What Do You Have for Lunch While Working from Home?

I had enough of sandwich and pasta in the past years.


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      Keep bread refrigerated during summer.
      It'll last longer.

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        They can also be frozen. If you are making a toastie, it still works.

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    Rice bowls, stews, soups and those sheet pan meals. Prepped ahead in advance with some variety, like switching up veggies for half of the sheet pan or cooking two batches with different herbs.

    Meal-prepped instant noodles in mason jars with chopped veggies. Quiche in muffin tins if wanted something bite-sized.

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    I started doing lite’n’easy for awhile because I was gaining weight working from home - I only did the lite’n’easy lunches - came with an afternoon snack etc too… I quite enjoyed some of them

    • Oh yeah you reminded me for awhile i was doing those $3 convenience meals from coles.

      Not the best but better than 2 minute noodles imho.

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    Mostly leftovers from last night.
    - rice with whatever protein in fridge (eggs, ham, bacon, etc) plus some greens like chives, peas, beans etc. Make fried rice if i wanted something fancy.
    - breadroll from local bakery.
    - instant noodles but jazz it up with eggs, whatever meat left & some lectuce or corn/mushroom.

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    whatever protein / low carb bread is at coles and some peanut butter.

    Decent amount of protein, and takes 2 seconds.

  • soba noodles

  • 2 min noodles or last nights lefotover menulog dinner order using the $6 off voucher.

    • Voucher code?

  • BBQ seriously

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    60gm shredded chicken + 20gms 99% Fat Free Mayonnaise + Black Pepper Crushed + Iceberg Lettuce Pieces + Aldi Small Wholemeal Wrap. Lightly toasted in an electric press.

    • Can replace shredded chicken with boiled egg or other shredded meat like beef, turkey, etc.

    • That's a healthy lunch. That's my dinner less the pepper and wrap.

    • How many of these do you eat? I reckon I'd need to eat about 10 to feel satiated.

      • Just one… Lolz. May be with a can of Coke No Sugar if I still feel hungry.

    • 99% Fat Free Mayonnaise

      usually high in carbs.

      • Nop… Roughly 10% of full traditional mayo

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          Still high.

          • @jv: Higher is better

            • Gill Bates
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    Leftover from the previous day's dinner which is usually something pretty awesome.

  • Wholemeal wraps on sale + whatever ham is on sale (sometimes chicken breast on sale) + veggies from my garden = <$1 a day for lunch. I love WFH :)

    • Nice never thought about wraps

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    Buy an xmas ham on sale and eat endless HCTs

    • That's me since Christmas

      • I bought an 11kg leg of ham from IGA last week for $85.
        $7.72 per kg. Cheaper than a lot of dog food.

        • Don't forget you're paying for the bone as well.

      • Yep, I finally finished the Christmas ham yesterday. Last thing I want right now is another one.

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    omelette or scrambled eggs

    • fried onion and mushroom with cheese is my go to. Quick and easy prep and clean up

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    Here is a simple cheap meal:

    Get a chicken frame, boil it, to make chicken stock/soup,
    Throw in between 1/2 to 1 cup of rice. Reduce it to low flame, cook for an hour or 2,

    I eat it with the chicken frame all mushed up and I get all the meat from the frame. Annoying to have little bones but I get all the meat from the frame.

    TIP: cut off the chicken ass if it is still on the frame.

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    Takeaway of daily special from local Hong Kong style cafe. About $13 with drink

    • Damn! Price has gone up. I remember it used to be $6.80 with set meal and drink.

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        That's like 15-20 years ago!

      • This is where i was introduced to bubble tea before dedicated bubble tea shops popped up

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      Portions can also be very generous as well giving you an extra 1-2 meals for free if you buy everyday. (depending on person)

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    $3 woolworths frozen chilli con carne or a frozen pad Thai.
    Dim sims, chicken tenders.
    Quinoa salad

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    A big bag of mixed salad leaves costs $4+, which could be an addition for several different options.
    Mix these leaves with John West protein+ varieties e.g. Wholegrains - tuna with brown & red rice, lim, lemongrass & chickpeas or Iron - Tuna with Roasted Capsicum & three bean mix
    Eggs & cheese are essential for the filling of a wrap, jaffa, or pita bread, other varieties depends on what items are on sale, they could be corn, tomato, mashrooms, capsicum, brocollini, asparagas. Chicken's the easiest meat/protein option to add in. But if there's left over pulled pork or braised beef, would be happy to use those. Summer's the best season for berry snacks.

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    Stir fried eggs and tomatoes, maybe some miso

    An omelette with spinach and feta, maybe sometimes some crispy canned corned beef and fresh chillies thrown in

    Cold chicken and salad

    Protein shake

    Yopro with blueberries and a couple of boiled eggs

    Maybe some salmon and grilled asparagus or broccolini if I’m organised

    Quick pho or tom yum - paste, hot water, a scoop of collagen powder, konjac noodles, lots of mushrooms, fresh herbs, leftover meat or crack a couple of eggs in there

    Sundubu jjigae

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    I do 18/6 Fasting, so no brekky, no lunch.
    It is free & keep the WFH kilos away.

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      have you compared performace no fasted versus fasted?

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        I’ve been on this for a few of years now, so hard to say for sure. But I’m not gaining weight despite the nightly ice cream and minimal excercise.

        • I used to be this way also then someone guilted me into being normal again and my whole routine is effed up.

          My sleep schedule was upside down to others but worked for me.

          Never change what works for you just to please others it never works.

    • Supercharges your savings for a house deposit too.

    • Team OMAD!

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  • Bento Box?

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    Jack Daniels neat.

  • I tend to skip lunch quite often, but when I have lunch it’s usually one of:

    Eggs on toast
    Instant ramen with eggs and spring onion
    Kimchi pancakes (actually quite easy to make)
    Fried rice (or kimchi fried rice if I have kimchi left over)
    Quesadillas with hot sauce
    Breakfast burrito
    Freezer items (frozen chips, dumplings, roti, vegetable pancakes from Costco)
    KFC/banh mi roll/ takeout

  • did someone say KFC

    • Yes, they did already.

    • Shut up

    • I dont care

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    Quinoa salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, fetta with a can of tuna). If you have a pressure cooker, set it for 1 minute and it cooks perfectly.

    Potato salad.

    Japanese curry (it takes about 25 minutes to cook from scratch and that also takes care of dinner)

  • Thanks for the thread nice to know I’m not the only one living off vegemite, cheese and avocado on toasted bread. I also eat a Viet pork roll from the local hot bread shop 1-2 days a week. If I am really desperate it’s uncle bens Mexican rice mixed with a tin of tuna.

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      If I am really desperate it’s uncle bens Mexican rice mixed with a tin of tuna.

      Good to know im not the only one who eats this combo

      • That was my "super lazy" time staple.

        The Uncle Ben's was sometimes replaced with microwavable brown rice.

        Tempted to do it again now they have microwavable pasta at Woolies

      • Yeah man uncle bens FTW

    • Lay off the cheese and replace with pepper on the toast.

  • Water.

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    Omelette with home-grown tomatoes and spinach with toast, or mixed salad with boiled eggs, or cheese and salad sandwich.

    If made pizzas, then eat leftovers.

    Much prefer being able to cook lunch

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      menu log 6 dollar off please

  • Sesame seed bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese

  • Indomie Goreng

  • Sandwich (HLT/BLT) or Noodles (Mi Goreng) or Toastie.

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    At home I can utilise my deep fryer/air fryer, gas stove and oven which means you can prepare fresh HOT food. You can easily do a pan fry salmon or make your own burger. For sides, you can easily prepare fries or roast potato.

    I usually make egg fried rice. Only 15mins cooking.

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    mi-goreng + instant coffee

  • Turkey, cranberry with brie

  • Chiko rolls in air fryer as a treat, leftovers, tuna sandwiches.

  • Hello Fresh

  • Lite N Easy

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    I eat cake or other desserts without being judged by people at work!

  • Chicken fried rice everyday for lunch unless going out

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    I'm a lentil guy - used to do a big pot once a week - easy soak, fry garlic to golden, add any spices or herbs so it can vary from Indian to Italian flavours or whatever, ideally a bacon hock for smoky meaty flavour, simmer, cool and you've got an easy freeze 6 portions for the week ahead - take them out the night before and quick reheat (stove seems more even than microwave for thick stews)

    more recently I've discovered chickpeas - soak 24 hours and they taste like fresh peas I like to eat raw - sweet snack, and high protein, when I'm a little peckish quite satisfying by the handful for the next while, then grab another handful next time I walk past for a break - easy ! You can also re-rinse and drain over a 2-3 days so they start to sprout - which may change enzymes/digestibility, but hey I'm happy with overnight soak which works for me and is quicker.

    otherwise a selection of cold meats from the supermarket deli counters - whatever looks good on the day - I like seasoned roast pork - a slice of that is also satisfying high protein for a while without the hassle of full meal preparation

    and once in a while - heat an empty saucepan on the stove, add oil, 1/3 cup of popcorn, lid on, lift and shake for 30 seconds to coat all, back on heat and wait till popping stops - at risk of severe burns, I sprinkle salt and eat straight from the hot saucepan so it stays hot to the end - YMMV

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    A single plum floating in perfume, served in a man's hat

  • Herbert Adams Pies

  • Usually sandwiches Monday to Thursday and then will usually get a takeaway on Friday.

    Go through different phases of meat inclusions. Was eating alot of turkey toward the back end of last year and a BBQ chicken in the mix most weeks between 3 of us.

    First week back this week has been a frozen then cooked turkey thigh that we didn't use at Christmas on Monday, left over bacon with LT on Tuesday, left over chicken schnitzel on Wednesday and left over sausages today. Will probably get something deliverood tommorrow which i normally wouldn't do but we are out of 7 day isolation on Saturday so will move back to normalish from Monday hopefully.

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    Mayonnaise with black olives

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      Its comfort food!

      • Isn't that 'office' food?

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    Thai Green Curry w/ rice (use Maesri brand paste) - takes 20 mins to prep end to end and usually do it whilst in a meeting that doesn't require my inputs.

    Beef Burgers using Aldi Brioche Buns with cheese avo and pan fried tomato.

    These have been the go-to for the past week or so.

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    Pizza, Mcdonalds, KFC and.. more! Every fast food, you name it.

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  • Depends on the time of year. This time of year I'm big on smoothies. Refreshing, filling and reasonably healthy, depending on what you put in it.

    In winter, I'll tend to throw something in the air fryer (fish, chicken tenders, pie etc.) with a couple of serves of veggies on the side.

    Will have leftovers, sandwiches and wraps if we happen to have the ingredients on hand.

  • Pretty much whatever I feel like. probably 40% sandwiches.
    Miso Soup and Sashimi (usually get some salmon and tuna at the markets once a week for this)
    Ceasar Salad bowl from coles/woolies (yeah I know a rip off for what you get but tasty and easy)
    Instant Noodles, usually something very spicy in either a tom yum or laksa style.
    eggs on toast.
    or sometimes as simple as a few slices of cheese with pickled onions.

  • Asian Specialty

    Instant noodle + 1 pan fried egg (sunny side up) and 2 thin slices of SPAM also pan fried.
    Should cost less than $2.

    • Or close to Hawaiian.

  • I thought being at home I might snack a lot. This coupled with lack of excercise and general physical activity and I was afraid that I might end up putting up a lot of weight. So I decided to go in the other direction and stopped having breakfast and lunch altogether. It was uncomfortable for the first week but then my body adjusted. Another benefit was that I REALLY loked forward to dinner and did not really get bored with whatever type of food that I ate.

  • Nothing, black coffee or tea, leftovers, something frozen (e.g. dumplings, pie, fish fillets, chicken tenders, popcorn chicken), instant noodles, go out and buy something - in that order.

  • You eat lunch? Soft.

  • If i don't have leftovers, I usually keep a few of the 'healthier' frozen microwave meals in the freezer (that I bought whilst they were half price, naturally).

    • Which one have you been trying.

      I have been trying only coles and on the menu.

      The pasta ones are ok.

      • Actually the McCain healthy choice meals are $4 every day now, and for $4 I’ve been pretty happy with them.

        Otherwise I find the lean cuisine to be the best quality but buy then when on sale.

        • Will have to give them a try.

          Started from the bottom since they are the cheapest then I stopped for a bit to have a break from them.

          Been enjoying eggplant and silken tofu deep fried for now.

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    The posters vomit

    • Hahahaha
      So funny

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    Two cigarettes and a mother can

    • +3

      Found the mechanic.

  • I do the intermittant fast, so breakfast.
    Oats or Sultana Bran and some toast usually.
    Im totally having turkish toast with leatherwood honey today though

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