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[eBook] The Real Anthony Fauci - Kindle Edition $2.99 (Was $22.99) @ Amazon AU


I was looking at this highly-rated bestselling book recently, and the Kindle price was about AU$23. Checked back now and it has dropped $20 to $2.99. For comparison, the hardcover price is AU$44.99.

Looks like an interesting read, for anyone interested!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    The rightwingers always seem to use “real” in the titles of their books. They wouldn’t know “real” if it hit them in the arse. The joke being that is, exactly, what Covid is doing. You are, much, more likely to end up in hospital if you aren’t vaccinated than if you are. Apparently these idiots don’t understand statistics either.

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      real, patriot, united, freedom
      those are the words to look out for.

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      AOC went for a holiday in the free state of Florida because she thought it was safe. Obama had a huge unmasked birthday party. They don't even believe in the restrictions they are putting on you but you can't bring yourself to see that. LOL

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    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I suspect that with so many Anti-vax Personalities dying in ICU, and regretting not taking the vaccine, we need to acknowledge that the data is clear that you are better off with it than without it. Also keep in mind that considering the high vaccination rate in Australia, comparing vaccines patients to non is simply skewed.

    Why is Tucker and his mates all vaccinated - including Ted Cruz? They rely on milking the uninformed, that's why.

    • And this grift might be coming back to bite them at the next election.

      "Former New York Times journalist Donald G. McNeil Jr. wrote an article on Medium that stated what everyone with an ounce of intelligence knows but don’t dare put in print: Not only is Trump losing hundreds of voters each day to COVID, they are already surpassing the margins the GOP can hope to attain in the swing states. This hasn’t been printed because it’s ghoulish to post the political ramifications of a human life, to which I reply that Democrats aren’t the ones killing these people—their own right-wing disinformation machine is. Hell, we are trying to save them despite the political ramifications.

      Trumpists don’t believe in wearing masks, hate social distancing, and are so anti-vaxx that they won’t even listen to Trump as he tried to tout the vaccines. GOP leaders are also undermining public health directives aimed at protecting people. Trump did have a change of heart about promoting the vaccines only because someone impressed upon him that the deaths are his voters. He really needs as many as possible in 2024, but it’s too late—and getting worse.

      Multiple studies from the AP, CDC, and even Texas’ health services have shown that the deaths are almost entirely among the unvaccinated, and most of those identify as Republican. The profile of a typical COVID victim is now an older unvaccinated person who is obese and lives in a rural area—in other words, the same profile as a Trumper. This is already having a major poltiical impact."


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      You mean like the 33 fully vaccinated who died in NSW out of a total of 36 yesterday? You people are delusional

      • Fat people and those with cancer and getting vaccinated. The vax didnt cause them to die, it just made it easier.

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    Bill Maher schools liberals? 😭 https://youtu.be/7pu9mrtEceE

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      You live in Australia.

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        Which is even worst.

        • Even worst than what?

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    I heard Facui tortures and kill dogs for fun.

    Is that true and in the book?

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      True but for "scientific experiments" not for fun

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    I am most saddened by the fact that there are people in healthcare who have been so stressed, overworked and traumatizes for the last 2 years.
    some, to the point of taking their own lives. One such life lost is too many.

    They are working their normal jobs and through no fault of theirs and compounded by their empathy, they have become victims. I do not need to argue statistics about advocacy of vaccine, percentages of vaccinated patients. The end result is irrefutable. Hospitals around the world are not idle, have not been idling for the last 24 months.

    I have my rights. You have yours. Healthcare workers have rights too. They have a right to safe work environment. I do not want someone to come to my place of work and cause me unnecessary inconvenience. I do not do it to them.

    • A lot of the reason why they're overworked were (are) because of the stupid restrictions on close contacts

      • and your suggestion is?

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          Don’t mandate the vaccine, which would mean a large chunk of workers wouldn’t have had to quit / be fired.

          Increase funding in the health sector, in particular nursing. We’ve had 2 years to do this; I can’t think of anything being done to boost nurse numbers.

          There was a good idea to boost doctors in regional areas by paying off their uni debt if they decide to live in regional areas post studies.

          Stop promoting fear in regards to covid. Either from the media or daily government updates that always sound doom and gloom or how bad people are.

          That’s a few ideas I just thought of off the top of my head. I’m sure the higher ups could
          Muster up something better considering the wages they get paid.

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      Sadly the vaccine mandates in Australia have also caused people to take their own lives, as people face losing jobs for not wanting a medication.

      The mandates are contributing to the staffing issues in hospitals and medical centres as well. We have thousands of experienced, skilled nurses and doctors in our communities across Australia that are healthy and want to work, but are being prevented from doing so.

      While Australian medical professionals are unfortunately already under mandates, here's one doctor in the UK who spoke up when asked the question by their health secretary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOlEYcd1nyI

      And here's a local example of a QLD doctor who wrote an excellent letter to the state health minister sharing his views after being forced to retire early:

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      Have you read up on symptoms of omricron by any chance? They look awful lot a like cold that we experience every year.

    • Yeah, those tiktok videos don't make themselves!

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    too much to pay for misinformation. can get the same quality of argument from a ranting stranger for free.

  • as valuable as the dollar reiki books you get in a suburbian garage sale

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    S*** reading material.

    • -1

      LOL you Feltchy cult members are very upset and you haven't even read the book yet

  • You can pay me $2.98 to misinform you with anti-vax lies, therefore not a deal.

    • the book is about Feltchy so I'm not sure why you're kvetching about a vaccine.

  • +7

    Fauci: "…collaboration with some chinese communi… Scientist" 😂


  • So many anti vaxxers here to block

    • Would a shared block list go against rules?

      It would make deals on RATs, electric cars, masks, free native plants a lot more tolerable.

      • +1


        You only hide them for yourself…

        • Thanks Captain Obvious

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            @ihfree: Then why you asking talking about a shared block list? lol

            Just go start hiding comments from users you don't like.

  • Overpriced even at discount.

  • It is basically just lies. I get lies every day on social media, and why actively pay for it?

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      LOL "everything idea I don't like is a lie"

      You haven't even read the book, you automatron.

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    blatant misinformation is already free online

  • It's astounding how polarised people are on current topics, usually depending on where they get their information from. A lot is being censored too - epecially since the 'Trusted News Initiative' was set up in 2020 - have a look at the media and tech companies who are part of that.

    Here is a fascinating conversation on a recent podcast for anyone who is interested in some additional thoughts:

    Paul Kingsnorth sees the vaccine wars as symptomatic of a bigger division between two fundamentally different world views: he calls them “thesis” and “antithesis.” … over the last few months, his perspective changed.
    YouTube link: https://youtu.be/N_uAwsVn10Y (34 mins)

    And another interesting take:
    You’re struggling to understand why some people are vaccine hesitant, TRIGGERnometry co-host Konstantin Kisin explains.
    YouTube link: https://youtu.be/J0ZY3VWYKzQ

    I can definitely understand people's reasons for whatever decisions they have made to this point, and make in the future.

    Writing off people with quick labels is not helpful.

    For instance, I've met many nurses, doctors and other professionals who are not "anti-vax" and have had other shots. They are hesitant about this particular jab though for a variety of reasons and/or for effects they have seen since it's been out. It is a big decision to walk away from a job that they love - not something they take lightly.

    And some friends have only taken the jabs due to the coercion to keep their jobs, or get back certain freedoms that unvaxed have lost. It really is sad to see the division and segregation that has been brought into some parts of Australia - a two-class society.

    I'd encourage you to remember that everyone is a human, and try and understand that they may have many reasons for holding different convictions and points of view to you. Let's remember to respect each other - even from behind anonymous avatars - and let love for one another prevail over fear! :-)

  • Worthless

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