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[eBay Plus] SanDisk 128GB Micro SD Card $11.45 Delivered @ iot.hub eBay


This deal will start at 1630 AEDT!

Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings.

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  • looks good

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    3…2…1. someone will say the item is out of stock.

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    Wish I could grab one. No stock.

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      Got ya!

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        That's just Unacceptable

    • Not fair. You posted it when I was typing mine.

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      Dude. Stocked opened up at 4.30pm.

  • 3 mins deal….

    • +1

      Uhm.. read the description? It starts in 1hr 30 mins.

      • sorry, my bad…

        • Username ThatGuy is already taken

        • @fans No 2.

        • got one… :) thanks op

  • -2


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    Description says…

    This deal will start at 1630 AEDT!

    How many comments will say out of stock lol

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    Need to sign up for eBay Plus to get it.

    No, thanks.

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      Yeah that's the deal breaker for me. I had it for a year and there wasn't even one time through the year it benefited me although if I was better at choosing bots they did have a few pretty good eBay Plus sales events but I could press faster than the 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 nano seconds before they sold out so eBay Plus no thanks I'll stick to Amazon Prime at least I get fast delivery and a bunch of pretty decent nick knacks plus some good video programs for my $59 I've only used them about a year but feel like I'm definitely getting my money's worth. I've even gotten a couple of $20 credits for spending over $30 and another one when they made an error with no conditions so fee covered right there.
      C'mon eBay lift your game.

      • The only plus promo I failed to get was the AirPods.
        Literally every other promo where they had high discounts lasted a minute or two.
        I don’t think plus is a well thought out marketing tool, it doesn’t inspire me to choose ebay over Amazon, except for items they run discounts on.
        But I got good savings last year, after including a $50 voucher it was free. And after I cancelled I got a $40 voucher this year to re-sub.

  • will it be sold by iot.hub on the link provided above or perhaps another seller with a different, yet to be disclosed link?

    Or iot.hub will simply replenish the stock on the above link at the specified time?

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    Unresolved Reports
    1 for Sold Out

    Hasn't even started lol

  • +1

    Faster 256GB was $29 (& missed it). Waiting for >256GB or even faster 2TB+ external USB-C like Samsung T7 SSD for reasonable better value/GB

  • good price but it might be a bit slow.

    thanks for bring it to us Dealbot

  • Any good deals for high endurance models? Either Samsung or sandisk

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    Any decent deals for U3 micro SD cards?

  • how many times can we use the code?

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      "You may purchase up to a maximum of 1 Eligible Item per transaction. For each person, there is one transaction per redemption code."

      So… One time only

      • +1

        yes, one per order per account — so can only buy one per eBay Plus account

      • Thanks, that's no good.

  • Nabbed it. Thanks!

  • thanks OP ordered one! :)

  • Order placed, thanks OP

  • Plenty in stock

  • Got it, thanks OP.

  • Grabbed one, thanks.

  • Thank you OP. Got one. I've been meaning to get one for my new phone for 6 months, but because the phone's on-board capacity was so much larger than my previous, I was in no rush.

  • Yeah missed out last time, so I wasn't gonna give it a miss this time.

  • Got one too… not a bad price and will work fine for my kids camera

  • 150 sold in 3 mins, still showing more than 10 available

  • +2

    got one, TBH is a good nice but not "too good"
    the card is just a Class 10 U1, while Samsung Evo plus are now rated as U3

    • +1

      Yup agree. But like you bought it anyway. Hahahahaha.

  • Got one. Thanks OP.

  • thankyou

  • Thanks. Good price

  • Got one thanks OP

  • I was actually here on time but for once, I have no use for this. My phone doesn't even support microSD anymore so that can't even be my excuse :(

    • I think most new phones going onwards will no longer have microSD card as external storage
      and at the same time Android OS is also limiting apps to access external storage anyway

      microSD cards are still useful to put into cameras (action cam, ip cam, mirrorless or full frame DSLR etc.)
      or putting into gaming console to store the downloaded games

      • Yea those are all fair points. Honestly it's a good thing as a bad microSD could ruin a phone's experience

  • Cheers OP! :)

  • Got one why not good to have a few spare

  • +1

    Thanks OP, grabbed one. Can't have too many SD cards

  • 376 sold in one hour

  • good for switch?

  • Thanks, ordered one. Hopefully one gets delivered.

  • +2

    This seller sucks.i will never buy from them. Even it's free. They sent me wrong item from the first order. And refuse to replace it. recently the $10 off "free item"deal, they didn't even send it out (they mark it shipped within hours). 1 month later they told me they will refund ( my code is wasted) me. They said they are out of stock, I ask them to send a similar or even a cheaper one, they refuse to do so.

    • +1


    • What did you order? Always got my items from them.

    • Similar to what happened to me with the mi band deal.

    • Odd I got all of my items

    • my code is wasted

      Chat with ebay support and get a $10 voucher re-issued YMMV (worked for me a few times).

  • Bought one , thanks.

  • Thanks!


    • same as RAT tests

    • It takes a while for these counterfeit cards to arrive from these counterfeit production factories in China.

  • You can use AFTERPAY10 for another $10 off if you want to buy another one

  • still available and got one. thanks.

  • Thanks OP

  • Picked up one this morning (13/01) to drop into my Nintendo Switch for some more storage as a slowly fill the card in there at the moment.
    Delivery times for that don't matter so much and I will likely have forgotten about it by then… so surprise present to myself ;)

  • Got one yesterday. Thanks

  • -3

    I'm leaning more towards at this price that it's a counterfeit. There's no way a store is going to sell a genuine Sandisk Ultra 128GB Microsd card for $21.45 delivered at full price and be genuine. It's got to be a knockoff. Ebay is full of counterfeit Sandisk microsd cards from non retail store sellers. They obviously import it from dodgy counterfeit production factories in China. And you people just love buying counterfeit microsd cards thinking that it's real.

    • +1

      I agree with your caution and sentiment when it comes to SD cards purchased from amazon and eBay. Many dodgy sellers use these platforms as flea markets for their counterfeit wares. That’s where we as a community can catch them out by sharing our experiences.

      I purchased a 128GB SD card from this very same seller in July last year. The package looked a little old or worn out so I contacted sandisk customer support to verify my sd card. After providing them the serial number on the sd card, the model of the item and other specs I was advised my sd card was an authentic sandisk sd card. That’s assuming a dodgy manufacturer hasn’t used the same serial number on many sandisk knockoffs on the marketplace.

      I am inclined to believe this eBay seller is selling legit sandisk sd cards unless someone can prove otherwise, such as everyone having the same last 4 digits on the serial number of their card. For now I won’t buy an sd card elsewhere on eBay and Amazon, and will stick to this reseller even though I will be checking every sd and micro sd card I buy from him

    • My free 32gb SD through me off but it was legit after some inquires here and there.

  • I wrote to the seller they said we need 4 weeks I said no thanks please refund goodbye

  • Anyone got their item shipped?

    • eBay said shipped 25 Jan, arriving next week 🤞

    • Mine yet to be shipped

    • +1

      received in mail today, tested

      Warning: Only 121877 of 121910 MByte tested.
      Test finished without errors.
      You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
      Writing speed: 30.7 MByte/s
      Reading speed: 66.5 MByte/s
      H2testw v1.4

      looks normal.

    • +1

      Finally arrived. Looks genuine and similar performance figures to others here; 31.9MB/s write and 71.6MB/s read with H2testw. Their 4 week delivery estimate was spot on.

  • +1

    Mine arrived today, test passed with 33mb/s write and 88mb/s read. Switch was running out of space on its 64GB card… now it has plenty of space for now.

  • Got mine yesterday. Packaging looks genuine but not tested card as yet

  • I’m still waiting on mine. It was supposed to arrive yesterday

    • Mine was lost in transit.

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