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Rapid Antigen Nasal Test Kit 2 Pack by Onsite $27.95 + $4.95 Standard Shipping @ Super Pharmacy


Just ordered some, let us hope it arrives on time.

Standard Shipping (approx. 4-8 Business days from dispatch) - $4.95
Express Delivery (approx. 2-3 Business days from dispatch) - $10.95

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  • 2 packs of 2 or 2 in the pack?

    • as far I could find out - 2 individual tests per box

  • I don't see these in the TGA-approved site of Rapid Antigen Testing kits, so buyer beware.

    Most useful for simply testing yourself if you think you're at risk and confirming a PCR visit, since they won't be recognised by health authorities for things like going back to work etc.

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    $16.45 per test? Not a chance.

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      Completely agree with you. Very expensive !

    • +1

      It's only $2.50 more than the kit in this deal that made the front page.

      • So it is a 2-pack so you save almost $5 on the other deal.

        (Around 15% (?) cheaper).

        • Correct, although the kit in the other deal is no longer available, so therefore shouldn't this deal be quite good in comparison?

          • @magic8ballgag: This deal is the best deal as there is (apparent) supply.

            • @Eeples: I agree, apparently others are struggling with accepting this though.

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    There is so many examples that these rapid test are inaccurate. Paying $15 for something that may, or may not work confuses me on how these are classified as a bargain..

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      There's a lower period where Covid is detectable compared to PCR tests, but that can be worked around by multiple RATs.

      The fact that these are super expensive is a huge policy failure.

      • Aren't they like 1 pound in the U.K.?

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          Yeah free in the UK apparently.

          Anything more than $10 is a piss take

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            @G-rig: Maybe Ozbargainers can chip in to ship a carton of them over from 'the mother land'

            • +2

              @hardya: Interesting comment by an Aussie redditor

              So I have access to literally thousands of RATs through my organisations office in Singapore. I could have them landed here next week via air for around $6 a test all said and done. I tried to order a months worth for all my employees (for piece of mind or as needed), customs won’t allow it. “Personal consumption quantities only” not allowed to distribute these goods outside immediate family, even for free. I could sort of understand this If we had easy access locally. So frustrating. - adz1179

              TL;DR, you can try but customs will seize it due to "commercial quantities"

              • @cwongtech: It's to stop the majority of people with this kind of access from importing and making money off them. Most people that would bring them in for $6, would probably sell them for a 100%+ mark up.

          • @G-rig: You can get them free in the UK if you can find them, which is extremely difficult to do.

            Alternatively, pharmacies in London are charging £25 for single RAT tests.

            Source - I was just there

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          Free in the UK and that is under the rule of the idiot Bojo Jojo… Not sure how we can't manage the same here in oz :/

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            @Chocobros: If only our government would do some governing ey.

          • @Chocobros: Not for long. They are moving to abandon free tests.

            • @CJ31: Yup but that is a change in management of Covid. Before the UK was trying to delay spread to prevent the health system being overwhelmed. Now they are moving to a just live with it model where people have had the chance to get vaccinated.

              Either way they had a period of free tests. Why can't our government provide this?

    • -1

      If you want to travel to a state that requires a RAT???

      • The UK has one big advantage: no states. One consistent approach makes much more sense setting up sensible testing, an the credit or blame to one government motivates then to do better. Otoh we have every state and territory setting their own testing rules, accepting our banning the use of RATs, ignoring the feds when they get like it. States blaming feds and feds blaming the states when it all goes worth. They all want to be in charge when it's working but it's never their fault when it isn't.

        • Couldn't agree more.

  • +7

    anyone who buys these are either desperate or crazy..
    these places gouging us should be blacklisted.. greedy fkrs…
    nothing against op just sick of these stores ripping all due to demand

    • +2

      ACCC asleep at the wheel, like every other consumer and competition issue over the past 2 decades. They generally only smack big corporates like Telstra where they voluntarily report an issue of non compliance.

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    The fact that you can get packs from testing sites just make these ridiculous

    • Which state?

      • Vic

        • Been trying to get a few RATs cause there was a positive case in my kids childcare centre. Can you get these packs at any testing site? How do i make sure there will be stock before queuing for 5 hours? Thanks!

          • +1

            @gonzule: I think there’s rules around who is eligible for RATs from a testing site.

          • +1

            @gonzule: What part of melbourne are you in?
            Last Tuesday in Collingwood was around a 10 minute wait (my partner went, and had the option of PCR or rapid), they gave out a pack of 2 saliva tests. I went again on Friday, around 30~ish wait, managed to get a pack of 5 of the nasal tests. I just said I wanted a rapid test.

            • +1

              @mikey31: Thanks for the info. I'm in Pascoe Vale, so Collingwood is not crazy far away. Will have a look during the week. Thanks. Hope you and your partner are both safe and well.

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            @gonzule: My family of 3 queued up at Caroll Lane Dandenong drive-though for almost 2 hours, only to be given 6 of Ecotest with "Acceptable sensitivity" and got sent home. They were close contacts with symptoms and questioned whether PCR would be more appropriate, but still got told to do RAT on day 1 and 6 instead.

            • @WalterBiH: Thanks for the info. Hope you and your family are well and safe.

            • +1

              @WalterBiH: hmmm 2 hr wait and you get $50 worth of rats kits ….actually not bad considering on some deals like free doz box krispy kreme people inline for 2 hrs for $20 worth of donuts ….. pee hour you have done better than some other deals …..

      • Tasmania is now holding free tests "click and collect style" to those who quality: https://form.jotform.com/220105313127034

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    These are well into the price range of being called gouging, and these tests arn't even listed as being as accurate as the other ones you used to get locally.

    • +2

      You call it price gouging, I call it can-do capitalism with the private market really stepping up and getting tests out to Australians who need can afford them! Price is meant to regulate supply.

      Thanks Scomo!

    • +2

      Don't disagree with pricing but these are considered among the highest sensitivity in market by the TGA.


  • +2

    Wow borderline scam

  • Too expensive

  • +4

    Not a deal. Should be $10 per test or under to be considered a good deal.

  • +3

    It's a deal because you can actually get them. People are desperate to get them so that they can go back to work and make your coffees and get that meat you also complain about not being able to get. You think they're going to care about it costing $15?
    I bought some because it offers piece of mind and it's a deal for my family and I.

  • They are risking a $66000 fine for price gouging just to make that extra few dollars.


    • +1

      There's no price controls in Australia, despite what any parliamentarians may try and tell you. ACCC claim they can't investigate indivudual complaints, but monitor trends more broadly. i.e. useless bureaucrats.

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    Better option (but still on higher end of the price scale @ 13.99 per test) is now back in stock: Panbio 4 for $55.95 @ Amazon. It wont last long and these are Very High Sensitivity as well.

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    This post tests positive to a bad case of price gouging.

  • Not a bargain at this price. We need to stop posting just any RAT available unless they are a BARGAIN

    • +1

      So there should be no posts for PS5, Xbox or GPUs either then.

      • PS5 and Xbox are at RRP at worst case. These RATs are above retail pricing, that's the difference.

        • but not a bargain, right?

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    Think this post is on the wrong site, should be ozgouged

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    I'm tired of these opportunists with there huge markups

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    Too expensive

  • $15+ a test isn't a bargain

  • I find it funny $10 isnt seen as price gouging just because thats what they were initially priced at but $15 is when the governments paying just 88c a test (source 7 News). I would think $2-3 per test would be more inline with the price/markup of other essential items.

  • Expensive.

  • +3

    Yes it's expensive but thankfully it's AVAILABLE.

    Thank-you OP this should help some friends who may need to test negative to go to work.

    In Qld you can get free RATs but only if you have symptoms. Yes, you could lie, but then someone who actually needs a test may miss out because you acted like a selfish ahole.

  • Are RATs the new Videocards?
    Gets a post whenever they have stock even though it is clearly a rip off?

  • Predatory pricing and absolute rip off, all thanks to our incompetent govt.

  • Availability is not automatically a bargain

  • Anyone negatively voting here should do the same on this deal, unless of course you think it deserves a pass because the majority has voted otherwise?

  • Just bookmark healthylife and refresh it every few hours, ~$10 a test with free postage

    • I totally agree. I bought a 2SAN 7 pack before Christmas for $48 when they had a 20% off special on, and another one last week for their normal price of $60. Both delivered on time. No price gouging and delivered reasonably quick.
      Healthylife will only allow you to order if they have stock so no lame excuse that they are on backorder. I think that they are owned by Woolies, but a good crowd to deal with nonetheless.

  • +4

    I ordered some thx, add them to the list of others who price gouge Australians, Adobe, Apple, Resmed (invented by Australians but sold cheaper overseas), Celestron (now all made in china but still huge markup for Australians, you could buy an aeroplane ticket and buy one and come back)…….

    If the want us to report our RAT result for Public safety then Public should sponsor the test fro medicare. There are many who just cant afford this cost. But thankfully PCR waiting times have reduced somewhat.

    But it is what it is for now.

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    Bought 2 boxes for backup as i dont have very high sensitivity

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    Price gouging is the opposite of a bargain

  • +1

    RAT should be tendered in order to be sold in Australia to avoid gouging.

  • How is this a bargain? They're supposed to be $10 each.
    Should be reported to ACCC: https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/media-statement-on-pri...

  • People love being outraged, LOL

  • I just got a refund email with no other explanation…
    Received a tracking number this morning but presumably it’s for the non-RAT items on my order

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