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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic 1988 Action Figure $12 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Kmart


Down from $15 to $12. In the style of the original figures.

"If you're a TMNT fan, then you'll love these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic 1988 Action Figures. The action figure assortment includes Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael."

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  • Do they have other characters or just the turtles?

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      There are others in the line, but Kmart just has the turtles so far.

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      • Do these transform to turtles? Mine does with the changing heads

        • I don't recall my original tmnt figures doing that?

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    Ooof right in the nostalgia!

    $48 ain't a bad price for fond memories right?

    • no price for all those good memories!

      • But there was a hefty price on the Van I pleaded to my parents all year for!

    • But its random - $48 is unlikely to get all 4 unique.

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    Donatello looks darker than I remember him

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      That's diversity

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      Haha yeah he's looks black.

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      Nah he was the darkest of the 4. They all had different shades of green.

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      I recently found my originals and gave them to the kids. Donatello was always that dark.

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        yeah my 3yo was playing with my originals this morning - I did forget they were different shades :D

    • Had stacks of Turtles stuff as a kid, for some reason Donatello was always darker.

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    Wish they did the same for Transforners 🤞🏻

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      They do. Kmart had the original Optimus & Soundwave, and minibots. Big W has original beast wars.

      • Nice! 👏🏻

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        WHAT ???! Beast wars!!!!!

        yeah ok.. $59… no thanks :(

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          Haha, for the perfect nostalgia beast wars is still the most expensive.

        • Can't believe Megatron is over $100!

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      they did a re-issues soundwave and optimus prime for $79 back in late 2020, they went like hotcakes.

      • damn, i always wanted Optimus!

  • Are they dated 1988?

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      Yes. Kmart found pallets of them in warehouse storage during stocktake, forgotten since 1988.

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        I believed this for a second.

        Wishful thinking

        • What did he say? It says comment unpublished…

          • @Mondorock: Mine was a reply to mwalks comment about it being real old stock

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            @Mondorock: He said 'Cowabunga!'

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        Got me there for a second too.. nice one.

  • And to think there's only the last ronin remaining is sad 😭

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    Cowabunga dude!!

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      Can you believe the new generation uses the Ali-G phrase instead? Wild…

      Whats even funnier, is if you're a kid and google it, you get tons more (fake) weed and hoe culture thanks to AliG than you do turtles, lol.

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    they are uglier than I remembered. Who remember the first game boy title? so good,original gameboy had such an amazing lineup

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      These look closer to the comic version, rather than the cuter versions used in the cartoons and games.

    • TMNT also had one of the best NES and arcade games out there. Multilayer arcade beat em ups ftw.

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        The original sized 4 player standing is still a dream of mine for the man cave!

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    Awesome. I bought 4, there was no option to choose which turtle
    Hopefully i dont get doubles, triples or quadruple of the same turtle

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      watch them give u 4 Donatello's…

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      • Could open one to play with and keep the rest in cold storage for the next decade to sell for profit lol

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      "We cannot guarantee which design you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders."

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      I bought 20. Because I couldn’t pick and I had to spend a threshold and I wanted to maximise my chances.

      I got one set of 4, and 8 Leonardo’s and lots of doubles of the others. Then refunded it at my local store.

      • the ozbargain way!

      • i didnt think of that, should have bought 10 minimum
        oh well. lets hope for the best lol

      • That is annoying. How did you manage to get a refund after Opening the packet. I wish they can just let us buy 1 set, its weird to not have the whole set

        • What do you mean? They're sealed boxes, you can see which ones you get it's a clear case.

          • @squaredonut: Oh I thought they were covered that’s why you have to buy 20 to ensure you get the set of 4. Then I realise it’s because you are buying online

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      Your probability of getting 4 unique in a purchase of 4 is around 9.38%

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        Not after half the Leonardo stock went to @squaredonut

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    These are dope! Good work bringing back the OG style from the late 80's, heaps of nostalgia - If I had kids I'd be buying these for them 100%

  • seems to be sold out

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    It would be nice if they were to bring back starcom.

  • Pretty cool brings back some memories.

  • I loved turtles when I was a kid, I'm sure I would have had all of these in 1988! What good memories.

    Although they were called hero turtles, not ninja turtles where I grew up in the UK.

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      If you liked the turtles, I suggest you try to find the 2009 animated TMNT movie (Turtles Forever) where the turtles from different eras meet up. The ending was icing on the cake and really paid homage to any TMNT fan.

      • -2

        I "liked" the turtles, bit old to watch them now.

    • Yep, "Ninja" was deemed to violent of a term in Europe, that's why we had teenage mutant hero turtles

  • No effin’ way!!

  • Amazing! Parents bought me Michaelangelo qs agift for my first day in school. It's my daughter's first day in Feb - tempted - even though she has no idea who tmnt are 🤣

  • +2

    where's master splinter?

  • Holy!!! Raphael all the way!!! I am temped to get these so bad!!!

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    Oh Damm i remember when I was a kid in the 90’s and I could cry and beg my mum to buy this for me lol

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    OMG they look the the original ones I used to have back in the 80s. so good!! finally they remade them!!

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    This post made me do the biggest double take. For any fans check this documentary out, it was seriously good.

    • Very similar to the tmnt episode from 'toys that made us' series on netflix

  • If you’re a fan who has a toy cabinet like me, I HIGHLY recommend trying to get one of the Super 7 Ultimates TMNT figures. I’m a Donatello guy and just received mine. Expensive, but awesome modern reissues of 80s cartoon faithful toys.

    • I agree the super7 look good! but i also love t he NECA ones. i'm also a Donny fan.

      Do you have any Cabinet recommendations? Been looking and nothing i really like. thanks

      • Honestly, the ikea detolf is the only option, or occasionally Aldi sell a similar version slightly cheaper (aldi one also has a lock).

  • +1

    I grew up owning the $2 dollar shop rip off ones.

    They actually re-made these about 8-9 years ago, same mould etc. when they did that a few years ago it was pretty good. I picked them up and have it displayed in a cabinet boxed.

    I decided to pick these up for the price and an extra set to play. They are good to play but the paint quality has gotten worse.

    • +1

      They don't paint em like they use to huh!

  • +1

    Man Ninja Turtles was my jam like many late 80s babies

    Turtle lunchbox, Turtle backpack, turtle drink cup,
    turtle mornings
    Thanks for putting up this nostalgia now with one of my own would love to have got them some but will keep an eye out next time

    Turtle Power!

  • nostalgia++

    Had these as a kid.. COWABUNGA DUDE!!

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles…

  • These would be great to blutak onto the TMNT Arcade1UP machine… if I had one :-(

  • +1

    These were the absolute shiznit when i was a kid. They got SO much play time, along with my GI-Joe and Star Wars figures.
    Those were the days…

  • +1

    I rather buy SH Fiquarts version, if I got the cash!
    Full articulation baby!

  • Nostalgic as Fuuu. I just ordered 15x, if any of us early TMNT tragics can't get a complete set of the bro's, we should start a trade thread in the forums?

  • Still got one somewhere from 1990. Although the one I had was wind-up and the arm rotated

    • I got a friend the Michelangelo arm rotated figure for a Birthday present back in the day. I'll have to go hunting and see if these are "exact" replicas from the older figures. I know they were also re-released in the late 2000's / early 2010's (recall seeing them in Toys R US) the figures and "weapons" were exact, but they changed the colour of the belts!! I had the four turtles, Shredder, Metalhead, Bebop, Rocksteady, Master Splinter, April, the Ratking, a few figures from the later series (Leatherhead) a few footsoldiers. I remember being in a scrum of people (think of today's toilet paper panic buying crowds!) over a basket of TMNT figures in a K-Mart when I was little. That's when I scored the Metalhead figure. My two favourite TMNT accessories were the motor cycle (which I used to use Michelangelo to recreate the motorcycle - truck chase sequence from Terminator 2 - don't ask I had a vivid imagination back then) and the trap where you could put ooze in and splash the turtles.

    • pretty sure mine are in the attic at mums

  • does anyone know if its just the 4 turtles or if they have the bad guys and add on characters in stock also??

  • -3

    they have a constipated look on their face

  • +1

    what's with the snarl. did they always have that face?

  • Damn, sold out. Wish they'd get Masters of the Universe. Big W did, but that was a bit of a failure. I managed to get He-man, Skeletor and Battle Cat at least on sale.

  • +4

    Where's the reporter with the big lungs and yellow jumpsuit?


    Even as a kid I knew which team I was on :).

    • +2

      They look exactly like the toys from the first run back then.

      The box art is actually how they are drawn in the original comic book series. Fairly sure the box art is spot on too since the toys were produced along with the first series

      • Looks pretty similar.

  • +2

    These looked so much cooler in my memory. Only one dude in our school had one and that was it. The day he brought it to school was one of the greatest days of my life. He let me look at it from afar before it was quickly wisked away into his bag.

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