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BoozeBud: 30% Cashback (Capped at $30 per Member) @ Cashrewards


Stack with CASHREWARDS25 for $25 off $150 for new Boozebud customers.

During the 24 hour promo, cashback for Boozebud is capped at $30 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 12am to 11:59pm AEDT 13/01/2022.

Cashback is ineligible on non-alcoholic products and mixers; on purchase or redemption of gift cards; on orders made via the BoozeBud mobile app.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • +1

    (My liver) Not another liquor cashback!

  • Is it a new booze bud user or cashrewards user?

    • *Boozebud (updated)

    • +10

      Unfortunately booze bud have tightened up their definition of a new user. I'm no longer able to register the fleas on my dog.:-(

  • Also ineligible on presale products (that is the stacked code)

  • +6

    Prices used to be competitive but are through the roof now? Especially when paying for postage too. Better off waiting for ~20% Cashback at any other bottleshop

    • +1

      I had a look at the 24 pack of Kirin Ichiban 330ml and it's $66 at Boozebud vs $51 at First Choice!

      Another one I drink is Crown Lager. $60 at Boozebud vs $50 at First Choice.

      Coopers Pale Ale is $56 vs $53.

      Check the pricing before you buy. Some are extremely expensive, others a few dollars more.

      But it seems all are more expensive anyway, so any discounts aren't what they appear to be.

      • +1

        If you're in Brisbane, South Bank has imported Sapporo 6 packs for $18

      • +1

        So you're the one who stills drinks Crown Lager?

  • Any great beer deals?

    • Furphys bottles @ $48 x 2 + random can worth approx $5 = $103 inc free delivery after siging up for free month of Booze+ club.

      So $70 odd after cashback

      Everything else i saw +$5-$10 on local bottleshops.

      Mid-Lower end spirits well priced though

      • That's a gamechanger…

  • +6

    The delivery fee is killing the deal for me.

    • indeed, and the $100+ spend for free shipping w/ boozebud+

      • Give me a no cap deal with $xx spend for free shipping (even if it's for $500 min spend) and I'll be a happy man. I really don't understand why they cap the cashback!

  • +4

    The code BESTBUD isn't listed. Is BESTBUD eligible to stack?

    Cashrewards25 is $25 off $150 min, but shipping is $10-15.

    Bestbud is 10% off $100 + free shipping, so an equivalent deal in my eyes.

    • Don't quote me on this but i don't think Boozebud allows code stacking.

    • order more than $100 (before discount) to get free shipping via the 1st month free Boozebud membership

      EDIT: but yes, otherwise the deals are very similar, but Booze+ is offered in checkout to encourage signups

  • +1

    I'm literally drunk from what I purchased with the last liquor cashback deal. I'm going to have to unsub from OZB.

  • +1

    2 bottles of Espolòn (either blanco or reposado) for ~$90 delivered net of cashback.

    I think they make great margaritas. I personally prefer the reposado because of the vanilla notes, but many prefer the blanco in a margi because it's fresher.

  • 3x Roku gin for ~$150 (before CR). this then qualifies you for 5 cans of gin premix and 2x50ml gin bottles.
    And free delivery if you sign for booze+ (free for first month)

  • -1

    Hey guys! Is it possible to just create multiple accounts on cash rewards? I got a bit party coming up so was gonna order heaps.

    Do they check address, names etc? Anyone got experience?

    • I got a bit party coming up so was gonna order heaps.

      Hope you aren't on the eastern seaboard!

    • It's possible of course but against t&cs, you also need to provide phone number for f2a for withdrawing funds. And the reps are on OzB so wouldn't recommend it.

  • So many good craft beers are out of stock there, and then a lot of that discount is wiped by shipping.

    I wouldn't mind doing a big order, but everything I want to order is out of stock.

  • Forget about using their promo codes if you or a previous tenant of the delivery address has ordered before from them

    • Add a 0 to the start of your apt/street number

  • Is account credit considered as gift card? And so ineligible for cask back?

  • -1

    Jacked price just like ebay

  • nobody has Carlsberg elephant, really depressing

  • I spent $127. (Campari and Johnnie Walker Green) and signed up for the 1 month free deliver over $100. Cashback tracked at $38.08. Should have capped at $30. Is there an additional Cashrewards benefit I don't know about - or is it just an error?

    • Now showing as $30.

  • Tracking said it was delivered last friday. Went outside my house and no package…

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