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Google Nest Wi-Fi 3pk (Router Base + 2 Wi-Fi Extender Points GA00823-AU) $299.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Posted before here (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/665409) and here (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670772) at $319.99 but out of stock, now back in stock with price further reduced to $299.99

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    Before anyone asks, no WiFi 6.

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      Doesn't need it for 99% of people

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      What about Band 28? That’s important here.

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      I don't even know what Wifi 6 is but now that you've mentioned it, I want it.

  • damn at this price these are attractive. I got my set of 3 for about $350 and have been working pretty well so far (~4months into it).

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    Bought these late last year from office works at $399. They work great! Good value at this price.

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    Can work together with Goggle Wifi. If you got a set of Google wifi, you can extend to 5 mesh satellites. Which is pretty sweet for a big house

    • Exactly what I did. :)

  • Excuse my naivety on this, but do JB/Officeworks/anyone price match Costco?

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      No as they have a membership fee of $70

      • Makes sense, thanks.

      • $60?

        • Or $55 if you have an ABN

    • OfficeWorks did price match for me on the exact item a few months ago. But the price was around 400 mark.

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    I just need an extra Wi-Fi extender point - anyone need Router Base and one Wi-Fi Extender Point?

    Happy to make the purchase as I am a Costco member and not too far from Costco Ringwood (VIC).

    • Sent you a pm.

  • bought 3x asus ax3000 for 540 instead

    • Why?

  • Good replacement for anyone still got the original Google OnHub
    google is going to discontinue supporting OnHub from December 2022

    • Ahh wtf?

      So if you bought these nest current nest wifi, they could be pretty much obsolete in 5 years, to the point where you can't change a SSID or password?

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    Does this support Internode NBN HFC?

    • -3


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      Nah you can't plug in Nest Wi-Fi to the nbn NTD with Internode. Internode use the VLAN ID: 2 and Nest Wi-Fi can't do VLAN IDs.

    • Was hoping this was raised. I haven't been able to get it to work on Telstra (NBN HFC). I just pass-through the Telstra smart modem and turn off wifi then use a diff IP range on Google nest with all cabled and wifi hitting that.

      • Google Nest Wi-Fi can be plugged into the nbn NTD with Telstra.

        1. Unplug the Telstra modem from the nbn NTD.
        2. Wait at least 30 minutes.
        3. Factory reset Google Nest Wi-Fi from the Google Home app.
        4. Plug in the Google Nest Wi-Fi to nbn NTD.
        5. In the WAN settings choose DHCP.
        6. Redo any other settings.
        • Sounds pretty standard, anything in your list criitical? Spent a few hours on this one, many factory resets just over 2 years ago though.

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            @blorx: Don't skip step 2.

            • @Twix: How do I explain that to the family though? lol. One benefit is the 4G backup, which incidentally is stopping me from swapping ISPs.

              • @blorx: Takeaway? lol.

                If you change the setup to only the Google Nest Wi-Fi you have the manually plug in the Telstra modem to use the 4G failover. You can make your own 4G failover but it costs extra cash.

  • A friend reporting OOS error at end of checkout (not a memer, can't validate).

  • OOS

  • How do you if you need a modem router or just router for NBN?

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      FTTN = Modem

      FTTP = Router

    • FTTN = VDSL2 modem & router.
      FTTC = nbn NCD + router.
      FTTP, HFC, fixed wireless = nbn NTD + router.

      • +1

        Thanks. So I'm on fftn which means I need to run a modem plus router…bummer.

  • Back in stock now

  • Multiple SSIDs not supported, basic feature these days. A deal breaker for me.

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