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Ryobi 1800W 2000PSI Pressure Washer $95 (at Select Stores) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Back again Cheapest price ever!!

With a powerful motor delivering 2000 PSI of pressure the Ryobi 1800W Pressure washer will make high pressure cleaning around your home a breeze. Equipped with a 5m long hose and adjustable lance this cleaner will get into all those hard to reach places.

Powerful 1800W motor delivering 2000PSI, makes light work out of tough dirt
5m long pressure hose with adjustable lance
Built-in hose reel for easy storage
Ergonomic handle and wheels for great manoeuvrability
Built-in soap tank for detergent applications

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  • Damn. No stock at my local…
    Bunnings don't do an order to store sale

  • Been looking at my options for a pressure washers. Had almost landed on the Karcher K4. How does this compare since there is a significant price difference?

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      Not sure on your specific model of karcher but I had a karcher and blew the motor in it, under warranty so it got replaced. 2nd unit had a hose issue not long after I got it but luckily I kept the hose and trigger from the first one. Then it too blew about 6 months after warranty period expired. I believe they both overheated and died, nfi how when you should engineer it to cool with the source water… anyway the Karcher was lower pressure too and more expensive. So binned it and swore off them.

      Bought this ryobi (think I got it 99 back then so this is a steal) and had it for 3 years now no issues, even bought dad and father in law one 2x xmases ago (2020), they love them too. Highly recommend if you can get stock. (Edit: should also add that the inline water filter is rubbish with the ryobi, mine broke and I stopped using it but have had no problems. I use mine every few weeks but when I do, I flog it for a few hours)

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        Which Karcher model did you get?

        • K2 I think looking at bunnings website.

          Reading some reviews on the ryobi though in this thread maybe I got lucky or take better care of it? I always disassemble the nozzle and hose etc… so my O ring hasn't worn out.

          I've hired a 10hp petrol washer before too and it leaves anything electric for dead but my experience with the ryobi has been much better than the karcher.

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      consider a Gerni with their all metal pumps. Doesnt have the fancy Karcher trigger but its the brand that has kept going while others have failed for me

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        My experience with the newer gen Gerni has been negative. It feels cheap and clunky

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        Agree with mrtee's comment above. New generation Gerni are not as good as the original - confirmed by a Bunning's manager who conceded new Gerni pressure washers are on a par with Karcher. From his experience, Ryobi has more returns than the other two brands. YMMV.

        • My local Bunnings manager echoed similar response. He said not to get the ryobi as they were getting lots more returns due to issues compared to the gerni and karcher.
          I went with the gerni instead and it’s been great.

      • Dad had old gerni’s and they were great - but looking at anything remotely price comparable to the listed one - none of them review well.

      • I have a Gerni about 3yo. Just the lowest version that doesn't have a time/heat limit.
        It started leaking oil out the bottom tho. We use it maybe 3-5x a year, but it is stored in a hot area 35C.

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    Had one for around 18 months. Used once a week or so. Multiple plastic connections have now broken (spray wand and water connector adaptor). Parts are thankfully replaceable. Got acceptable use out of it for this price, but certainly not made to last.

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    Thanks OP, bought the Kit for $129 based on the comments from previous deal where some bought the turbo lance separately ($18). Might as well get the foam bottle and brush for $14 more.

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      Hi do you mind to share where you got the $14 foam kit from? i cant seem to find the foam kit on bunnings' site?
      also i assume this foam kit is the one to allow you snow down your car with car wash liquid?


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    Does anyone have the Ozito with aluminium pump?
    Would you recommend?

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      I do. Only bought it in mid-December, and have really only given it a flogging once. It did everything we asked of it, light cleaning, stains from concrete, that sort of thing. But haven't really had it for anywhere near long enough to form a proper opinion. It's the first pressure washer I've owned, so I have no point of comparison!

      I guess one thing to consider is that the other brands have a lot more options, accessories, and potentially spare parts. So if you're looking at something to do a range of jobs for 3-5yrs, you might want something more versatile.

      For me, I followed Adam Savage's maxim - first time you buy a tool, buy cheap but decent, and see how it goes. If you find it useful and you wear it out or find its limitations, then buy the best one you can afford.

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        For me, I followed Adam Savage's maxim - first time you buy a tool, buy cheap but decent, and see how it goes. If you find it useful and you wear it out or find its limitations, then buy the best one you can afford.

        That's a good maxim and very appropriate for value minded ozbargainers purchasing items that they are not particularly familiar.

    • I was looking at this one as well.
      Seems to get excellent reviews.

      I'm leaning toward getting one as I've got a K2 Karcher and it literally does my head in every time I use it - I've a laundry list of things I hate about it so I'm thinking of replacing it with this Ozito.

      I'd need to grab one of the Lavor adapters for my Bowden's Own snow cannon though.

  • Thanks got this one over the Bosh ones on Amazon. Rationale is that for this price they are all similar but easy to make returns for faults at Bunnings.

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    I need to unclog our rainwater drainage pipe. Can I use this Ryoby washer with this Geni pipe?
    Will the pipe compatible with the washer, and will they help with that aforementioned task?



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      I have a Gerni and this attachment which is great, however the end connection is very specific, wouldn’t fit in my old man’s Karcher so probably not Ryobi

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      Bunnings has all 3 brands, best to go check first

    • That will be a problem, and because of that I had to return Ryobi and got Gernie plus drain unclogger pipe.

      • Thanks.
        Could you point me to the pipe and the washer that you bought?
        Did they help you much in that unclogging task?

        • +1

          I bought same unclogger pipe as per your link. Can't remember Gernie model but it is one at around $100 mark … Gernie 3000 probably.
          It did the job well except that I've realised that at the end of drainage line I've got tree roots and had to call plumber who removed them with rotary tool and camera to check the job.

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    Thanks for sharing op

  • Ive been waiting on some Karcher K4/K5 deals to come up for cleaning cars semi professionally… Would you reckon this is good enough for the time being? $100 is cheap compared to Karchers!

    • Did it, worth a try!

    • Bought my K4 from Bunnings on Black Friday just gone by. Price beat Super Cheap & so got it for $336. Just love the machine! Have been flogging it to wash boat, car, home facade (suddenly looks new), driveway, the gate (the day before I had to paint it)…..

      • Billions of blue blistering barnacles! Thanks, Captain Haddock.

        One of the reasons I was looking at a K4 / K5 unit was the fancy digital display on the sprayer handle that allows you to switch between different modes for the task at hand.

        However, it has been alleged the pump is plastic. Do you know if this is the case with the K4?

        Also, how does the digital display on the sprayer handle work? Is it powered by a couple of AA batteries?

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    Thanks OP. Just moved into our first home, have an excuse to buy these things now. To find a mower next.

  • -2

    Probably would drain the battery fast, but wish they were battery operated

  • So the normal price is $139 ?

    • Not any more. Dropped to $99 second half of last year.

  • Just get the same model with more accessories (was $139 from memory)- worth it just for the longer hose

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    They have an Ozito with similar specifications and which has an aluminium pump for $109. Seems to have good reviews .

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      To me the metal vs plastic pump doens't seem to be an issue. I've had these pressure washers with plastic pumps for years. The weak point seems to be the seals in the hose/handle that bursts a leak, not the pump.

      Always get something with a longer hose. I actually upgraded my Karcher to an 8m hose from ebay. So nice to be able to wash the entire car without having to move the unit.

      • Yes, the plastic v metal angle is nonsense and is just marketing hype. The first Karcher I had lasted 12 years of heavy use before it packed up. I even could have repaired it but went for a more powerful model.

        • If you don't flush your hose that's been sitting in the sun all day then you will know the failures of a plastic pump. This is the main cause of premature death in them.

          • @Dezeption: Cool. It's never happened to me though.

  • Has anyone been to the Karcher store on Ferntree Gully Rd (near Blackburn Rd) in Notting Hill, VIC and can comment on their stock/pricing?

  • After reading reviews, seems like it would be better to wait until a deal pops up on the next model up :S

    Edit: Actually, might give the Ozito 1800W a go :) - looks like they've gone for $88 historically, maybe matching some Aldi deal?

  • I’ve had this for a while. The plastic stuff are very loose like the handle and they just fell off or broke in the first week of owning it. Also the hose is not very long and it’s hard to wheel around making it hard to wash cars.
    But I would still say its worth the money.

    • It literally comes with a 5m hose.

  • price good..reviews..not so good. At least bunnings has a pretty chill return policy…

    Anyone got suggestions for next most economic reliable quality option? I dont really mind spending a bit more for something that will last even say 3 years.

    • Isn't Bunnings giving 5 years warranty for Ryobi products?

      • +3

        yes but im not really wanting to take it back there multiple times for warranty issues.
        Rather just have a no -fuss item that just works.

    • I've had both and they are both great when they work. I've had to return the Ryobi twice due to the hose leaking and the handle splitting in half.

      The Gerni hasn't had any problems in the 6 months that I've had it for. The main benefit of the Gerni is how easy it is to switch from the Lance to the foam cannon. It takes me less than 10 second to switch whereas on the Ryobi, it was a fiddly and tok more than 30s.

      • The Gerni hasn't had any problems in the 6 months

        Is this the new generation of Gerni that I often read complaints about along the lines of: "They just don't build them like before any more"?

  • Bought one before Christmas for $99, works well for cleaning concrete and brick walls around the house

  • +1

    I've read the manual and it says it's requires 18mm hose.

    All my hoses are 12mm. Has anyone used it with a 12mm house with no issues?

    I'd prefer not to get a new house if i don't have to.

    • +4

      I own one, I saw the same thing on the manual but the attachments came with the machine fits a normal 12mm garden hose and it worked just fine.

    • +1

      I saw a video on youtube (around 5:40) showing that the manual is incorrect and the washer actually takes a 12mm hose

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    FYI for longer lasting, do not turn of from water from the gun, this creates a huge pressure into the motor and plastic components. It creates cracks etc

    Pain in the ass to turn off/on from the knob on the machine, but you'll get 5+ years this way.

  • Does anyone have one of these? https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-cordless-surface-b... My main application would be for cleaning tile patio and concrete driveway, footpath and outside walkways. I've found that pressure cleaners do such a small area that it takes forever to clean floor surfaces - even the petrol powered pressure washer our landscaper used on the driveway recently - although I've never used one of those brush attachments or seen them being used. Wondering if this would be a better solution for floor surfaces than a pressure washer.

    • I use a Gerni from a few years back now. Occasionally clean the driveway. The brush head attachment (on a pressure washer) makes a night and day difference. Taskes maybe 1/4 of the time to do the whole driveway and is a lot more consistent.

      • +1

        Good to know. Thanks a lot.

  • The hose on these are pretty average, but Bunnings sell a Ryobi Steel hose that's an improvement over the stock one.

  • Oh wow, I got the aldi one shout 2 years ago, been going good except the handle where you hold to turn it on, there’s some leak and water leaking so wondering if it’s possible to just get a replacement spray gun from Bunnings or should I just replace it and buy this one ?!

  • These cheap pressure washers all seem to break in less than two years. Starting to think you need to spend $400+ to get a good one which will last, or maybe even go petrol.

  • got one last month for $99.
    They are good for what it is, like all brands, it starts from brushless tools.
    Even Makita lower end stuff are made from plastic.

    But i went Ryobi due to the warranty being 4 years anyways.
    Cordless is 6 years, so well worth.

  • Are these too harsh on car paints?

    • +2

      No, not at all

    • +2

      Get the right nozzle attachment (the angle should be wider, which makes it softer)

  • +1

    If you want a lasting product, get this. Very good quality build and extremely powerful. Don't think this has ever been on specials.


    • +1

      When I first looked at it, I thought: "Hold on a sec! That looks like a petrol motor". Nope! It is an high efficiency brushless induction motor. Love it!

      Thanks for the link, jedimaster. The force is definitely strong with this one.

  • +1

    There's no mention of warranty on the Bunnings webpage. Is it standard 1yr?

    The Gerni I got recently for myself comes with 6 yr warranty. The Aldi ones are 5 yr warranty.

    I'm looking for another pressure washer for a present, hopefully not too expensive but with good warranty.

  • What was the normal price $99 seems like a great deal

  • I returned this model after about a year as the connector came loose and no easy fix, got a full refund and opted for Karcher instead.

  • Whats the original price??

  • +1

    I was tempted to buy but then read these reviews:

    btw plenty in stock at Castle Hill Bunnings

    • Same here, I was keen to get one, then I started reading all the reviews. A few bad reviews are okay, but the there is a trend with this one. The Ozito one for $14 has many more positive reviews.

      • Ryobi and Ozito are both pretty crap, go with Gerni if you want a quality product.

        • I decided to go with the small Gerni they sell at bunnings for $129 as I only wanted to use it with the $40 drain cleaning kit and the with the converter attachment from repco it ended costing more and probably works better with fewer pieces to join up.

  • +1

    Bit confused with this model - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-1800w-2000psi-automotive-p.... It says automotive pressure washer kit I am thinking another $34 gives more accessories? I do not find any difference in the wattage or pressure.

    • +1

      Same model. also has a 7m hose instead of 5m.

  • Even though it says 2000psi, it had less pressure then $50 Gerni I purchased many years ago rated at 1200psi.

    I pretty much returned it straight away and went with another Gerni model but you'll be paying $50-$100 extra for that.

  • I have a AR Blue Clean 491 Plus from masters as they closed down, problem is there seems to be an issue with the spray gun and the hose, either I have the wrong one in the box or the seal is faulty because it leaks at this junction from day dot and therefore no pressure builds up so it essentially won't work.

    It's been like this from day dot, so it is just collecting dust in the garage so I am tempted to just buy this and give up on it but can anyone offer advise on if theres a way I could selvage the AR Blue?

    • You need to backwash the spray gun. It's probably got clogged or scaled. You'd have to disassembled the spray nozzle to the extent you can and then wash it in backwards direction to get the collected debris out.

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