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[Back Order] Gainward Pegasus RTX 3060 LHR Graphics Card $729 + Shipping @ TechFast


Another quick drop of GPUs, this time the single fan/ITX Gainward Pegasus RTX 3060 LHR.

Gainward Pegasus RTX 3060 12GB LHR [Mini/ITX] Graphics Card [January Shipping]

Single fan Single fan Single fan Single fan Single fan.

These are part of the same shipment as the 3080 12GB and other cards for Late Jan system builds, which were dispatched to us this week and will be arriving (pending customs processing and delivery to us) later this month, then shipped out to customers as soon as they arrive.

Lowest priced currently available RTX 3060 by miles.

Single fan

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  • +7

    First comment, I'm a fan of single fan :)

    • +8

      I'm a fan of this single fan fan. Unfortunately I am in a relationship.

      • You guys made me laugh for real. πŸ˜‚

      • +2

        Poly is good value.

    • Always had a soft spot for the MSI Aero ITX's

    • I bought my RTX 3060 12GB for $1500 - at least graphics card going down in price

      • +1

        Why? Seriously. It was always around $1000.

        • +1

          at hight of gfx card rush last year

    • +2

      So you're an onlyfan fan?

  • +3

    single fan single fan single fan

    • and most important this is from Luke!

  • +2

    Will sell out soon.

  • +6

    One day COVID will be gone and Graphics cards will be back to below RRP.
    One day…

    • +3

      I think we need to see bitcoin mining become obsolete

      • -2
      • +8

        FFS nobody is mining BTC on GPUs. Eth should be moving to PoS sometime this year, which will have a big impact on mining, but other than the pricing correlation with other coins, BTC has nothing to do with GPUs

        • -1

          Thanks, was coming back to this post to post exactly this.

          Bitcoin hasn't been viable to mine on GPUs for 5+ years…

  • 2 of these are much cheaper and higher hash rate than single 3080 10GB LHR IMO. DYOR.

    For 2k/4k gaming better to get the 3080 12GB one.

    • -1

      whats the hash rate of the single fan cards? same per a 3060 v2 lhr?

      • Single hash, so they all available to you…not taken :)

        • 3080 12gb more efficient than 3x of these?

          • +1

            @Jazza2400: My bad, was referring to 2x 3060 Ti, not 3060.

            • @non-LHR: You were correct anyway. It seems the 3080 12GB has some new super-limiter that doesn't improve with the current workarounds, so the ETH hash is capped at around 55 MH/s. Which makes it a fair bit worse than even a 6800 XT.

  • Just checking again, this isn't a single fan right?

    • +10

      Just complain a couple years later that you got ripped off with a mini GPU if it is a single fan

      • +1

        If this is a single fan I'll start an Ozbargain forum to get it refunded, that'll work

        • It is a single fan

        • +3

          hotter and sexier, thus they're single… :)

    • +6

      May they forever remain empty

      • -1

        Don't really mind because they were built for CPU mining. Adding graphics can just bring down the overall cost, mobo, ram, psu

  • +2

    Ahh yes the new 3 minus 2 fan config

  • How does this compare to t the MSI 3060 single fan deal? MSI 3060 had very good thermals but I missed out on that one. No thermal/video reviews for this card

    • +1

      It should be a tiny bit shorter…(I presume PNY and Gainward share "cards"… looks identical to my PNY reveal 3060/// but you are at the mercy of techfast for warranty work / RMA..
      I dont think gainward has a presence in Australia..

      MSI on the otherhand.. have local a RMA site in Australia, if I remember..

  • +6

    So this is the onlyfans? Not exactly what I have imagined.

    • +14

      Sub pls baby 😘

      • An th chance of one those boxing day pc's with the new 3080 around the same price? I almost jumped on that but I've held so long for a skip of ddr4 πŸ˜‚ bought ddr3 just as ddr4 came in don't wanna be that guy again…

      • Sure thing. Looks so hot!🀩

    • +1

      No no, this you get a whole hub. This is onlyfans: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373762294434

  • +1

    Is it just me or has there been more GPU "deals" lately?

    Hopefully it's a good sign for GPU stock/prices moving forwards.(?)

    • you'll get a wall of gpu's come on the market if crypto enters a bear market, probably a crash sometime this year, might be a short one though

      last bear market was pretty brutal you could find them for 50% of rrp, which is a steal.

      • When was that?

        • +1

          second half of 18,19, 20 before covid crash

          you'll get a big crash eventually its just a question of when lol… nobody knows really but those are excellent times for gamers historically

      • Was this only for used cards from bear crypto miners, or did it also affect new in stock cards?

        • mined cards were like 50% off rrp at some point, new cards not so much

          at some point there is so much supply people don't even care much for deals, i think i got the bottom price here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/514997

          sure some are dodgy, but the vast majority of them are good, you may have to downclock some slightly but they still last way longer than people imagine.

  • Hey OP, how many fans does this have?

  • +1

    Is this a mini?

    • Hard to imagine it being any smaller. Still takes up two slots.

  • +2

    Are these fans in a relationship?

  • Hey Luke, gonna need something with a little more grunt - got any 3070ti coming up?

  • +1

    Hi Luke, great deal as always!
    Are there any similarly huge 3060-TI deals incoming? Cheers mate

    • 3060 Ti is a harder proposition

  • +1

    Techfast is indeed King of GPU

  • +1

    Are the manufacturer selling GPUs above MSRP or are the retailer's setting the prices on GPUs ?

    • +1

      Basically the eth price is high, it is profitable to mine with GPU, so GPU price goes sky high.

    • +2

      It's a little more complicated than that.

      MSRP, Nvidia's one anyway, should be treated as marketing, and not reflective of prices that you'd be expected to pay at retail.

      Retailers are setting the prices that consumers pay, but there's many other prices in the supply chain that are also set - i.e. it may not always be the retailer taking the biggest cut.

      • I understand there's a supply shortage and when there is less of something it becomes more valuable. But where is this extra cost coming from is it the materials to manufacture, cost of shipping or are retailers taking advantage of the situation ?

        A Ps5 is hard to get but I can still buy one at MSRP of $750 AUD

        • Manufacturers (both amd/nvidia and aib partners) have no incentive to drop prices, and some aibs have increased them too. Distributors are increasing thier margins too, because they can. Most retailers are also taking extra margins, again because they can.

          Essentially the whole supply chain in general is making bank lol

          I know apple forces retailers to sell at a specific price, not sure about sony/ms for thier consoles, but as they're e still at RRP, I expect a similar arrangement exists.

          • @incipient: Yeah sounds about right they add on their margin and a little extra then come on here and tell us it's a bargain

            I've seen some videos saying when the ethereum merge happens in June GPU prices should start coming down anyone know anything about this ?

    • Don’t forget the guys in the middle of the two.

      • Yeah that guy is the worst haha

        Hopefully prices start coming down I'm just annoyed I can't afford to upgrade right now

    • Distributors, then the retailers. I don't think this is on the manufacturers, laptops are still available at normal prices.

  • +1

    Why is the single fan important?

    • +2

      Because if it breaks, the GPU will overheat

    • +1

      There's two main things;

      1. Single fan, means the card can be smaller, and thus more likely to fit into ITX cases.
      2. Single fan means more cooling needs to be done by that one fan. This normally means higher RPM, meaning louder fans.
      • can't speak from experience but given that the single fan design has a larger diameter fan, it might not be too noisy compared to other multi fan design that usually have smaller fans

        • I thought the same way but have a feeling that would apply if the smaller or bigger fan(s) was cooling the same surface area . I.e. the heatsink,. since these cards have a much smaller heatsink the fan would have to work harder then a 2x (larger fans) or 3x (smaller fans) over a full size heatsink on full size graphics cards, yes I agree 2x (larger fans) would be quieter then 3x (smaller fans) setup over the same size heatsink,. am I right assuming this?

  • Bought a techfast computer a year and a half ago for my g/f, 3500x with 5700. Aside from having to open up and plug in the USB header for the case (likely came loose in shipping) it has been excellent. I'll likely buy my next PC from you rather than buiding myself.
    HODL with 8700k and 1080ti until next gen / lighter VR headsets are out

    • I got exactly the same system, around the same time. All still running nicely, though the PSU blew up after a couple of days. Techfast were on it and sorted me out with a new one in no time at all.

      Back on topic - single fan vs dual fan - single fan will result in a slightly smaller sized card overall, but it will run a tad hotter, and the fan may run faster to compensate, which means it may be a bit louder. May not bother many folks though.

      • Yeah true…but it looks like crap.

        • +1

          but for majority of people once its in a case and its under the desk they wont give a shit

        • +1

          Who cares..? I don't ever see mine..
          I'd rather it be quiet than pretty. Each their own though!

  • why can't you guys do afterpay?

  • Are these any good for Keyshot rendering?

  • +1

    Any 3060 dual fans dropping?

    • isn't single better since the fan is bigger thus lower rpm?

      • But it’s gotta do all the cooling instead of sharing it across two fans

  • thx luke - purchased

  • Ordered 2 a couple of days ago.. saw the price dip even further today to $662 so i emailed them to cancel and I'll re-order or just price match.
    What are my chances of this happening? I should have just ordered first and tried to cancel because they just raised the price back to $729 again.
    They haven't replied yet..

    • I still see $729 now, when was it down to $662 ???

      • I sent them an email and they put the price back up. About 3-4 hours ago

        • good, meaning next price drop will be down to $662!

  • Wondering if anyone who ordered was given a rough estimate of arrival of gpu ? i want to order one but its for a build that needs to go by 7th Feb

    • nothing more than was already posted in the description
      the email advised "Thanks for your order! We will notify you when it has been sent."

  • Wondering if anyone here received the product. It says January shipping but I've yet to receive any updates.

  • +4

    Update for all - this shipment, along with cards for our PCs, has been delayed due to COVID restrictions within the freight processing facility at Melbourne airport, and is currently sitting in backlog awaiting release to the courier. It has been there for about a week. We've been pushing all parties daily as hard as we can to no avail as yet. We'll wait to see if it moves over the weekend and provide an update to all customers via email on Monday. Sorry folks, extremely frustrating situation.

    • Thank you for the reply. Fingers crossed!

      • +2

        As we had hoped they were released over the weekend and are now with the courier. Standard time from them to us is 24 hours so all going well the cards are with us tomorrow so system builds and single card orders can be completed.

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