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[Pre Order] Hong Kong Style Egg Tart Baking Kit $18.80 (Was $21.80) + $10 Delivery ($0 with $60 Order) @ JUST BAKE


JUST BAKE is an Australian small business based in Sydney. Enjoy all the fun in baking and leave the work to us. JUST BAKE provides everything you need for gourmet baking - premeasured and prepacked. We share our recipes and inspiration to create desserts like a real pâtissier.

Chinese New Year is around the corner and to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, JUST BAKE has launched a brand new kit - Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts. This baking kit makes 8 egg tarts that will transport your tastebuds to the streets of Hong Kong. We are launching this kit at a prosperous price of $18.80 until the end of CNY (11 Feb). All ingredients and tools required are provided, just BYO the fresh dairies.

Bake this kit to impress your family and friends at your CNY dinners or gift it to a loved one. We provide personalised handwritten cards with your message for each kit.

Shipping is flat rate $10 Australia-wide or free for orders over $60.

Please note: this baking kit is available for pre-order to be shipped after 22nd Jan.

Happy baking!

This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2022

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  • What! Just watch YouTube do it yourself

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    Can you order between Cookie base or puffy pastry base?
    (Technically HK original style is puffy pastry base)

    • Unfortunately we only have cookie base option for now, but we are definitely looking to improve to include puff pastry :)

    • +1

      puffy pastry base

      I don't think the DIY kit can do that, it is not that easy.

      • Well.. they do Frozen Puffy Pastry in supermarkets.. so it is doable.. but not sure how to deliver it in raw form maybe.

  • out of curiosity, how do you ensure the freshness of the eggtart when factor in the delivery time?
    Usually it's best to serve within the day right?

  • +6

    I thought for $20 this would be delivered as per the pic, but no I pay almost $20 for literally just over 90 cents worth of ingredients to then cook myself… how is this a deal, this is ozbargin not ozadvertising

    What does the kit include:
    Plain flour
    Caster sugar
    Milk powder
    Vanilla Extract
    Granulated sugar

    • Wait what? Like you I thought this was going to be complete tarts. Not the ingredients.

      • Am I crazy for thinking I got could 8 tarts for $20 on a bargain website… get out of town!!

        edit: Sorry I just re read your message, you were thinking the same as I was! :)

    • which part of "baking kit" did you not understand?

    • haiyaa no msg

    • this is ozbargain not ozadvertising

      First time?

      • Everyone gets it a little wrong their first time

  • So expensive might as well buy it at the bakery already made and heat it up again. Probably cheaper especially if you take into account postage.

  • And it’s not even delivered at that price

  • just BYO the fresh dairies

    How do I get eggs from a dairy cow? Seems pretty involved.

  • JUST BAKE provides everything you need for gourmet baking?? So what's the difference between normal baking and gourmet baking?

  • +1

    I really wanted to like this, but for $30 delivered, and unknown quality of ingredients and presentation - it's hard to justify.

    If the ingredients were packaged in more than zip lock bags, the tart molds were good quality, and it came with glossy instructions and a proper kit - I could maybe stomach paying $20 for it delivered.

    I like cooking and baking as much as the next person, and am a big fan of trying new recipes through HelloFresh and have done a few kits through Providoor too - that's what you're competing with by pricing it at $30 delivered, and sorry but I haven't seen anything to prove that it would live up that.

    Just trying to give constructive criticism instead of piling onto the "what do you mean they're not already baked?!" comments - no offense, and good luck with the business!

  • So you measure out the ingredients and charge us 500% the cost of ingredients?

    All ingredients and tools required are provided, just BYO the fresh dairies.


    • Toothpicks
    • Tart molds

    From your kitchen:

    • Hand / Stand mixer
    • Sieve
    • Flat baking sheet
    • Measuring cup / Cup with spout
    • Mixing bowls
    • Spatula
    • Whisk
    • Cooling rack

    Yeah this is not a deal at all.

  • With $18, i will just go buy 12-16 Egg Tart!! Much Easier!

  • Sorry OP, like your other deal.

    There is no value for money here at all.

    Would rather pop down the local supermarket to get the ingredients.

    Or just buy it outright.

  • +1

    For $18 you could get a few at yum cha and they will cook it for you and wash the dishes and it will have a proper pastry base!

    28.8/8=3.6. It would not cost you $3.6 to buy one ready made authentic style with pastry base.

  • +2

    A good idea similar to hello fresh, but looks like targeted the wrong audience, aka ozbargainers, although not all is lost as ozbargain website has a lot of members, some may be interested. Agree lots of videos on youtube but still it can be hard for some to get a start. So a kit could be a motivator to help someone to go beyond the first step. I believe just bake may also include making pizza kit etc. If there is a kit to make vietnamese/asian style beef jerky, I will definitely give it a try!

  • +2

    Raw value might not be great but I guess it does make things easy for a novice in the kitchen assuming everything is fairly set out and straight forward to follow. Could also be a nice gift idea for someone just starting out in baking? Eg I've bought the DIY Boba kits which aren't great value just for the novelty of it and also as a gift

  • Looks like a fun gift but not a bargain.

  • Our local haunt at Bankstown sells 8 for about $6. I’ll stick with that option for a genuine bargain.

  • Pretty sure this is more expensive than just going to one of the chinese bakeries if you have access to them. Hell just google a recipe.

  • Egg tarts aren't for celebrating Chinese New Year. OP posted at wrong place and wrong time.

  • +1

    Who you trying to scam OP? Would you realistically pay for this yourself? All you're sending is sugar, flour and most like imitation essence..

    • +1

      What next ? Scone kit…… $30 for two cups of SR Flour?!

  • +1

    worst deal ever

  • +1

    Omg, I thought this was a parody post.

    The ingredients provided are the sorts of thing every household would have anyway and would be worth less than $1 in total.

    The primary and most expensive ingredient is eggs!

    Nice looking site, hope you can make it work, but pricing might need to be looked at.

  • Even you like it. I doubt the kit can get delivered before lunar new year.

  • we bought some at a hk baker store just last week with late lunch special $3 for 6 tarts. taste not bad. how much you want to rip off your customers

  • prosperous price

    Indeed for OP…

  • preposterous price of $18.80

    FTFY; an actual prosperous price would be $8.80

    It's not even flakey puff pastry!

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