Bonus 12 Months of Disney Plus (Normally $11.99/Month) with Selected NBN/Mobile/Data Postpaid Plans @ Telstra MyOffers


Checked Telstra Offers, saw the below one. I am able to successfully activate this today, it was not working yesterday.

12 months of Disney+ on us

Who is eligible to get Disney+ on us?
If you are a consumer customer and sign up to an eligible Telstra plan between 11 January 2021 and 28 March 2021 and are a new or returning Disney+ subscriber, we will offer you a 12-month subscription to Disney+ on us (Roll onto Disney+ month to month subscription fees after offer ends unless you cancel). You will need to redeem your offer by 31 May 2021.

Offer ends 28 March 2022, redeem by 31 May 2022.
Roll onto Disney+ month-to-month subscription, currently $11.99/mth after 12 mths, unless you cancel. Cancel anytime. New and returning Disney+ subscribers only.
After clicking ‘Redeem’, you will be directed to the Disney+ redemption website to complete your account set up.

Eligible Plans

New Home Internet customers

New customers who sign up to selected Telstra Home Internet plans will be eligible for the offer. Eligible plans include:

  • $95 and above Home Internet plans (nbn50, nbn100 and nbn250 speed tiers)

New Mobile customers

New customers who sign up to a selected Telstra Mobile or data plan. Eligible plans include:

  • $65, $85 and $115 Mobile plans
  • $55 and $85 data plans

Existing customers

Existing fixed customers can get it by upgrading to a $95/$110 plan. So if you're on a cheaper plan and subscribe to Disney Plus separately, do the maths on whether the saving of the streaming subscription works for your circumstances and still get the benefit of being on a higher tier plan.

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  • +1

    could not see disney after login…

    • Only on selected plans. I got mine on NBN premium plan but it was not there in JB Hi FI Mobile plan

    • +1

      I couldn't either on
      Thanks op for the post.

    • +3

      For the existing customer the offer will be applicable from 28th Jan 2022. So wait for it and you will get the email or sms to Opt in.

  • Targeted, I do not see it

    • +1

      Was at the bottom of my offers list under ‘canary’

      ‘Offer available to new Telstra customers on Medium and above mobile plans, Unlimited or Essential and above home internet plans; and customers that are new and returning to Disney+. Must sign up and redeem offer via Telstra My Offers’

  • +2

    Wow, thanks OP - we were eligible for this offer.

    • +1

      For context - we are on the premium NBN plan

  • +3

    Not eligible. But saw the 2500 credit point for fully vaccinated :)

  • Tried to sign up using a while ago and it wouldn't work but this reminded and worked straight away. Thanks OP.

  • Might want to add [Targeted] to title

  • +8

    Not worth the pain of being with Telstra.

    • +3

      awww telstra not so bad haha -

      • +6


  • +1

    I think this only works if you have a home broadband with Telstra as I usually see my mobile numbers to redeem but this time only my bigpond account is showing up.

    • I saw on my NBN premium plan, not on mobile plan

  • Anyone want to see if they can add a direct link?

    Sometimes I can't see offers under My Offers, but direct links work (e.g. 6mth of Binge)

  • You can only activate this offer after 11/01/2022 so wait till tomorrow.

    • +1

      I did that today itself

    • +1

      Watching Hawkeye right now. So it's working.

  • +1

    We're on Telstra unlimited NBN, got the offer. Thanks OP!

    • i m on Telstra unlimited NBN too, but didn't get this offer. Already tried the link.

      • +2

        Strange, showed up at the bottom of the list. Right under the Xbox game pass offer.

  • +1

    Activated the free trial till 10 Jan 2023
    Thanks OP

  • +1

    I got this as well - just as I was going to leave the Telstra 5G broadband service!

    • Side note, what's wrong with the 5G broadband? Was thinking of switching from NBN?

      • +1

        Has a very slow response time despite the significantly higher download and upload speeds. Primarily video calls is where it is particularly noticeable…

  • +3

    Wow, first time I'm targeted for something, thank you!

    I'm on the 50MBps NBN plan.

  • so if i already have a subscription, do i cancel it and then sign up to this one when my current one ends (in a few weeks)? it says "new and returning" subscribers only…

    • +2

      Can't you just make a new Disney Plus account? This offer also ends 28 Mar, so you still have plenty of time to wait for your current sub to expire.

      • +2

        In the true ozbargain way, my current sub is through iTunes so I’m still using discounted itunes cards to pay for it - so would prefer to keep the current account if i can. Although i could create a new one, suspend this one, and then switch it over after the 12 mth free trial. In any event, i also noticed the 28 March date so have cancelled my existing sub and will wait until then to sign up to this one.

        • Is your Disney+ paid via iTunes month-to-month? or did you pay annual?

          If you paid annual via iTunes, the subscription will still be active/available until the end of your paid annual license.

          Since your account is paid via iTunes, will they allow you to use your recent account? If not, just create a new Disney+ email.

          Also, if they do allow you to re-activate your old Disney+ (previously paid with iTunes) with this Telstra offer, will they allow you to eventually switch back to iTunes payment? Again, if you have Disney+ month-to-month via iTunes, it might be safer to deactivate sub via iTunes, create a new Disney+ email to use this 12mths via Telstra offer.

          • @viewfinder: It’s monthly - so expires in early Feb. i agree i might create a new Disney account - since they don’t allow subscribing through iTunes anymore - and then reactivate as you say after 12 mths through iTunes (although i suspect my iTunes money will have run out by then anyway!). Thanks!

            • +1

              @aaam: You're welcome :)

              Gd luck, hope you can reactivate your iTunes Disney+ in 12mths' time.

              Ever since Apple consolidated their gift cards, we probably not going to see any more of those 20% (OW price beat) Apple gift card promos anymore. The best we're seeing nowadays is that 20x-30x Flybuys/Everyday rewards points bonus (i.e. equivalent to ~10%, e.g. So, even if you cannot reactivate your iTunes Disney+ later on, you won't be missing out on too much.

              Enjoy your 12mths free Disney+ from Telstra.

            • @aaam:

              since they don’t allow subscribing through iTunes anymore

              Since when?

              • @westical: Hmm maybe that’s just Netflix? I thought it was Disney too but obviously I signed up before they might have stopped it…

                • +1

                  @aaam: Still an option for Disney.

  • Edit: whoops can see comment above asks exact same thing

    I have a current subscription…and the offer is for new and returning subscribers…do I cancel and then try again..?

    “It looks like you already have a Disney+ subscription. This offer is only valid for new Disney+ subscriptions. Please visit our Help Centre to learn about your options. “

    • +1

      Or create a new account and then cancel the old subscription.

    • +5

      Get on Disney chat they are really helpful cancel your current subscription I got a full refund as I just subscribed to annual (or if you're a little way in ask for a pro-rata refund) all happened within 5 minutes, I've now taken up this free offer. Thanks OP

      • Oh?

        This is great to know, will see if I can upgrade Telstra Home Internet and get my Disney+ refund the difference and get the freebie.

  • Awesome thanks, kids will love it!

  • I logged in and also have the offer. I have existing Telstra NBN service.

  • Worked for me. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks. Worked for me on a lapsed Disney account, though the Telstra and Disney are different emails so probably no connection.

  • +1

    Thanks, OP! I qualified and wouldn't have looked otherwise. I have a premium NBN plan.

    • Yep same here, thx op!

      Although I don't think we're on premium plan any more, still worked.

  • Successfully activated as well, I’m on Telstra NBN Unlimited Internet. Used my existing Disney Plus account which expired last November with same login details. Gave credit card details, put in reminder to cancel subscription next year and done.

    Thanks heaps OP, will keep me and the kids happy for a year.

  • Thanks OP, got the offer as well on Telstra NBN Unlimited Premium and used my existing Disney + account which expired after a 1 month trial.

  • OP, my kids, hubby and I thank you!! Will get through the next few weeks of school hols😁

  • Thanks got it Telstra NBN customer

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Cheers. Wasn't in my offer's. But was available via that link

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I get nothing ever from Telstra however I got this. Cheers

  • Thanks OP. Worked for me

  • What does this mean?

    ‘Offer ends 28 March 2022, redeem by 31 May 2022’

    If the offer ends in March how can you redeem it at the end of May?

  • Cheers OP and cheers Telstra Australia's most reliable mobile network.

  • Does anyone have any issue to sign up? I cannot finalise, it keeps say my payment detail incorrect.

    • Worked fine few minutes back maybe try another card or PayPal.

  • I'm on Telstra NBN, how do I find out if it's available to me? I guess I have to login, which I have never done :|

    If it's available, do I sign up to Disney, or use Apple account?(I don't have one, but have to sign up for my 6 free months APPLE TV PS5)

    • +2

      Follow link in op and sign in. Select the Disney+ offer if it's on there, create account using the bigpond email and follow the prompts. That's what I did anyways and went through fine.

      • Yeah, it's available.

        We're on 100NBN Unlimited.

        Thank you!

  • +1

    Thanks got the offer with 5g plan

  • +1

    Thanks! Worked for me!

  • Will it work for boost customers?

  • Great deal!

  • Anyone know the easiest way or cheapest to get TLC? My mum asked me. I think it's provided through Fetch, or Telstra Now.

    • +1

      Wtf is TLC?

      • +1

        telstra loving care

      • Never mind. Worked it out. I have TLC on my fetch but excluded it from my channel list as everything on it was garbage (to each their own I guess).

        Cheapest option in that case is probably Fetch (Variety pack, $6 a month). Can watch their streaming programs through the fetch app as well, so you could always get Fetch for yourself and share the login with your mum if that's all she's after.

  • Thanks work for me now. Looks like need to use the bigpond account to register.

  • This deal is available to me but I am having an issue. My Telstra account has my gmail address linked to the account where all of my correspondence comes to (which all works fine). When I login to my My Telstra account & click "Profile" it shows my gmail address as I would expect. When I click to redeem the Disney+ offer it takes me to another Telstra page to redeem the offer but it says that it is going to be redeemed under email address …[email protected] which is an address I have never used & don't have access to. I try to login to this email address via the webmail link on the Telstra website but it just gives errors every time I try. I also tried sending an email to this bigpond address from my main email account and the messages just bounce back saying the address doesn't exist. If I click "Redeem" for the offer and I don't have access to the bigpond email address surely I will have issues if Disney+ ever sends me a verification email etc. Any suggestions before I click "Redeem"?

    • Just go on support & tell them to reactive your webmail address , if you’re inactive for 6 months the idiots block your access, don’t accept the Disney offer until you can get into your mailbox

      • I tried that and they were less than useless. As others have now suggested I went ahead and clicked through the offer and it doesn't need the Bigpond email address at all. Cheers.

    • +1

      I had the same set up as you (Gmail Telstra login, the link shows @bigpond) but it worked anyway. Disney just asked for my Disney accounts email/password and that was it, didn't care about the Telstra stuff.

    • I had the same question, let me know if you find a solution

    • +1

      The new account does not need to use the bigpond address.

  • Thanks, I got it as a NBN customer too.

  • Have Telstra Superfast Unlimited NBN. No offer. Sadge.

  • +1

    Sweet, I signed up for the $1 / month NBN and now get to redeem this. =)

  • Awesome. Thanks. Noticed this in my rewards a week ago but link wasn't working then.

  • You can cancel immediately from your Disney+ account settings and keep access for the 12 months.

    • can you anyone confirm this works, last time i tried with Binge, i end up with only 1 month

  • +1

    Weird. I can't see it even after clicking the link and following instructions. Unlimited NBN here.

  • +1

    Although I have a redeem now link, when I follwo the link, it says my code is already redeemed.
    The fine print says new Telstra customers only "Roll onto Disney+ month to month subscription fees (currently $11.99/mth) after 12 mths unless you cancel. Offer available to new Telstra customers on Medium and above mobile plans, Unlimited or Essential and above home internet plans; and customers that are new and returning to Disney+. Must sign up and redeem offer via Telstra My Offers ( Requires internet and compatible device. Data charges apply. For full terms and conditions visit:".
    Webchat reckon I'm not eligible even though I have the link…

    • I'm not a new Telstra customer, I'm on a higher end plan tho.

      I've never designed to to Disney either, not sure if that helps.

      • Yeh, I’m not sure why I don’t qualify. I have Unlimited NBN. I have the link, but it says it’s already been redeemed, but I’ve never used it.

  • Redeemed! On Telstra's NBN plan here

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