Pocketbook Alternative / Multiple Transaction & CC Account Aggregator

I have had a system in place for a couple of years now with Pocketbook. I add all my accounts in (big CC churner so it makes it very easy), and teach the algorithm what categories things fit into, manually fix the rest. Then once a month I pull the pocketbook data as a CSV and put it into my own excel sheet I use for budgeting and tracking. It then puts all those into my specific budget categories and shows me a countdown of how much each different budget has been used for the year.
With Pocketbook now going down the toilet in terms of actually pulling all transactions I am looking for another way/app/website to pull my data from multiple different accounts. I have looked at things like Frollo, but they don't provide an export feature, there are some others that if you pay a subscription fee you can get exports (they are all open banking apps). I was hoping for a free version. Even if there is some way to automatically pull data from my accounts and plonk it into my excel/google sheet.

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    Money brilliant?

    • Wow this looks very promising thank you!

    • And I can't actually access this because I don't have a corporate code :S

  • I'm too cheap to pay a monthly fee for a service like this but if I had to choose, I'd choose PocketSmith

    • Same boat don't want to pay a fee for it knowing I will be the data they are selling. I haven't finished checking out money brilliant but it looks promising

  • and now, as you predicted, Pocketbook is closing. https://help.getpocketbook.com/hc/en-us/articles/51019696375...

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      Shame the code isn't open sourced. Would love a little self-hosted python version.

  • So disappointed with the notice that they're closing, I've been using it for years. However it's given an opportunity to look at alternatives.

    I've signed up to Frollo and it's amazing, great app interface and it was the first to utilise Open Banking to pull data. For most of the big banks you can use open banking to pull your balances and transactions rather than your internet banking credentials for them to screen scrape.

    • However you can't extract your own data so it's not useful for me unfortunately

      • I was thinking the same thing. If Frollo had a web interface like pocketbook does that would allow me to capture my data

  • Is Frollo the best free alternative to Pocketbook? Anyone tried and can give their opinion or know of a better free alternative?

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