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NordVPN: 96% Cashback for New Customers, No Cap @ Cashrewards


30 day money back guarantee from Nord for peace of mind.

Cashback is eligible for new NordVPN customers only.

Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

The amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

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  • Any good for streaming services?

    • yes i would like to know too, if it works for hulu and hbo max and discovery plus uk

      • Tried a couple US sites with HBO Max but it wouldn't stream. Use Cyberghost and it streamed fine. That's just my experience as I use NordVPN on my phone/tablet/laptop and it's great.

        • I just bought it and tried out the 3 streaming services I use. Hulu, HBO Max and Discovery plus UK. I have got it currently working for all 3 on nordvpn. Can I suggest that if it ever stops working for you to use the chat to customer service, as I have been with expressvpn and occassionally the particular cities I was using would stop working and I would chat them and tell them what streaming service I was trying to use and they would recommend a particular city I should be using. I have no idea how long Nord will keep working for these sites, but for today they are working on my laptop.

      • How can you subs Hulu from AU?

    • Didn't usually work for me when trying to VPN hop on Netflix, unfortunately (even if VPNing to a Sydney-based server). An error message would appear asking for the VPN to be turned off before resuming

  • Is this a good VPN for general/privacy use? I can't keep track anymore on which on is good and which one is dodgy.

    • Most are fine but have an underbelly of doubt on how they really comply with their privacy policies. I'd hazard most of the same folks probably give away plenty of privacy by virtue of cookies, apps on their phone, social media use etc that makes the argument a little naive. ISPs in Australia in large don't really care much about what you do beyond trying to monetize the product/plan, and the government only really cares about crims. How long it stays this way though is anyone's guess.

    • +2

      This one helped me make my mind up. Also see the comments on the post for more info/spreadsheets.


  • Does it have Turkey sever for Netflix signup?

    • Yep

    • No. They say they do but does not resolve to turkey. This was last checked a year ago so things could have changed.

      • I've used it multiple times Netflix sign ups and adding Netflix credit, via turkey

        Also for ms Xbox live credit via turkey

        Not sure what you're doing that would prevent the turkey locations from working

        • I picked turkey as the location and tried to rejoin Netflix but the currency was not Turkish lira. I used a different VPN just to register in Turkey.

          However, this was about a year or two ago. I haven't checked since so it looks like it's now resolving to Turkey correctly.

        • thanks. That’s good to know

    • I signed up to Netflix turkey using Nord VPN about a month ago.

  • +1

    be prepared to wait 3+ months for the cashback approval, i got the 95% cashback deal last month and my estimated approval date is somewhere around march.

    great that im getting 95% of my money back, not so great that i have to wait 3+ months to actually get the money.

  • Nord chews through my mobile phone battery something shocking, not sure if this is common for a VPN but is a bit disappointing. CR also didn't honour my Cashback last time around either which is a pita. Won't be taking risks on bigger purchases with CR anymore.

  • +1

    Doesn't really work well with Chromecast google TV (inbuilt app), shows wouldn't load (I'm on fttn though). Getflix works for US Netflix for Samsung TV.

    • My experience was the same. Not sure if it's a Nord VPN issue or if Chromecast doesn't permit any VPNing more broadly.

  • That's what confuses me, streaming through my PS5 or TV how do I set up the VPN? No idea! Lol

  • Budget VPNs are a waste of time in my experience with Surfshark. You will have slowdowns and disconnects using them for streaming, torrenting, what have you.

    For occasional browsing use it will get the job done, and is the cost sensible option. But there's a reason these only cost a couple dollars a year…

    I am using Mullvad now. Constantly in use with every PC in the house and never had any issue. You have visibility of available servers and their capacity, but I've never needed to change it from the WireGuard servers in AU, or US I originally chose.

    The split tunneling actually works with Mullvad as well. It was inconsistent with Surfshark.

    OpenWRT guide for setting up all devices on your network to automatically use it: https://mullvad.net/en/help/running-wireguard-router/

    I don't bother, app for my phone and PCs is enough for me.

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