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Ozito PXC 18V (2 x 4Ah) Brushless Steel Deck Lawn Mower Kit $398 + Delivery ($0 in-Store) @ Bunnings


Self-Propelled Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Steel Deck Lawn Mower Kit @ $398 Bunnings

Model number PXSPSDMS-0182
Input: 2 x 4Ah 18V batteries
Cutting Diameter: 470mm
Cutting Heights: 30 - 65mm, 6 position
No Load Speed: 3,300/min
Grass Catcher: 75 litres
Noise Rating: 95dB
Weight (Tool Only): 31.3kg

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  • +6

    Isn’t this just the normal price or has it been reduced?

    • +14

      This is a normal price for a seasonal product. This particular product is only available for a short time each year, and this model is different from other similar ones. A big selling point is the fact that it's self-propelled and it's Ozito's most powerful battery operated mower as far as I'm aware.

      • +4

        I dont see anything in the specs to indicate its more powerful than the non self-propelled version. Looks to be the same or similar. It does have a larger catcher and potential for longer run time if you take advantage of the additional 2 battery slots, although i can do my front and back lawn (300+sqm) easily on a full charge. Also it has less cutting position options and lower max height which wouldn't matter for most people.

        • any experts here? does a 3300rpm (above listed product) no-load speed perform better than a 2900rpm one (non-self-propelled versions)? logic may conclude yes, but i dont know if actual cutting performance scales up, or tapers off the same as a lower speed one :bigthink:

          because if it does, then this is indeed more powerful — perhaps 14% more at that

          • +2

            @KeplersLaws: Its one of those things the devil is in the detail. For example does it drop lower with self propel engaged? Not the sort of thing that will be written down usually.

      • While self -propelled sound good on paper, it will chew into the battery and shorten mowing time - you will probably have to re-charge to finish the job.

      • +24

        I would argue there is.

        2 batteries ($69 each) + 2 fast chargers ($34 each) = $206

        That leaves $192 for the mower. Compare this mower to the single battery Ozito skin for $179, this is a much better deal. Compounded by the fact this will be sold out within a week.

        Classic Ozbargain though, Hurr durr RRP isn't slashed it isn't a bargain!

        • +14

          I reckon including the price of the fast charges is a bit tricky - if you have any other Ozito stuff you probably already have 2 or 3 of these laying about.

          • @LuckyDrew: Lucky Drew that is a good point, but for somebody who is converting this is a great start to the ecosystem. Especially as Bunnings has a history of slashing the prices on some of their skin only tools EG Jet Blower, Multi Tool and Hedge Trimmer.

        • -19

          You must be new here.

          You can't compare the price by breaking it down like that.

          Otherwise, why not break it down to the individual screws and nuts & bolts…

          This mower kit is normal price and there is no saving from it's normal price.

          • +18

            @jv: Can you really call it a normal price if it is available 1 week out of 52?

            You say I must be new here but it seems the majority that have seen our comments are disagreeing with you already.

            • +10

              @Fooah: Yes - that is kind of jv's thing.

            • -6


              seems the majority that have seen our comments are disagreeing with you already.

              how is that a majority ?

              • @jv: The majority who have seen and voted on our comments. Was that too hard to infer?

                • -2


                  The majority who have seen and voted on our comments.

                  It doesn't appear to be a majority. Where are you looking?

                  • @jv: So it was too hard to infer. As you were.

                    • -5


                      So it was too hard to infer.

                      If you find it too hard, how did you conclude it is a majority?

                      • +2

                        @jv: How have you been here so long as to be able to question how long people have been here and not know about downvotes..

                        • @SmoothCactus: I was asking about how they concluded it was a majority.

                          • +2

                            @jv: Thumbs up to dislike ratios can be expressed as a percentile to infer and extrapolate data that can be applied to a population and is considered conclusive enough to make a statement as such?

                            • @SmoothCactus:

                              Thumbs up to dislike ratios

                              Which particular ratio are you referring to?

                            • +9

                              @SmoothCactus: Proof that you are new here is you bother to argue with jv

                    • +7

                      @Fooah: Trust me, quit while you're ahead. jv can not be reasoned with and no amount of logic will change that.

        • +2

          Promo price for the twin battery and charger packs is ~$100. None in stock at the moment but they'll be back eventually.

          Also they have promo (black boxed) 4Ah batteries for $48 in many stores at the moment (not listed on the website).

        • +4

          2x 4AH battery + 2x Faster Chargers are regularly $99.

          • +1

            @Viper8: That is true, but I would consider that also a bargain. I decided to use the "RRP" of each item which is the obsession on here with what is allowed to be called a bargain.

            • +12

              @Fooah: Whether you're right or wrong, you have lost when you reply to jv.

              • @Oauiii: True, I lowered the bar today.

        • +1

          You can buy 2 4ah oz Batts with chargers for $99 in a combo pack, so mower is $300

        • Yep. This is ozBARGAIN not ozDISCOUNT

  • +2

    Normal price $399

    However these always sell out rather quickly at this price.

    • +4

      Wow marketing

    • -2

      I have several ozito tools and largely happy with them, but tbh I can't understand why anyone would buy this when you can get a really high quality, durable and powerful Honda self propelled for twice the price. Yes, more expensive up front for the Honda but there is no way the value on the ozito stacks up

      • +4

        I'm guessing the Honda has a petrol engine. There's one reason for many - they prefer the cleaner, quieter battery option.

        • +8

          So long as those people also have a green electricity contract and ensure they recycle their ozito when it dies in 5 years then cleaner is fair, but I doubt that's the case for most. Don't equate batteries with cleaner unless all else is clarified.
          Quieter? Fair enough.
          Perhaps if people are in need of something light weight too (eg someone below needs to carry up stairs).
          But, unless these things (quiet and light weight) really matter to you, a powerful and reliable petrol mower is, imho, far better.

          • +9

            @Gladioli: Quieter, easier to start than pulling a cord, lighter, easier to push around if not self propelled, and even easier to manoeuvre if it is, no need to buy and fill petrol, no need for oil, no servicing, no worrying about draining fluids for storage, no having to smell petrol fumes and the carcinogens that go with them. The list goes on

          • +4

            @Gladioli: I wasn't referring to cleaner in terms of environmental impact. Like it or not, that's still not a big driver behind people's purchasing decisions. I meant cleaner in terms of not having to deal with petrol, oil etc. No longer having to stuff around with getting some small engine going after it's been sitting in the shed for months and the fuel is now stuffed and clogging the fuel system. Then you've got to dig out the manky jerry can, get in the car, go to the petrol station, buy a minimum of two litres of fuel (any more and it's likely to have gone off before you use it if you don't have a big lawn). Got to make sure you don't spill any as it'll stink things out (you and/or your car).

            I recently changed from a petrol strimmer to a 2x18V battery one. It's gone from an hour or more set up to remembering to check the batteries are charged in the morning, sticking them on charge if they're not, then sticking the batteries in the strimmer when I'm about to start. 5 minutes setup at most.

            The only reason I've not swapped to battery for the mower is we're gradually getting rid of our lawn and won't need it by the time the petrol mower next needs serviced. I've still got several petrol powered devices (generators, pumps etc.) that are unlikely to ever go to battery powered as they're great in SHTF situations but for me and many others, battery is the preferred option.

            • @banana365: I agree with this! Battery stuff is just easier. Especially for those with smaller gardens/lawns.

              I've got a lot of Ozito gear and its served me fine. I only have about 150m2 of garden/lawn so it's not demanding at all.

          • @Gladioli: Yeah I’d be more worried inclined to go battery over a Honda 4 stroke if batteries could be rebuilt with new cells. The Honda stuff runs for decades even when poorly treated.

          • +1

            @Gladioli: Your point is still true though. I bought a Stihl kit for $700 last weekend. After looking at this im pretty happy with the purchase. I'm expecting the Stihl to last a decade at least. Ozito I really can't trust, only because everything Bunnings sells seems to turn to shit on me after two years (and often sometimes even less)

        • +1

          i put my honda petrol out for hard waste collection a couple of weeks ago …. i have the ozito 36v brushless mower ( push not self propelled) and hadn’t turned on the honda since i bought it ..if you need petrol because of run time battery might not be for you … in in the inner city and do my yard twice on a charge and it starts with the push of a button.

      • +6

        I get your point but honestly "you can get [alternative] for twice the price" is not a very convincing argument.

        • -2

          Haha, of course. But when you've seen both machines in the flesh it definitely makes sense.

          • +2

            @Gladioli: I guess it's personal preference. I paid more than the Honda for a Makita 36V self propelled. It's quieter, smokeless, and I can use the batteries for my other tools.

    • Aldi has a 20V x2 mower kit with 2x 4mah batteries and chargers for $229 in stock at most stores in WA.

  • “Self-propelled” - new feature?

    • +2

      I don't recall previous models being self-propelled, yeah

      • +3

        In a closed system, it's only logical the propulsion mechanism takes away from the power of the cutting motor

        • +4

          Good point… that's an unnecessary drain. I would rather have all the power used for cutting

          • +3

            @Sydgun: Never, ever again.

            My Ego self-propelled mower has transformed by yard - and my willingness to voluntarily mow the lawns.

            Absolute game changer. And the propulsion is optional and does not have to be used all the time. So if you needed extra cutting power, you could manually push through the offending section. It's not something I've had to do with either the Ryobi 36v or Ego, ever and I'm not known for keeping my lawn at a well managed height…

          • @Sydgun: You don't have to use the self-propelling function all the time. Only when needed.

        • +3

          Guess it comes down to personal preference whether or not that is useful. My mum finds it hard to push the mower but loves to mow the lawn, so this was great to get for her. :)

          • +2

            @Boioioioi: If she doesn't complain about a lack of cutting power than it's probably fine

        • +2

          perhaps just draws more current for the separate motor, reducing battery life?

    • +1

      I think so! Great additional feature.

      • Going to have to disagree on the self propelled feature being great. Its going to take a lot of voltage to move 25kg around and id say 36v is probably mowing about 80% of all grass before you factor in loss for propulsion.

        • +1

          I've got no experience with this unit, but have a self-propelled 36v 21" Ryobi which does front and back on one charge with no issues with cutting power or lack of voltage to go the distance.

          Battery and self-propulsion units have come a long way in recent years and I wouldn't be without mine.

          • @UncleRico: That's all good, but it must come at a cost of power, either directly affecting the motors peak power or the battery run time, the fact you get both lawns done is great, but nothing is free.

            I also have an ego, non self propelled, and the small brushless ozito. Honestly I am considering offloading the ego as I just don't need it

            • +1

              @Jackson: Perhaps the answer is 'if your mowing time is likely to use 80%+ of the battery capacity, then having self propulsion is going to create issues. Otherwise it doesnt matter at all. Because if you end with 5% battery and everything is done, then you are no better or worse off then finishing with 50% capacity'

              Subject to battery degradation

              But, on the other hand, if self propulsion makes mowing the lawn something you are capable of doing rather than having to hire someone to do it, then even the cost of another 2 batteries to deal with the power use is a big saving.

              In other words, depending on the situation it may be an important factor or may be completely irrelevant

              • @dtc: if you end up with 5% battery now, you might need to buy new batteries in 6 months rather than 5 years, because you can't get through a mow. It's just something that has to be taken into account

            • @Jackson: Yes, mowing and propelling a battery lawn mower will use the battery, in the same way that a traditional lawnmower will use fuel.

              If the right product is matched with the right use case, there is no necessary correlation between battery and insufficient capacity to complete a lawn whether manually or self propelled.

  • +2

    Interesting. I have the version of this without self-propel (loving it so far!) which is about 20KG, this self propel is 31kg. As long as the self propel does not break (it did on my petrol mower, aldi crap) and you dont need to be lifting it the weight should not matter much.

  • +2

    31kg, how is it so heavy?

    • +3

      self propelled mowers are all heavier, not really a necessary feature IMO either, maybe if you run a business and mow large lawns (but you certainly would not want a battery powered Ozito for that).

      • +4

        i've got a sloping backyard at 1000m2, so i like self-propelled. However, doubt this would do it in two charges, so probably not worth it.

        • +2

          I think you're right, the self propel would be a bit of a battery guzzler i suspect. I have the standard version and i can do 300+sqm and usually still have half charge left.

      • You can run a business with this.

        It is like the EV vs ICE argument. Chuck it on the fast charger it will be 80% full by the time you are cleaned up, drive to next job and setup.

        Joke only.

    • +2

      Steel deck, large catcher, self-propelled.

      • +2

        Photos on website indicate you need driving gloves….

        • +7

          You'll mow so fast that your knuckles freeze. Even in Summer. Better wear some gloves then.

      • +8

        Steel deck, large catcher, self-propelled.

        Real cases. Real people. Judge Judy.

        • +3

          Steel cases. Large people. Self Judy.

        • +2

          The mower is real, the removed grass is final.

          • @Flirtle: 'the removed grass is final'…………. that would be nice, my lawn keeps re-offending.

    • Steel deck & additional gearing. This was the reason I bought the cheaper version with the plastic deck.
      Fine if you've got walk through access right the way around the property, but I need to carry our lawnmower through the house, so the lighter weight model was a better option.

  • I think im too weak to carry this. But would be superuseful.

    • Self propelled. Just turn it on and it will take you for a walk.

      • But need to carry it from back to front lawn

  • +1

    I picked this up the other day to replace a 20+yr old Victa 2-stroke that is well beyond its natural life. I am yet to mow so can't really report how well in performs yet, but it is a solid beast. Had a bit of a run of the self-propel feature which works very well.

  • I have the normal PowerX 2x18V mower with rotating blade. It's pretty worthless, stalls at the slightest resistance. Is this one any better?

    • This one is brushless, as well as up to 4x batteries, so it should presumably have more grunt and runtime

    • +1

      I think I have the same one as you, yep it's not fun cutting my thick buffalo grass, I would love to upgrade but I think I'll still use it for a couple more summers and then upgrade.

    • +1

      I think I have that one too. 7 height settings?

      If you cut your lawn consistently and not try to go from a long length lawn to one of the shorter settings it fairs ok with Sir Walter Buffalo.

    • The blade does not stall. But the self propel does tend to stop if grass is long and mower is set at minimum height .

    • You must not have the steel deck version, because i do and its great. Handles my buffalo comfortably.

    • I've got the basic 2x18v and its ok. I do mow every week though so I don't have to cut so much each time

  • 30 mm minimum cutting height - is this too high for minimum? Have seen some capable of cutting to 11 mm? First timer mower here, so trying to understand.

    • +1

      Depends on your grass. Most people mow around 25-40mm so unless you have a particular requirement to mow low or use it for scalping then its OK.

    • Probably save you taking too much off

  • I have an older version of this (not self propelled) and it's been surprisingly good. If this is similar quality then it's great value at this price.

    • How big is your lawn area?

      • +1

        About 250-300m2. I also have a petrol Honda for reference, so I have used a decent petrol one to compare against. I got the battery one because the area requires me to bring it up/down stairs.

        Edit: I think the one I have is two models behind this one

  • looking to get my first mower, I have 16.5m wide front nature strip.(Artificial turf in back). Is this enough for long run? or should i get something 56v?
    Suggestions please

    • +2

      Ego 56v is great gear and the build quality would be a step up from Ozito and virtually all other battery / self-propelled mowers. But the cost is more considerable and with only a modest front lawn to mow, it may be overkill in your case.

      I've also got a 36v Ryobi from Bunnings and it handles the front and back of it's property without any issues. I'd be going with an option like this for your first mower for only the front yard. The benefit of Ozito / Bunnings generous warranty is that if it doesn't pass muster, you can always return and upgrade.

      • thanks UncleRico

    • +1

      This will handle that very, very easily.

    • +1

      Consider whether you actually need self propulsion; but this will likely run for 25-30 minutes on a charge (2 batteries). So if you can mow your lawn in 25 minutes, this is all you need. The non self propulsion one will last another 10 minutes or so.

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