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[Pre Order, XSX, XB1] Elden Ring - $46.27 @ Gamivo (Argentina VPN Required for Redeeming Game Code)


Courtesy of HUKD

Price includes processing fee for paying via PayPal, using code DLCOMPARE on checkout. Be sure to disable customer protection and smart price options to see stated price.

Please note a VPN is required for redeeming code on Argentina Xbox Store page, the HOLA and Urban VPN extensions in Google Chrome may be used for free.

1) Enable chosen VPN extension in Google Chrome, set region to Argentina and activate.
2) Go to redeem.microsoft.comand log in using your Microsoft/Xbox account.
3) Redeem purchased code.

Game will then be in your Xbox console library to download.

Please note the game code will be issued upon the game's release (estimate 25/2/2022)

VPN not required for playing the game, just claiming it

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    Can’t speak as far as Gamivo are concerned but have purchased many many games via other regions with similar methods and it’s worked seamlessly. Only issue you might have is depending on the games release schedule - sometimes games don’t release until midnight of the region you’ve purchased from. A few times I’ve not been able to play games until roughly 11am Perth time the day of release.

  • Any deal for PC?

    • On a different website the best I can find is https://www.instant-gaming.com/en/4824-buy-elden-ring-pc-gam..., $66.23 for PC

      • Reviews for that website are a bit sus. I'd be interested for a decent PC price too. But the cheapest I can find is $75.

        • I bought Horizon Zero Dawn Special Edition and No Mans Sky off of there for approx. $20 each and they redeemed fine on Steam. Just one experience though I guess.

        • I've bought Resident Evil Village, 3D Mark, God of War and now have pre-ordered from them Elden Ring.

          I haven't had any issues with them so far.

          Also from their FAQ - https://www.instant-gaming.com/en/frequently-asked-questions...

          "Are the CD keys official?

          This is the question that often comes up when buying on this kind of website. Rest assured, our CD keys are official as they are purchased from authorized resellers: EA Origin, Steam, Battle.net, NCSoft or Ubisoft.

          All our cards are cards SCANNED from the official ones."

          Of course that is what they say, whether you believe them or not it up to you.

          • @Kanosha: Thanks guys @kanosha and @soulbutter for the input! Good to know others have had no issues with them, I think I'll take the risk to save those few $$ :)

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    i had launch edition preordered at eb for $41 (trade in 2x valhalla ($9 each from target) with target gift card and $29 with eb gift card.

  • Is it worth preordering this one? I had use the trade 2 + $29 for Guardians and Far Cry 6. But those have dropped in price so quickly. Is there a reason why this is so cheap so quickly.

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      It's only because of Argentina. It's still an $80 game @ Amazon

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      Most games have a ridiculously cheap price from Argentina from my experience

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        and turkey. they are all my faverate regions. recently paid $10.5 for orgin+odyseey+valhalla base game bundle from Taiwan(a price error fixed in couple of hours )

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    46.27 price does NOT include 2.45 charge for using legitimate payment methods (as opposed to "CS:GO Skins" lolwtf).

  • I thought the gaming community was pretty set on not preordering games

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      For an Xbox game…?

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    Initial purchase failed validation, so I purchased again. Was an error in their system as original transaction processed. Pinged their support and was offered a credit on account on 2nd key. Can’t fault the response as they could have told me to jump.

  • I'm getting a price of $57.42 using the DLCOMPARE code and removing Customer Protection and SMART Price.
    Has the price gone up?

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      Ordered. Price was $60.28 AUD with all the fees and an 'Outside of EU' tax added at the end.
      Would have probably got it from Amazon for $79.90 but as I have both a Series S and Series X I want to be able to play on both consoles.

      Will post an update on the 25th when I attempt to use the code.

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        Downloading now.

        I received my code at 12:43AM Argentinian time on the release date (25th Feb).

        Using the instructions provided by GAMIVO should mean that you don't plug in the Game Key using your XBox.
        I used my tablet (with a VPN) to redeem the Game Key then, when I started up my XBox, it was there available for download.

        The whole process took about 5 minutes.

  • OP: "Please note a VPN is required for redeeming code on Argentina Xbox Store page"

    This didn't work for my Xbox account which was Australia based. I had to switch my Xbox account location to Argentina. Switching countries can only be done once every 3 months.

    • I didn't have to do this for Cyberpunk 2077, which I ordered from the same site (as a test).
      I did all of the redemption on my tablet using a VPN.

      Next time I logged into my Xbox Cyberpunk 2077 was there available for download.
      No changing of region for my XBox was required.

      Will update tomorrow.

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        Same, some VPNs don't seem to work. UrbanVPN worked fine for me when I bought the Witcher 3 off Gamivo the other day. Hoping it will work ok tomorrow when I get the key for this

        • They could be blocking some VPN ip addresses.

  • Bought for $59.51.

    So I now wait for the game to officially release in Argentina to get my key? Can I preload (download) the game on XSX before I get the key?

    • No, you will need the key to preload. If it takes too long to receive you have my permission to get the game from EB in the morning and return it when your code arrives ;)

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        That is incorrect. You can preload the game by using the Xbox App (on Android or iOS). Simply search Elden, go to Elden Ring and clink download to console (assuming you've setup remote downloads etc).

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      Thought I’d be waiting till tomorrow to get the key but got it a few hours ago after work.

      Tried to redeem through TunnelBear on my phone but that didn’t work. It worked with the Urban VPN Chrome extension on a MacBook and as per the instructions on Gamivo.

      Now to choose a starting class.

      • still waiting for mine. Expected to get it tomorrow as well and so far it looks like it will be

        • Got mine at 4am, went through no problems

      • Urban VPN Chrome on my Mac also worked

  • Paid $53. Got it 4am this morning.Activated it using Hola VPN. Smooth transaction.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    worked flawlessy as of the 2nd March also use: CODEHEAVE for 5%

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