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LG 83-inch C1 Cinema Series 4K UHD OLED Ai ThinQ Smart TV $6999 + $22 Delivery / Free NSW Pickup @ Len Wallis Audio


Looking to snag a 77 or 65 inch C1 and saw this.

Not the lowest ever but they have not gone much lower.

Shipping also appears to be free in checkout, but I would call the store before ordering to discuss shipping to anywhere outside of NSW.

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    The 100" will be released on April can't wait!

    • +3

      I have a 110" spot on my wall filled with a projector screen…. TV one day!

  • +1

    I'm waiting for 102"

  • +36

    The 1000inch will be released in 2035, can't wait

    • +8

      I think I'll wait for the infinity+1inch model

      • Yeah same here.
        Although wouldn't you have something of this calibre in the Bat Cave already?

      • Careful. All TVs can be returned for change of mind purchases or if the TVs develop faults but the infinity+1inch no returns.

      • infinity + 2x infinity +2

  • +45

    Spending $7k and they can't even offer free delivery

    • +35

      Spending $7k and you can't even afford delivery.

      • +20

        One username checks out, one doesn’t

      • times are tough

  • +1

    Paid similar price for my C6 (65 inch LG Oled) about 5 year ago, looks like I am due for upgrade now

  • -3

    Better wait for C2 which is coming soon

    • +8

      Better wait for the C3 which is coming soon after.

      Just buy the TV you want when it's cheap. Bird in the hand two in the bush etc. There's always something new.

      • +2

        my wife and I decided to wait for c5.

      • To be fair though, the C2 should have some massive improvements unlike we've seen in a while thanks to QOLED being a thing (finally).

        • The c2 will only be minor improvements. The g2 will have heat sink that should help get brighter image.

        • +1

          I think QOLED is Samsungs panels not LG’s.

    • +42

      Avoid the C4. I heard they're prone to blowing up.

      • lmao I wonder if they actually going to call it that honestly.

      • +2

        Commodore have just announced a ground breaking new model based on the new OLED EX called the C64

    • +13

      For this size, C1 and C2 difference is not big.
      Key differences are
      1.C1 and C2 83 inches are both same EVO panel.
      C1 doesn't have chipset support but C2 does, so C2 could achieve around 20% more brightness, like what G1 did this year.
      However, the real difference is not quite noticable and also higher brightness means shorter lifespan for same panel.
      2.VRR flickering issue may be resolved on C2 but it's still a question mark.
      3. HDMI 2.1 bandwidth has been increased from 40gbps to 48gbps. However, there is no end devices supporting 48gbps yet unless connecting to a highend PC. xbox series x and PS5 only support up to 40gbps.

      Besides those, C2 83 inch is more like a carrying over model instead of big EX innovation claimed by LG.
      Plus C2 price is surely much higher than this deal, which needs to wait months to get good deals.
      C1 already has most critical features. eg 4hdmi 2.1, dolby vision, etc
      Unless they fix VRR flickering issue this year, better to get good C1 deal instead of RRP C2.
      Also, next year Sony/Samsung mini LEDs has been confirmed with carrying over chipset, so still 2
      hdmi 2.1 only
      The big thing of 2022 is Samsung QD-OLED but only 55/65 inches and would be a much higher price.
      if you can wait like 2-3 years, QD OLED would be best when price coming down.
      if you need a TV now, C1 is better choice.

      • +3

        This is the way

      • 1.C1 and C2 83 inches are both same EVO panel.

        This depends. few C1's has the EVO most dont.

        • Wasn't that more around launch but since then a great many do i think.

        • +1

          77/83 all C1 panels are EVO, from Vincent.
          55/65 is lottery.

      • C2 will get brighter than a C1 due to a guaranteed EVO panel and no software restriction…
        Also it's using a new processor with better upscaling and improved tone mapping

      • Where did you read that the C1 and C2 83 inches are both same EVO panel?

        • from Vincent, "C1 77/83 inch, will definitely get evo panel"

          For C2, LG mentioned it CES 2022, EX panels on 2022 models use deuterium instead of hydrogen, which is main point of evo panel in 2021.

          LG evo panel is WRGB OLED version 2, and very unlikely changing much in just one year time.
          Small tweak is possible, eg implementation of variable black gamma to fix vrr flickering issue.
          However, this could only be confirmed after C2 officially release later this year.

          • @Mandalorians: OK, other than the above I couldn't find anything about it.

            Anyway, I'd be happy if my 83" is an Evo panel. And I wouldn't be disappointed if my 83" was not an Evo panel.

    • is it brighter than c1 ?

      • Yes
        1.C1 and C2 83 inches are both same EVO panel.
        C1 doesn't have chipset support but C2 does, so C2 could achieve around 20% more brightness than C1, like what G1 did this year.
        However, the real difference is not quite noticable and also higher brightness means shorter lifespan for same panel.

        • C2 this year is essentially last year's G1 ..
          This year's G2 has a heatsink…
          Also the LG C1 only upscales in steps rather than converting all low resolution content to 4k like Sony Oled's….
          So if your someone like me who watches a lot of free to air TV and Afl it will look very soft particularly at 83" .
          LG have only introduced the 4k upscaling to 2022 models not the C1

          • @DisabledUser416759: "LG C1 only upscales in steps rather than converting all low resolution content to 4k like Sony Oled's" What do you mean by this? They both upscale to 4K whether regular or AI, but the Sony is a little better. And regardless, you can always use an nVidia shield for further fidelity.

            • @Xizor: The LG will upscale in steps like 560p to 720p….720p to 1080p…..1080p to 1440p…
              This has changed with the 2022 C2 and will upscale 'all" source resolutions to 4k….
              LG's need pristine 4k sources to look good particularly at larger panel sizes

              • @DisabledUser416759: I'm still not clear what you are saying. I have a 77 C1 and both regular and AI upscaling upscale to 4K. Are you saying the method is changing? I have a wide range of 4K and non-4k content on my NAS I've experimented with. I also have a shield pro and have used both upscaling from it and from the TV. Whilst larger screen sizes of course exacerbate low quality source issues to say you need pristine 4K for it to look good is quite an inaccurate generalisation. I agree the Sony engine is a better upscaler but it was not mind blowing and not worth the price premium in my view (i was considering it).

                • @Xizor: Lg's AI upscaling did absolutely nothing in my experience with C9 and CX and from acquaintances nothing on C1…
                  I literally put it on high and see no difference no matter what the source quality…
                  As far as 720p and 1080p content it's night and day when using my Sony A90J compared to previous LG's

                  • @DisabledUser416759: There is not much more i can say here. Either you have particular visual tastes very different to mine, our setups and calibration are causing difference in experience, are being overly generous/dismissive just focusing on a subset of use condition, or you use sources worse than i do (doubt it). Like i said i agree Sony upscaling is better, not arguing that at all, but to what extent and value wise is extremely debatable in my view. If they were priced closer i would of got the Sony, but i dont regret not getting it. Plenty of HD looks great.

                    • +1

                      @Xizor: Super Resolution on LG does nothing with no noticeable improvement for me on everything from free to air TV programming, 1080p Bluray or Streaming services ….
                      This is coming from someone who has owned multiple TV's from different manufacturers with out of the box settings no calibration….
                      On Samsung and Sony's you van actually see an improvement with upscaling and PQ from the processor..
                      that is why at 83" I wouldn't get an LG as it will be a softer image than Sony..and no I don't care how cheap it is…if I wanted a 'cheap' 83" I'd get a Hisense

            • @Xizor: Nividia Shield Pro only does edge enhancement and is a very expensive device..
              Sony's processing uses reality creation which is far superior in my opinion …
              Lg is great if you want a smaller size gaming TV but for TV and movies at larger panel sizes I wouldn't bother

        • Also WRGB OLED dilutes the colours after 300 nits. So when you get to about 500 all you see is white. So brightness can do as much harm as good with these panels. Thats why there is more emphasis on QD OLED for preserving the colour at higher brightness

          • @Monstalova: Yes 100% QD-Oled is the next big thing in TV technology…Samsung have only shown a prototype and Sony's doesn't release til late in the year at only 55" and 65" ….
            Will probably be a couple year's to become affordable for the majority of consumer's too

            • @DisabledUser416759: I honestly don't think you'll see too much difference. The biggest thing it brings is pure white. Which WRGB panels could never do.

              • @Monstalova: I'd rather spend $7000 on a 65" Sony QD-Oled with a heatsink than an outdated 83" LG C1 though…LMFAO

                • @DisabledUser416759: You're not wrong. It will be an improvement but by how much we'll see. It is Sony so it has to be at least very good for them to do it, especially if they chose that instead of their dual cell reference monitors for consumers

                  • @Monstalova: If the A95K QD-Oled shares the colour accuracy, processing and brightness of the A90J its already better than anything from LG…add brighter maximum luminance without washing out colours then it's better than anything on the market…..
                    I get the C1 is huge at 83" but for $7000 and no heatsink I would worry the longevity of such a huge investment..LG G2 would be the one to get

  • -1

    Clearing old stock ahead of the recently announced C2 which is likely only a few months away

  • +23

    $22 delivery kills it


  • Waiting for the 14inch to drop.

    • +5

      PM sent.

    • -1

      Is that so you can pee?

  • +2

    Can't wait to buy two 1" inch that gets installed directly onto your eyeballs.

    • Like an oculus?

      • Nah nah, all the electronics are in the screen too, nothing to wear on your head.

    • +2

      So like an eyePhone ?? Shut up and take my money

  • -2

    mmm AI
    cant wait for my TV to tell me what I should be watching by the hour

    • try netflix it can automate it..

  • +2

    Waiting for another sub $5k deal on the 77". Hopefully soon.

    • +2

      ask your local store for their best price.
      some store may offer good price.
      Or watch closely during clearence sale around March but stock level would be low and hard to get one.
      77 is a good choice, 83 is only 6 inch bigger but 2000 more expensive.

      • Got an offer from VideoPro for the 77" for $5,250 which was a really good price but shipping would add another $185 killing the deal.

  • Website says $11 flat rate shipping within Australia.

  • +2

    No free shipping, no deal!

  • +4

    Would these work ok for a flight simulator if you bought 3? Maybe a fourth to mount on the ceiling?

    • Try it out and report back!

  • Anyone has one for viewing distance of about 3m? How is the viewing experience particular for 4k contents? Tempted to upgrade from my existing 65” C8!

    • +2

      I'm about 3.5m away from my 77 and its perfect !! mostly watch 1080p and 4k content via Disney + and the PS5 If I got the 83" I would still be happy with the size

    • +1

      Viewing experience is very good from about 3m. I normally sit back about 4.5m hence upgraded from a 65" Plasma to a 83".

      Personally at 3m, I'd save my cash and wait for the prices to drop or get a 77".

      • Thanks that’s good to know. I am looking for that immersion that usually projectors provide and afraid may have a remorse for not getting the bigger 83” if ended with a 77”!

        • +1

          While I'm happy that I got the 83" given my viewing distance, I believe I'd be more than happy with 77" if 3m.

          $2,000 is quite a bit to jump from 77" to 83".

          • +1

            @JimB: Agreed it’s a big jump! I just measured the viewing distance again and it’s 3.6m to be exact so perhaps the 83” can be justified :)

  • -1

    I reckon I'll buy a new flagship TV when the PS6 comes out. The C1 is perfect for the PS5 and honestly the picture quality is astounding.

  • Considering the 77 has been previously had for $4800 mark this seems terrible in comparison, I paid $5450 and would not pay that for a 6 extra inches hehe

    • +9

      Just grabbing recent deals on here i end up with

      55 inch 2.1k
      65 inch 2.9k
      77 inch 4.8k
      83 inch 6.7k

      $800 gets you 10 inches from 55 -> 65
      $1.9k gets you 12 inches 65 -> 77
      $1.9k gets you 6 inches 77 -> 83

      Bang for buck definitely found in the 65 and 77.

      • +6

        important to note that the higher you go up in inches, the bigger difference there is in terms of screen area, i.e the increase from 65 to 77 is a lot bigger than 55->65

        • +1

          Yep, I believe the 77 has 40% more real estate than the 65.

          • @bataleon: Never realized it's that much. Try to visualise it looking at a 65 and adding 12 inches but guess it's much more in area.

        • Yep its something like 700 square inches gain for 65-77 and 500 square inches gain from 55-65

          Though as percentage gains its around 40% for both.

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