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[Pre Order] Ecotest COVID-19 Saliva Rapid Antigen Test Pen 2 Pack $30 + Delivery @ Vital Pharmacy Supplies


Located some RATs online - expected delivery is 20 Jan - with dispatch occurring a few days after that. Hope this helps some folks out.

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    Free shipping of buying 5 (above $50)

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    This is nowhere near a bargain…

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        You're missing that these are in stock.

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          Neither are in stock

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          No they aren't

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          My link is dispatch in 4-5 days.

          OP link is 20th Jan dispatch.

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            @aoeueoa: Dispatch in 4-5 days FROM order
            And you can only order if they are in stock

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        These aren't orderable

    • that's correct, this is no where near a bargain. cheapest would I've seen is with Chemist Warehouse selling around $10each test. This is ozBARGAIN. doesn't matter if it's in stock or not, use FIND RAT website for stock.

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      Not only are other types available, but almost every other type of rapid test currently for sale on the site is better than this one.

      Ecotest is rated by the TGA as falling within the lowest clinical sensitivity bracket ("acceptable sensitivity"). All Test nasal swab, Lyher nasal swab, Testsealabs nasal swab, All Test oral fluid and Orawell saliva are all better choices.

      • Seriously? Crap I should cancel my order then!

        • I don't mean to give the impression that it is junk – and the "real world" sensitivity of any test will depend a fair bit on your skill in carrying out the test. But if testing kits in the "high" or "very high" brackets are equally available, I would prefer those ones.

          • @PeterA07: We received a pack of EcoTests from a Vic Gov testing site after my child was exposed at school. I'm not sure whether they always provide this brand, or it's whatever they can get hold of. I only have experience with one brand of nasal swab rapid test, but the EcoTest is much easier to use. The nasal swab kits I had weren't terrible, but there are more steps that you could potentially mess up.

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    I got the 7 pack of lyher for $95 and used the $5 welcome code. Equals $12 per test for 96% accuracy

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      Same product was $60 at Healthy Life. Just no longer in stock.

      • $60 for five at my local Blooms pharmacy when they have them in stock.

    • Wow, what a hike. They had it at $54 last month.

  • no bargain

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    Not a bargain by any stretch of the imagination.

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    use code VITALFAM5 for $5 off

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    • testing

      • How do you quote someone's comments?

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          keyboard noob

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          Right arrow >. ,,and then paste comment

          • @altomic:

            Right arrow >. ,,and then paste comment

            it works :)

            • @aec: As you type there is 'Formatting Help' under the text box. click this to reveal a few more tricks you can learn also.

          • @altomic:

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            oh right, I have to select the comment and press copy and paste

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          Hit reply

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    Add code VITALFAM5 for $5 off

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    Wow. So expensive. 5 x Hough $75, was $50 at Coles.

  • is a legit pharmacy (multiple locations) but they jacked their prices when shortage started to bite ~12 days ago

    blamed the supplier…..

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    How it this a bargain. This site should be called just Oz. All the RAT deals are only posted because they are available not a deal. This site should change its name to Ozavailable.

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      Still helpful for people who can't find stock

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        This website is not OzHelpful, though.

      • These aren’t guaranteed in stock. Our last order online (not here) took 4+ weeks

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      Same basket as the PS5 stock posts

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    Ordered 8 days ago and they still haven't ship it…

    • ordered mine 29th, still waiting for a tracking

    • Ordered 31/12 and mine shipped yesterday. Hang in there…

    • I asked them about my order & they claimed that there was a mixed up & offered to express post it. I told them yes to that option and now we shall see what they're going to do.

      • 3 days without any response after offering express post. What a crook. I am cancelling this order.

  • $15 per test + delivery is hardly a bargain.

    • The 5 pack is $70 with free delivery if you use the code VITALFAM5

      • And go incognito and you can do it again and again and again…

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    Hopefully this is helpful, it's a crowd sourced rat finder, I picked up some today for the standard 5 for $50, gives you prices on the locations as well.. https://findarat.com.au/

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    If expected despatch is 20 Jan shouldn't this have a pre-order tag?

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    They're charging 50% more than what woolies charge on 2San Lyher and Hough.. Talk about price gouging..

  • everybody knows this is not a deal. what exactly are you ranting about?
    some people here are not normal. SMH.

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    Not a bargain. Should be free

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      But that would hurt the businesses.

      It's like you don't even care about their bottom line.

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        You'd hate to undercut business in the name of public health! How good are businesses.

        • Capitalist market economy and you want something for free lmao

          • @DisabledUser144155: Well done those are some pretty big words.

            • @gakko: Thank you, I'm glad I was able to assist you.

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    Umm no. As stated on your website - your expected stock arrival is 20-22 Jan (not to be confused with customer delivery) plus up two weeks more for dispatch plus delivery timeframe. Customer delivery in the last week of February.

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    So glad out prime minister was thinking about businesses and not wanting to undercut them by making the tests free..

    We're now at $15 each test with weeks delivery waiting time or $70 on marketplace.

    Thanks scomo.

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      Wait till they say the boosters are costing too much.

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    Tested negative on these with full blown symptoms, then went postive on a PCR. Think these are acceptable sensitivity.

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    Information for Tasmanians:

    Free rapid antigen tests in Tasmania — here's where to get them and how to register a positive result - ABC News


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    Deal? No

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    I thought this was a bargain website, not a RAT finder website…

  • I'm getting sick of retailer charge so much for these kits.
    Seems most of them restock around 24th Jan 2022, I wonder if they shipped it from same company.

    • That's the private market working as intended. Some would even argue that it was wrong of scomo limiting how much consumers can be ripped off.

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