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[Refurb] Dyson V11 Outsize Vacuum $899 ($849 with Coupon) Delivered @ Dyson eBay


Deal was pretty popular last time. Extra $50 off with code SPSAVER (expires 16/1/2022).

To those who have purchased Dyson refurbished before, what’s the quality of the unit?

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  • Mine has a fluffy roller. It’s great on hard floors. Two Labradors so much vacuuming

  • does it comes with one battery or two? some US reviews stated coming with 2, but seems it only got 1 battery

    • 1 in Australia.

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    Purchased the V11 Absolute refurb last year for $721.65 delivered. This was already a lot larger than the V6/7 previous, so the outsize is going to be a monster! Usually all accessories are new but these were very lightly used. The trigger was faulty on arrival so I took the unit to Dyson store in OsbornePark WA and they fixed it on the spot. Unit was not as clean as previous refurb units I’ve purchased so Dyson extended warranty for an additional year for free.

    • Where you do buy the refurb one from last year?

      What's the main differences with V11 Absolute and Outsize (apart from the dustbin capacity size and brush head)?

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        Purchased from ebay at the official Dyson shop was a crazy cheap deal. The V11 is big enough as it is we have a fairly large 4x2 and it is still has plenty of space for a few vacuums. I saw the V11 Outsize when i went into Dyson and glad i didn’t get it because it is a monster. The standard size is already heavy enough for my wife. Much larger than our previous V6.

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        V11 Outsize difference is just the dustbin capacity like you mentioned.

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    Went into JB and Outsize is MASSIVE … and heavy, and only necessary if you live in a mansion and are too lazy to empty the dustbin 😂 I can see why it's discounted. It's not very practical or portable to use.

    I do like how V11 Outsize is 90% more powerful than V8 benchmark, but that's the only upshot.

    Ugh… I stick with my existing Dyson then, no upgrade needed.

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