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Anko Mini USB Microphone $0.25 (Was $5) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $65 Order) @ Kmart


Product details
Make high-quality recordings on your system or mobile device with this mini USB microphone that has a noise-cancelling feature to filter out the unwanted background noise.

Product Details
PCB board: Electron component
Case: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and metal
Dimensions/Size: 2.2cm (L) x 1.9cm (W) x 0.7cm (D)
Colour: Black
Driver free, plug and play
Noise-cancelling microphone filters out unwanted background noise
Supports Windows 7 / 8 / 10 or later
Sensitivity: -67DBV/PBAR, -47DBV/PASCAL +/-4DB
Frequency response: 100Hz-16kHz

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  • For 25c I'd buy it just because. $16 delivery to regional area though :- /

  • Our Kmart has been sold out of these for weeks.

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    I tried it on a few Windows PCs and a Chromebook.
    It was NOT "high-quality" - sound was muffled and muddy.
    In the case of the laptops I tried it on, the internal mic was far superior.

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      probably sounded like a 20c microphone. ripped off bro

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        I wouldn't bother with it again even if it was free.

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          maybe the noise cancelling feature is the whole of the body of the device, but somewhat indiscriminate about what it calls noise.

          chinese sweat shops aren't what they used to be

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          Yep, I would say that for most of Anko products.

    • How was the noise cancelling feature?

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        As suggested, it seemed to do a good job of cancelling noise, including my voice.

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        All sound coming into the microphone was cancelled it seems.

        "Technically correct?"

    • Fair trading?

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      I had an identical experience to oz-dave. Glad I only paid $0.25 and not $5 for it. It's awaiting the next e-waste collection.

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      Yep came here to call out "Make high-quality recordings". Can't hear squat, your laptop mic is easily a hundred times better.

      Straight up landfill. It's just not worth the effort to buy, pay for and throw away.

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    Great as a cheap USB port protector

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      The problem is it will draw power and memory won't it?

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    Have been 25c for a couple of months now

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    Tf and i spent 150 for a rode one 🙄

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      So annoying - you could have got 599 of these and some daal instead!

      • Haha

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    I tried it.. 100% not worth.

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    Noise cancelling, you mean cancel my voice out? Is that why my colleagues cant hear me?

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    I bought this thinking it'd be a good funny mic but it's just straight up bad

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    Perfect for landfill

  • This one probably didn't earn the category manager at Kmart an employee of the month award

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    Has been this price for months now.

  • Not even the spies would find it useful for listening to your conversations

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    I bought one a few months ago and had to throw it away. It is worth 0.25 less than what they are currently selling it for.

    • Are you sure you HAD to throw it away? Put it into an aldi freecycle bin maybe?

      • Wait, what? I had no idea that (any) Aldi did that, but it is great if they do. Can people chime in if they know if that is just a local thing or a national Aldi initiative (i.e. if your local Aldi does it, please post the (rough) location of the store, if they are in most states I’ll assume a national initiative).

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    I got the ultimate. Paid for 10 of them for pickup. Then got an email there are none in my store, so they shipped them out to me for free.

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    why would you buy this? everything with a usb already has an integrated mic thats more than likely better than this junk

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      PCs usually don't have mics

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        *Desktop PCs

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          I tried one to use on my RaspberryPi, but as everyone else has already mentioned.. it's pretty crap. Does about as good a job as having no mic at all.

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    I bought a few of these when they were a few cents last time. Not worth the few cents. You'd be better off with 2 paper cups and a string. Horrible, unclear, sounding and had a crackly static buzz that made your ears almost bleed.

  • rip teammates' ears

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