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Vornado Air Circulator 460 Small Air Circulator $135 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This is a non-DC version, it's said to be more noisy and has three speeds instead of smooth control.

Good for cooling in summer and for moving the hot air around the room from below your ceiling in winter.

About this item

Whole room vortex circulation
Moves air up to 21m
Multidirectional air flow
3 Speed control

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  • What about this one?
    Vornado Air Circulator 660 Large Air Circulator, White https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B077R3CH7M/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    • Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

  • +1

    I love my vornado, the only downside is, it does not come with a remote control.

    • DC models have a manual knob to turn it on, then if you turn it further the speed increases.
      If you combine this with a smart power point. you can remotely control it with your phone etc..

      The DC fans are more expensive, but they use less electricity and are quieter

      • Ah didn't know they have a manual knob model, most of the time the one on sale are the non manual knob one.

        I guess with the non manual knob one you can try to use switchbot to make it "smart" too

  • LOL, there is a photo in the ad comparing "Ordinary Fan vs Vornado Air Circulator"….the cost of a Ordinary Fan is less than $15, I can have them at every corner of my home and still cost a lot less than the Circulator…

    • +3

      Yeah, that's 100% true, but with a fan in every corner of your home, you also increase the clutter.

      Vornado's expensive.

      • and electricity

    • Why own and drive a car when a bicycle will do the job? Why order fast food when you can cook it yourself at home?

      There must be a reason we all do these things!

  • +1

    I have one of these in my study and a Dyson in another room. I think the Vornado is more effective with the exception that it does not oscillate.

    • none of the Vornado's oscillate (because they dont need to)

  • +1

    For a bit more money, get the VMH300 or VMH350 it's a whole room heater with normal fan mode, good to hear you up 1 room in winter as well.

  • +2

    Get the Xiaomi fan. It's quiet and rechargeable. I was going to buy a Vornado air circulator in 2019 and am glad I ended up buying the Xiaomi fan.

    • Vornado is much smaller then xiaomi

    • Returned my air circulator and got the Xiaomi a few years back. Xiaomi almost silent in low speeds, yet turns over more than enough air at high.

      Use the Xiaomi all year, keeps the air moving nicely in the winter too.

  • +7

    People are comparing these to pedastal fans but they are meant for a very different purpose, are they not? I dont have one so cant comment but thats what all the marketing info shows? My impression is that a pedastal fan you need to be close to and in front of, the Vornado is meant to circulate air all around the room so you dont need to be in front of it? Anyone that owns one can confirm that it actually works well?

    • +1

      you're spot on - i have a vornado 660 and it's an air circulator more than a fan (although it is still a fan). i use it to circulate air or if my room is hot during summer but it's cooler outside, i use it to draw cool air in from outside and it works very, very well for this.

      • How do you get it to draw air from outside? My baby's room gets warm overnight but the rest of the apartment is cool.

        • if the rest of the apartment is cool, just point the fan out the window, it'll blow hot air out and draw in cooler air from the rest of the apartment.

          if everything inside the house is hot but the outside is cool, i usually open a few windows and just direct air either in or out (doesn't really make that much of a difference besides the perceived cooling from airflow on skin)

        • Either have the air inside pushed out through a window or have the air outside pushed inside (having the balcony door open and have the fan push the air from around the door?).

    • +1

      yep, recently picked up a 660 and put it in the bedroom. Pointing it a slight angle up at the ceiling just to get a bit of air movement going and I much prefer it over a pedestal fan. Much gentler breeze gets going and to me gets the room to the outside temperature at night much quicker. If it's too hot outside, gets the AC working less.

      If its hot enough during the day I move it into the hallway and put it on full blast to jet a/c into the office or place it so it gets at the dead spots in the living room.

      I'm a convert, waiting for a deal on the 633dc now to replace the one in the bedroom and get the 660 doing general work around the house.

  • +1

    The small vornado are amazing (and potentially better than my mates larger DC one).

    My aircons been broken the past week so i've had to use this, sit it out on the balcony or near the window, doesn't have to face you but just pushes air through the room.

    You can still point it at yourself while sleeping on the lowest setting and its quite nice and cool. Better than the expensive Dyson fan that I also have going here - the versatility with how small it is, is great. Moving houses all the time I can just take it with me and ensure I have a versatile air circulator ready to go, i'd say buy one for Summer, wont regret it.

  • One of the greatest usage I have for a Vornado fan is getting rid of smoke by circulating the air in (or out) of the kitchen. It works far better than a pedestal fan I had.

  • I've had a $20 fan for 20 years now - it just works. We don't use it that often; maybe 10x through summer (no air con). Woolworths have them for $15 now https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/1073837856...

  • How well do these work for cooling down on an in indoor bike trainer? I use earphones so noise isn't a big factor.

    • +1

      I’ve used a 633DC and a 533DC. I’d go for a bigger one if you can, but they’re brilliant with a trainer as you can aim them “just so”. One thing to watch is the switches though - I went with the DC because the non-DC versions didn’t retain their settings (momentary switches), whereas I have the DC on a power board with the trainer so one switch to turn both on. This one looks yo have a physical twist knob though, so should be ok.

      • Thanks! Also it comes in black for the same price

  • I've got a 633DC and a Xiaomi 2S fan and a Kogan DC fan so you could say I'm a big of a fan of fans. One benefit of the Vornado that you might not realise is how easily you can take it from room to room or adjust it. With a bigger pedestal fan it's always a bit of a faff to pick it up and take it through doorways. With the Vornado you simply pick it up with the built in handle and carry it and set it down like a bag. Great if you need to cool down different rooms throughout the day.

    • Is the dc kogan fan a lot stronger than the 2s smartmi?

      • +1

        I've got the one a generation or two behind the one currently listed as "Kogan DC fan" on their website but from what I can see, yes it seems stronger. This is because the diameter of the Kogan is simply larger. The Xiaomi 2S diameter is quite small and I would say it's only suitable for pointing at a bed which is how I use it. On quiet modes they're both absolutely silent though.

  • +1

    Cheaper on Good Guys Commercial site if you have access:
    Vornado 460 Small Air Circulator - $105
    Vornado 660 Large Air Circulator - $160
    Vornado 633DC Energy Smart Box Air Circulator - $170

  • +1

    Bought a 633 from Amazon around Black Friday and returned it as I didn't find it to be any different from my cheapo tower fan. Definitely a lot smaller than my tower fan, so was impressive to get roughly the same performance, but didn't find it to be worth the premium.

    • +1

      You saved my money. Thanks

    • Care to share what cheapo tower fan can blow air as strong as this tiny Vornado model?

  • This fan is soo loud I usually set on the lowest setting and point it directly at me :( .. could of done with a $15 fan

    • I am sure these are more for ventilation (because outside air is colder or you want fresh air in etc), or to aid the air conditioning (to circulate heated air from heating or to circulate cooled air). I don't think you are meant to think of these as a "better and more expensive pedestal fan"?

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