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[Pre Order] eVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra LHR 12GB GDDR6X Graphics Card $2349 + Delivery @ PLE


3080 12GB launched quietly today - been looking around for prices/availability and found this on PLE's website, for pre-order. Interested in people's thoughts?

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  • +18

    Where's the bargain? XD

    This should be in forums

    • -1

      Very bad price, exactly the same as 3080 Ti last week: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/675769

      Worst value for gaming, this is for miners only needing 2GB extra vram and 20% more bandwith than 3080 LHR.

      • How's it only good for miners? It's still LHR? The extra 2GB VRAM was meant for the more demanding GAMES. At the end of the day, it's still just a 3080, and I agree with you the price is ridiculous.

        • NEgged mainly because of the price, 2gb extra vram won't matter much on gaming. maybe 6gb extra to 16gb matters more for gaming.

          but mining is about speed.

          • @non-LHR: I agree with the neg. I was of the understanding that the extra VRAM would help with games like Far Cry 6 (and equivalent/future games), which is more demanding on having the high def textures stored in the VRAM. I mean, this is just 3rd hand information from Linus. Haha

            The extra memory bandwidth is helpful for miners, however is still LHR and so will not mine at full speed. You'd still be better off finding a second hand FHR card somewhere to get the full 100MH/s. :)

            • @wellzi: I'd say IMO the 3080 12GB will score 90MH/s at least.

              hard to get 2nd hand FHR these days, saw 13 months old evga one sold for $2600 2 days ago on ebay.

              I'd rather get 12GB LHR with 10% slower performance at cheaper price.

              • @non-LHR: Yeah, your point has merit! I recon you're looking at mid-80's for hash rate though. Haha

                I sold a 3080 Aorus Master FHR for $2250 the other day. Probably could have gone for higher, but oh well. Granted it's not the same model, and there was no way I was copping the eBay fees (sold elsewhere) so thought prices might be coming down a bit.

            • @wellzi: Far Cry 6 was (tin foil hat theory) poorly optimised and a freebie with AMD products to showcase with their 16GB GPUs. If there were more than just one game that struggles with texture packs I'm all ears but it's too coincidental. But glad it's a move AMD made to make Nvidia add more VRAM to their cards.

      • Just curious-how much performance deficit are we looking at here-just between these two specific cards?

        I understand the 80ti have 15% cuda cores and slightly more tensor/rt cores, but isnt the gigabyte eagle also the lowest end offering in their lineup, while the FTW3 ultra is a high end designation with a lot of headroom for overclocking?

      • Miners need less vram than gamers. 6GB is enough for ethash. Even parallel mining takes no more than 8.8G.
        12GB is ideal for machine learning and rendering.

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    post in forums- not deals.

  • -1

    That's a funny name for a graphics card. Is it water cooled?

    • +2

      Been around for ages, not a new name. Not Watercooled.

  • +17

    PC gaming is dead if prices continue like this, utterly insane.

    • +5

      thats ok, games that require these kind of GPU power have been shat lately anyway.

      • +1

        Not true. Rdr2, forza horizon 5, … , umm, I'm sure there's more good ones :)

        • +1

          Personal recent favorite for me is a title called 'Teardown',
          It's a shame i can only play it on 1070 @ a lower resolution,
          This game is in its prime with RTX on and a higher performing card

        • +2

          RDR2??? the one released in 2018?

          Forza 5 runs fine on my rx 580

        • You playing RDR2 at 240fps or something? It doesn’t need a 3080 to look and run well.

          • @cnut: 4k does

          • @cnut: Funnily enough I limit RDR2 to 60 FPS on my 3080 because it has memory dumping issues that are less noticeable at 60 FPS.

          • +1

            @cnut: Fh5 and rdr2 @ 4k 120hz. And fine rdr2 is old but it looks amazing and seriously pushed my 3080ti

            • @DanielP2: Aight I see the point now.

              • @cnut: Yeh the top end cards aren't needed to play, but they can certainly improve the experience

    • +6

      I've always been a PC gamer, but after playing some games with my kids on the PS5 … I'm starting to come around also. The graphics really are amazing on the C1 OLED I picked up during the Black Friday says (TY - OzB) & the haptic feedback in the controllers are next level. $750 drive away really is a steal.

      • +2

        Unfortunately it's $750 plus hunting around for a long time trying to actually find one in stock.

        I regret buying a 3060ti though instead of a console. While it's technically faster, having to constantly play around in settings to get it right is annoying. Developers can really set things up perfectly on the xbox/ps5 though to give the best experience possible.

        • +1

          Plus a nice OLED TV, if you haven't got one already, to maximize the experience.

      • Yep pc gamer for years, Use the series x mostly now.

        Ran a long HDMI from the console to the 144hz pc screen so a can switch from the tv to pc screen and use that for games now. Also USB back to the console so i can use KB/mouse.

        My old rx480 cant compete these days. Also, sells for almost $500 second hand despite me buying it for ~$150 second hand years ago.

      • +1

        Yeah, technically consoles are sold at a loss, they most definitely are right now

  • Uses a lot of power - might as well just get a Ti or a 6900 XT

    • +1

      I'm not an expert, been looking around at stuff for an upgrade, but NVIDIA has ray tracing and DLSS where the Radeon cards don't?

      Not apologising for NVIDIA either by the way, think the prices are disgusting (even though will probably end up getting one)

      • AMD support RT and they have their own version of DLSS. Different implementation but quite a few games support it.

        • +1

          AMD's RT runs like arse and their own version of DLSS looks like arse. Not to say DLSS is perfect - it looks a bit shit in motion in RDR2.

          RT is overrated anyway.

      • +2

        Ray tracing has been disappointing so far, and newer titles show that even standard lighting can be better than ray traced lighting. So I don't really care about ray tracing anymore (I have a RTX 3080).

        DLSS on the other hand is good, it will be the way we can run 4K and 8K in the near future, while not needing 1200W PSUs in our PC with brute force power hungry GPUs. However, AMD's FSR, RSR and Nvidia's NIS all are trying to have universal upsampling to get the performance benefit, but without having to have each game programmed for DLSS. Hopefully those universal upsampling and filtering methods improve and beat out DLSS.

        The one reason to go Nvidia (and the reason I have a 3080) is for its tensor core. It's great for AI-based video rebuilding and upscaling. If you have this use case, go for a 3080 Ti, as it has a significantly higher number of tensor cores over the 3080.

  • +1

    There isn't even any benchmarks I could see.


    • HUB pushed pretty hard on this as has MLID. Both seem pretty sure that this is just bleeding the market for every last dollar and hoping bad reviews do not all hit on the one day. Withholding the review drivers is a dick move and nVidia should be slammed for it.

      Have not seen anything from GN or other independent testers yet either although I expect that to come over the next few days.

      It has been a bad couple of years, and we now need the Intel cards to bring some sanity.

      I am also quite surprised that we have not had any other companies look to jump into this market with the juicy margins on it to provide competition. Looking at what Intel has done (scale up their existing integrated graphics and then add more features), then what is stopping a company from taking a base of say a Mali G77 and building that up to a mid-range level desktop card?

      I mean Qualcomm could even put Adreno (originally from AMD) to work in a similar way and make a fortune but they are probably worse than nVidia in their business practices. There's also some open-source RISC-V related graphics out there, may also be able to be adapted to a discrete graphics product.

  • +3

    Holy crap $2349 for an LHR card

  • +3

    Boycott Nvidia. They tack on 2GB and want to convert the scalper price of $2000+ for the 3080 10GB to the standard price for the 3080 12GB. At this stupid price, you might as well get a 3080 Ti.

    Personally? Get a 6900XT for the same price.

  • +6

    Isn't 3080 TI just $200 more and a bit better ?


    • +1

      I thought the same

    • The difference between them all is quite small. It's a strange situation. The trouble with just buying a 3080 because it's so close anyway is that the resale value (if/when things calm down) will likely preference the "best" card (that is a few frames better).

  • +1

    wow this price as much as 3080 ti

  • -3

    This card is designed for the crypto miners. However, the ROI on RTX 3000 series is over a year now and ETH 2.0 is coming. Even miners should not expand their scale at the moment.

    • +5

      Designed for crypto miners but with LHR?

      • +1

        Since Nvidia is not producing FHR card now, new miner will go to used FHR or new LHR or AMD cards. Also the LHR unlock will improve as the time goes.

        • I wouldn't really call that designed for crypto miners. I'd call that close to crypto miners last resort :-)

  • +2

    It's not the miners at this point, it's the scalpers.

    Yes, NVIDIA's a scalper lmao.

    I'm going to upvote this as a deal, for awareness. Sigh.

  • -2

    Wondering who will pay that much for a graphic card.

  • No way is this a deal. It's a 3080 + 2gb. Mining is bleh. $1500 max.

  • +1

    I dont see a deal here.

  • +2

    God I hate what happened to the GPU market in the last few years.

    • I think anyone that isn't a scalper does. It's nothing short of ridiculous.

  • OP posting this just to trigger everyone :D

    Ridiculous price.

  • Interested in people's thoughts?

    Yea. You should post a deal, not post a price and ask how we feel about it.

  • Have seen 3080 ti for less.

  • 3080 Ti: Am I a joke to you?

  • $3K by Easter?
    $4K by Xmas?

  • How is this a deal? Please use forums for discussion.

  • It's a notification of the current price on a just released card… I get it's not a deal, but I don't get negging because of this. By all means comment as requested by the OP, but don't neg it.

  • This is bullshit lmao

  • This isn’t a bargain. More an ad and belongs in forums.

  • Crazy, considering I paid half the amount for the 10GB 3080 FTW Ultra… and even crazier that ~1 year ago the prices for 3090 were around the 2500-3000 AUD range (and in stock).

  • This is not a deal, just as bad as stuff included in subs. ETH is down 20% m/m so we'll see price decreases at retailers towards the end of the month. At this late stage in an arch and ETH PoS moving closer a deal would be at rrp with bundle or below rrp.

    Unless ETH gets back to 4k usd. Prices will continue in a downward trend.

  • +1

    Australian distributors and retailers are the scalpers now.

    Remember the 3080 FTW3 Ultra was 1250 at PLE on launch.

    • Supply and demand, no doubt nvidia also jacked up the distributor price.

      Retail price now closely follow mining profitability price, its been like that for a year now.

  • +1

    let's just be miners now. no point playing games at this point.

  • +1

    Good for miners bad for gamers …

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