looking chillis in the same packet can be drastically different heat, though. That's the start of the problems for the manufacturers.

    • The reaper will be too hot for most people. Depends on your tolerance level. I eat tonnes of chilli and had a few episodes of pretty severe abdominal pain/capcaisin poisoning when I went too far and I find the reaper on the hotter end, but still pleasant and very delicious.

  • Now that's a hot deal!

  • +1

    Hey OP, OHYEAH or OZBARGAIN30 codes doesn't work on The LOT!!! Was hoping to try them all out.

    • OZBARGAIN30 only works on the hot sauce. Not jerky or the lot. I just ordered the lot and OHYEAH worked fine for me. Just make sure you estimate shipping costs before adding the code.

    • +1

      "The promo code is for sauces only."

  • +1

    Probably one of the best hot sauces around.
    Got it in the previous deal and regreted not buying more after I got it. Pretty much drank it.

    Worth it.

    PS: i think it is vegan friendly from the look of the ingredients.

    • WOW!! Thank you so much for the nice comment.

  • How come there is no nutritional information? What's the expiry on the sauce?

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