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Ozito 700W Airless Paint Sprayer - $189 (Usually $299) @ Bunnings


Decent price drop, seems to get good reviews.
I picked one up to make the eventual job of repainting the house a bit more fun.

Description from Ozito:

The Ozito Airless Paint Sprayer has been designed for the serious domestic handyman, ready to tackle any painting job around the home.

Suitable for water-based & oil-based interior/exterior paints, you can also avoid messy spills by drawing paint straight from the tin. The 700W motor delivers up to 3000psi pressure, enabling you to quickly cover large areas. A compact design with built-in carry handle makes it easy to move around your work area.

So the next time you’re painting a wall, room, fence, or the whole shed, the Ozito Airless Sprayer will help you achieve a professional finish in no time.

Hight Paint Flow
External Paint Sources
7.5 Metre Hose
Metal Spray Gun

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    Thanks, got one for upcoming paint work.

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    great price thanks

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    Not experience about this, anyone have experience between below compare to ozito;

    1200W Airless Paint Sprayer Gun Sprayer with hopper
    1200W Airless Paint Sprayer without hooper
    1200W Airless Paint Sprayer

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      somehow I don't like Kogan at all. Neg all you want

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      I would much rather buy from Bunnings than the 3 places you have listed; good luck with warranty with that mob.

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        I purchased something from catch on 26/12 for 520 and have been given stories and lies, and toll express said the tracking no is not valid… how long should I wait to make a claim for my money back… I paid with PayPal.. it was from market place. Find Sports… didn't check the seller review before hand. 75% seems like they may take the money then try and buy it later cheaper in bulk.. but seem dodgy as others were given option of store credit…

        • +3

          You should have already claimed your money back.

    • Can agree on neg about these seller, can buy same thing from other seller/marketplaces. Would want to compare on product experience if any.

    • I've got experience with Certa 750W 3000psi Airless Paint Sprayer
      I recently purchased it to paint my eaves and fence, does a decent job for the price, no real issues besides a faulty gasket in the tip but that was replaced pretty quickly by kogan.

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  • wow didnt know they made these.
    Can you do gloss finish and clear coat with this, like for a car?
    reviews seem to be like for houses

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      Not for cars mate, these really lay paint on at a fast rate.

    • +66


      For painting your Porch not your Porsche

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        Damn, your username really cheks out!!!

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    Good units, did the whole interior of my place with one.

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      Do you find it gets everywhere? Fumes? Does it save paint or use more of it.

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        It does not save paint but helps to put a solid layer of it. In my case a second coat was not required.
        Fumes? A lot! So cover everything.

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        Yep, I was covered in fine paint mist as was everything not taped up. As doors and windows were masked over too fumes were strong as well. Really thick coating which is good but as expected uses more paint too.

        • Thanks great feedback

    • How clean is the process though? I assume you'd have to cover your furniture etc but what about other walls? Say you were spraying a feature wall of a specific colour, would any paint particles float over to the other wall/ceiling to the point of being noticeable? Also, how far from the edges of a wall can you paint to before having to finish with a brush/roller?

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        These things are messier than you realise at first, so yes definitely you'd get carryover. I don't have this specific spray gun, but last time i tried doing something without masking up, i noticed i had a million little drops on my mirror wardrobe door even though I was 3m away from it.

        So i definitely wouldn't assume you can do this 100% cleanly

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        Jellykingdom is right, I should have added it was an empty house and all one colour (white). Heaps of overapray and mask / eye protection a must. Wouldn't attempt a feature all with it.

        • Awesome, thanks guys.

    • So you can spray interior walls and ceilings with the unit ?

      • Yep, I had good results with my mine. As above just be mindful of overspray. Can help to thin the paint a bit too

        • I don’t have this unit. But the spray paint unit I have specifically says that the paint has to be thinned to a certain viscosity.

          From memory, different paint types require different viscosities. And other units that I looked at indicated the same thing.

          When I first used my unit, I certainly didn’t have a good understanding of how it was going to work, especially relating to the viscosity. Thankfully, I was painting only some shelving and it didn’t really matter how bad the job was. But that viscosity really makes a difference to the way that the paint comes out and is applied to the surface.

          I’m glad that I did my first job on something that didn’t matter.

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    Darn, none locally. Thanks for posting though OP.

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    thank you. may actually finish painting the fence I started 2 years ago.

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      You will be done with the fence in few minutes and then will be looking for something else to paint :)

      • +1

        yeah, selling my house later in the year, so there will be a lot more to paint :-P

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      Bought this to paint 25metres of fence and the railway sleeper retaining wall, it stands on top of.
      Pro: saved days of work at a low price. At this price an absolute bargain
      Cons: Clean up can take awhile, I can’t take the handle apart to get at the filter. Easy to lose nozzle parts, and Bunnings don’t stock ozito ones, but fortunately the parts are pretty standard and just used Wagner parts. There is a fair bit of overspray.

      I got better at it after the first coat, less overspray and better rate. I would not recommend using this inside first off if you are an amateur like me.

      • I have 40 meters of fence! And I am sure friends and family will also paint their fence just cos they can :-)

        I hear most of them (spray painters) are a PITA to clean so I was expecting this to be the same.

        Thanks for the tips.

        • My experience is that they’re a pain to clean if you don’t clean them immediately after finishing the paint job.

          If you leave the paint to dry in the sprayer, have fun with the cleaning.

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    Thanks OP.. should come in handy at some point

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    How do you clean up oil paint? Do you just run turps through it for a while? Or do you need to do anything else?

    • +1

      Can't say for sure because I only used waterbased, but would assume recirculate turps as you suggested and then prob flush that with water.

    • +1

      The way I'd do it is run about 1.5 L of turps through it first. Then another litre of so of clean turps through it after. Finish with running water though it.

      • Thanks for the info. Doesn't look like the kind of sprayer you'd use to paint a small table then

  • Bought one from Mornington Vic. Last one.
    Saw also in stock at Frankston.

  • How good it this going to be for color change .. is cleaning a pain?

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      It’s obviously for volume applications. I guess you’d mask up all the ceilings, do them all, then move onto walls, rather than chopping and changing.

      With other spray systems I’ve used, you really need to clean up the whole thing before switching colours, especially if going lighter.

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      Used it to paint 14 doors 3 coats, took as long to clean the machine as it took to paint the doors.

    • +1

      Cleaning is a matter of running fluid through the system until no more colour comes through. And taking a apart the gun and giving it a good scrub. A bit annoying and fiddly. use an additive that helps prevent rusting. I don't spray oil based, only water so might be a bit more involved if using oil based paints.

      • What's the additive out of interest?

        • Fish oil

        • +2

          This kind of stuff. I mainly use my airless sprayer for spraying roofs on houses I flip, so there are months in between use. I've had my Ozito sprayer (the previous model) for almost 10 years and it's still going strong. I always use that kind of cleaning fluid (there's another brand, I'd have to check the shed though).

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    Bunnings have a history of cancelling online orders so hopefully they can follow through.

    Just noticed Bunnings charged my account x3 times :| but only one order.

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    So how does this compare to a traditional roller on walls? Cant imagine it would give a similar smooth finish.

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    Awesome first post 👍

  • I got the last one from Castledine in Brissy North, no others locally. Some at Stafford store still.

    • Bugger I put my C&C order for Carseldine :-P I will await my cancellation…

  • +3

    Bought one a while ago for a simlar price. Great unit. Approx 60m+ of 2m high fence done in under a day. Would never hand/brush paint a fence again.

    Swapped to this https://www.bunnings.com.au/titan-sc6-standard-517-spray-gun... and the spray was a bit wider and easier to use. Plenty of ebay options instead of the titan - not sure about quality of the ebay ones.

  • I did my roof with an airless sprayer but a different model. It would go through $1000 of paint in an hour. Was about $250 for a 15L tin which took about 15 mins to apply, I used 4 tins.

    • Seems like a lot. What tip were you using?

      I'm looking at a 310 tip for a colorbond fence application.

      • Not sure, I was just using whatever came with it. I could have a look, I've still got the gun but someone stole the unit

      • +1

        I bought the Titan tips from Bunnings, much less overspray than the stock tip, probably saved me close to 25% in paint waste

  • Tempting.

    I'd only get this to spray decking oil on double sided screen, and a few outdoor chairs. I'm thinking it may be too much trouble due to trying to mask everything off, so my house wouldn't get bits of decking oil on it? For the chairs, at least I could move them to a safe location to spray them.

    • +2

      would it be that much slower to just rub the decking oil on with the special broom?

    • +3

      Painter here. You are right in weighing up the time spraying and masking vs doing it by hand. To help mask you can get pre-taped drop plastic in a dispenser like this:


      What is great about spraying and masking, is that if what you're painting needs multiple coats it is trivial to spray another coat.

  • Silly question, does this one suite for seal the concrete with concrete sealler?

  • Any good for spraying things like kitchen cabinet doors?

    • +1

      I used one of these recently for a Reno and you’d def need to buy a finer tip and filters as the 517 tip that comes with it is much better suited for walls/fences etc. I bought the Titan 211 tip and Wagner medium (yellow) filters from Bunnings which are compatible and worked really well for furniture and smaller areas.

      Just note, like other ppl have mentioned, this thing chews through the paint like there is no tomorrow, with no way to adjust the quantity, and you will get a lots of overspray as well. But the finish is great and 10 times better than the little ozito/Wagner spray guns I have used in the past.

      • Thanks, was looking for one to refresh our oid tired doors.

  • +5

    Notice that there is a recall for this product, so please check the Batch Numbers before purchase.

    Details: Identification:
    All ASG-7000 units marked with the following batch numbers are covered by this recall.
    The batch number is located on the side of the product (on the rating label). The product was sold through Bunnings stores nationally between June 2018 and May 2020.

    Affected Batch Numbers:
    2018/05, 2018/06, 2018/07, 2018/09
    2019/01, 2019/03, 2019/04, 2019/07
    2019/09, 2019/10, 2019/11, 2019/12

    A manufacturing defect may cause paint to enter into the internal components of the pressure adjustment dial's electric switch, causing some external metal parts of the sprayer to become live.

    Risk of Electric Shock

    Action Required:
    1. Immediately stop using the paint sprayer.
    2. Check the model number and batch number of the paint sprayer to identify if the product is recalled product.
    3. If so, contact Ozito on 1800 069 486 and return the product to your nearest Bunnings store for a refund.
    For more information about this product recall, download the flyer.

    You can also find the details at https://www.bunnings.com.au/help-support/product-recalls

    • Thanks. I have a batch 2111 on the underside of the box

  • Is there a hopper in the top you can pour paint into?

    • +3

      No, you put the intake hose underneath straight into the paint, then recirculate the paint to prime it up and away you go. Just need to flush out the system with warm water when you're done spraying.

  • +1

    Thanks op good find

  • So just to confirm. Has anyone done their interior walls with this gun? Other than having to mask the crap out of everything did the finish turn out OK?

    • +2

      finish turned out great. Really happy with the room (walls, ceiling and trim). Taping took ages but painting was very quick. You should really be taping anyway for clean lines, the only difference is you use the tape and paper instead of just tape, spend the extra and get the pre made paper with tape rather than doing it yourself.

  • Would this be any good for painting doors?

  • +2

    Just received a cancellation SMS.

    • Seriously? I was waiting for this.

      My order is still pending. Bunnings do it all the time.

    • Mine was cancelled this morning too

    • Mine was cancelled.

  • Mine cancelled as well :(

  • Out of stock everywhere. Tried calling a couple of the last Melbourne stores (Port Melbourne and Fountain Gate) that were showing stock but all gone.

    Anybody that impulse bought that might be reconsidering, happy for you to PM me.

  • Thanks for posting this!

    Picked one up in Wagga. Great price!

    • Many left in Wagga? That’s my local Bunnings, too.

      • The website says they’re still in stock. Did Click and Collect so didn’t see :)

  • How does this work for PayPal 4 payments if they have already taken one payment and then cancel your order?

  • Thankyou,
    Had success with my click and collect.

  • 2 left @ Alexandria NSW when i dropped in an hour ago if anybody is nearby. They are in the paint area not tools section. Good luck

  • Plenty left at west gosford eg 4 or 5

  • Mine was in stock 2 says ago when I ordered.

    I just got the cancellation SMS.

    Deceptive advertising really, and they take another 3-5 business days for a refund. Crock

  • Keep in mind bunnings are getting smashed with orders and struggling to keep up for just about everything. Covid is also reducing staff, so if you miss out don't take it to heart

  • I collected one yesterday from Mcgraths hills, Sydney, as my order at Castle hills was showing Out of stock.
    But Castle hill got one today and my order was ready to collect (Super helpful staff).
    But as I already have got one, I cancelled my order.
    So, if somebody needs one, check Castle Hills Bunnings now. They might have one [13-Jan-2021].

  • Cancelled.

  • +1

    Ordered on Tuesday, cancelled today. No sms, just a voicemail message asking me to call the store.

    Took 40 mins just to be told no stock and they need to cancel.

  • Anyone have buyers remorse? Didn't need it when it was posted but now the Mrs wants to paint the exterior of the house :/ happy to either rent it for small fee or buy. I'm in Sydney area

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