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Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $399 + Delivery (Free Pickup) @ PCByte


A robot vacuum cleaner that is equipped with Silver Copper Ions that kills of 99% of Bacteria. Intelligently map cleaning areas and provide high performances. Handles multiple functions such as mopping on a single charge and lastly featuring up to 12 Sensors that keeps your floors clean.

They also have the V2 Pro version for $299

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  • +2

    cheap and does the job

    But if your budget allows i would 100% recommend roborock instead (any model.)

    The algorithm on this quite average, needs much more intervention…at least in my house.

    And yes i have both viomi and roborock.

    • +2

      I have this too. Generally does OK, but mine occasionally gets its maps all screwed up which is annoying.

      • same here but more often because of my floor size and i don't keep it too tidy (lazy me and that's the point of robot anyway imo)

        And it occationally cannot find the base or stuck in a spot where roborock won't be stuck on.

    • I'm hoping this would just help us with cat hair on hardwood floors.

      • Yes, it will do that perfectly.

        I was going to buy one ages ago, reviews said it’s not great vacuuming carpet, but hard floors was good and mopping was OK too (when choosing the Y pattern mop)

    • +1

      I have the older roborock S5 and the Viomi S9
      the cleaning algorithm are pretty much the same
      while the S9 will redo the same spot twice which end up having slightly better cleaning performance

      I know the roborock S7 (current flagship) has much improvement on the chip and cleaning logics
      but consider nearly doubled the price the Viomi S9 is still well worth the money IMO

  • +4

    Maybe worth to wait for another $499 Viomi S9 deal with comes with the Auto dust disposal feature for only an additional $100?


    • Agreed Viomi s9 for $100 more is a no brainer

    • I agree. I just received my Viomi S9. I like it. It auto emptied after vacuuming the floor. So much more convenient as a set and forget robot vacuum.

      • +1

        I was going for the V2 pro. Than for $100 more I could get this one.

        Gotta pull the plug at some point, otherwise the "just $100 more" never stops hehehe

  • +1

    I bought the V3 a year and half ago. Seeing as it was a step from a dumb robot vacuum (ran into shit then turns at an angle, no mapping), this little unit is amazing. As previously stated though, the maps are sometimes screwed up and it is not above 80% intervention I would say. Surprisingly though, this is the same price I got it for…

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