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Montgomery 1830x910x410mm 5 Tier Shelving Unit $39.99 + Delivery ($0 in-Store) @ Bunnings


10 cents more than previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643014
RRP $46 so not a great deal but ok.
Likely to match incoming Aldi deal https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-29-...
Can easily put 5 boxes in i30 boot. Roughly 20kg each.

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  • Are these modular? As in do I need to use use all five shelves horizontally or can I split them out to say 3 + 2?

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      There has to be one in the middle as it is used to connect the top and bottom sections, but the others can be moved wherever

      • Thanks - so are the bars/pillars/columns on each corner one giant bar or are they only the height of one shelf? If you know what I mean. It's the actual height of the bars that I am worried about. If I can lower that I will buy a few.

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          The verticals are in two pieces. So you can make one unit ~1800 high or two units each ~900 high

          • @abb: One unit wont have a centre shelf though

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          8x 915mm posts.
          So you create two 915mm high units.
          There are there are adapters to "join" two on top of each other to make the full 1830mm hight if you want. You need to use one of the shelves at the join to keep it all together.

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            @whitcut: Thank you DeepHorizon, abb and whitcut

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            @whitcut: You could, with some caveats:

            • there are adapters, but the instructions do say to put at shelf at the joint too. The adapters are basically a pin that slides through some loops on the inside of the verticals, similar to a door hinge, so the joint isn't very strong without the shelf and I'd be dubious putting much weight on the top half without a shelf at the join.
            • the box only comes with one set of the 4 plastic "feet" that sit over the end of the rails. So if you're happy to have the metal rails on your the floor, or can source some more feet, then have at it
            • there's only 5 shelves, so it'd be a 3-tier (top + bottom + somewhere in between) and a 2-tier (top + bottom)
            • @Chandler: does anyone know what's the best fitting "pins"/nails that hopefully bunnings has to do the extra tall extension?

              By eye it looked like roughly 8cm tall, 2mm wide, bullet head nails?

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      Pretty sure I have these exact units.
      I have them setup as two 915mm high units, 3 shelves on one and 2 shelves on the other.
      The only issue I had with that setup is you only get 4 rubber feet, so only enough for one unit.

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      I know your your talking about and yes you can do it, but it only comes with enough of the feet for 1 shelf so if you split the split shelf wont have any feet unless you can find them for sale somewhere.

      • Thanks for the tip Axelstrife. Can I buy the feet off yours? Lol.

        Would just standard pieces of rubber work?

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          I found that the metal frame is too thin to properly fasten anything to.
          I am sure there are better ways to do it, but I personally didnt think of the issue until I was home from Bunnings already.
          So I just came up with something using stuff I had lying around.
          So wrapped duct tape around it in the triangle shape with some sticking over the end, then folded it 90 degrees to give it a base, then glued felt to bottom.
          I am sure Bunnings sells rubber cups for seat legs or something that might work a whole lot better (assuming the dimensions haven't changed in the last few years looks to be 3.5mm x 3.5mm)

          • @whitcut: Great idea. Thanks for that. I may go and grab a couple an an extra roll of duct tape.

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              @b2dz: These would work. They won't stick to the legs, but the legs can sit in them nicely.

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                @NigelTufnel: You'd want to use them in leiu of the feet on both sets of shelves, as the feet they come with are quite thin and so they wouldn't sit at the same heigh side-by-side. Unless you're happy with that, of course.

    • Hmm thinking about doing something similar but getting 3 units and making 2 units at 2.745 meters high.

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        At that height you may want to anchor them?

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          Yes it's in a colourbond shed, so i will anchor it to the horizontal wall girts. Then store the heavier tubs down low, and light tubs up high.

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    Damn, no stock in coburg, what a shame, although considering rrp is 46 its not like I'm missing much

  • The Aldi one holds 175kg per shelf, this one is only $150kg

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      German engineering

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        What part of China is that?

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      If it's anything like the previous deals, the Aldi/Super Cheap versions are much worse than Bunnings in terms of fit and finish and ease of putting together.

    • I wouldn't put even 100kg on a shelf though unless well distributed weight. Not a chance in hell would I load it up with 750kg all up. Having said that I have 6 of these, so I clearly don't think they're shit, they are just way over rated with weight spec.

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        I wouldn't put even 100kg on a shelf though unless well distributed weight.

        I was going to put in all on 1 square centimetre, then sue for false advertising.

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    Have five of these for the last 6 months and have been a game changer and sorting my shed. I would have themover weight to with oils and tools and are holding up okays. Might grab another one. Thanks OP

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    Goddamnit i just bought this yesterday.

    • Buy another and return on old receipt? If you can be bothered…

      • Nah, by the time I drove there, would cost me at least $2 already.

        Initally bought Pinnacle brand @ $39 ea but a tad smaller, so I'd exchange it to this instead.

        Oh well…

    • I just bought two of them, 5 days ago. lol

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    Have one of these for about 3 years now, very good at this price, can recommend. One day I will be bothered to add a backing board to it though as stuff generally gets pushed off and falls out the back.

    • same haha

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      as stuff generally gets pushed off and falls out the back.

      Tell the person pushing it to stop.

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        jv's personal commenting mantra: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

      • Could be a cat by the sounds of things

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    These are pretty good shelves but like Gremlins don't get them wet.

    • And do not feed them after midnight!

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      I have random bits of cardboard under some of the potentially wet items like hose reels or nozzles. It's not foolproof but yeah better any minor spills or drops go on that than the MDF.

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        You can get black plastic sheets (rolls), cut them out, then put them down taut on the shelf and either staple them to the mdf, use little nails or even tuck them into the shelves so that they won't move.

  • Just my luck I bought 2 of these on Monday…
    Otherwise, these are great for the price and really easy to make (unlike the Officeworks Hammerfest)

    • Ask for the price difference or buy at the current price, return with the Monday receipt.

      edit: Just realised it might not be worth it:

      RRP $46

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    I wish the heavy duty Pinnacle ones would go in sale. Would much rather the 540mm depth

    • This! I need heavy duty (ish) racking for the shed. These just don't cut the weight requirements.

      • Have your asked your tools to go on a diet?

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    Sorry for a daft question but how does this differ from the $150-$200 5-shelf units from Pinnacle also available at Bunnings? eg https://www.bunnings.com.au/pinnacle-1830-x-1200-x-410mm-5-t...

    (they offer various sizes/specs but just seems significantly more expensive)

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      The Pinnacle is a wider unit plus I think the frame might be coated with something (or simply painted) such that they're not as rough/raw.

      I have both and they're functionally the same apart from the width and storage capacity. If appearance is not an issue, go with the cheaper

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      If you’re looking for something a little bigger this is the best bang for your buck vs the one you linked.

      Another 13cm deeper and a few bucks cheaper. These also have a reinforcing bar in the middle of the shelves vs the $39 unit.

      I went with these as I needs the extra depth (540mm vs 410mm)


      • +1

        Thanks. I actually just linked to a random item from that brand because I previously bought Pinnacle shelves for our garage/storage nook in our apartment building and thought they were pretty solid/good quality, but then I wondered if maybe I had overspent since these were less than half the price.

    • From my own research I get the feeling the Pinnacle units might be a slightly better quality. Pinnacle also seem to have a wider range of units - i.e. we've got one of the Pinnacle corner units sitting next to the Montgomery ones (since Montgomery don't have a corner version)

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        From my own research I get the feeling the Pinnacle units might be a slightly better quality

        They should be if they are the pinnacle

  • Darn I just bought this at rrp a couple of days ago

    • same lol. There goes my eneloop money

  • +3

    Can easily put 5 boxes in i30 boot.

    Can I borrow someone's i30 please? Got an Everest.

    • I don't think an i30 will fit in an Everest

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    Bought this last time and they are super wobbly. I had to put really heavy stuff at the bottom shelf to make it usable. Any ideas on how to improve the stability?

    • I hear putting really heavy stuff on the bottom shelf helps.

      They come with wall fasteners. If you have kids around or are generally concerned about stability you should fix it to the wall.

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      If you're worried about them falling over, then you either need to attach to a wall, or do what you've done with weight on the bottom. If you're worried about twisting or bending, then the easiest way would be bracing with a piece of ply across the back.

    • Pretty sure the instructions state to secure it to the wall at the top, as like most storage furniture these days.

    • They are only wobbly if the floor is not flat, which is not unusual.Put something solid under the high leg(s) and affix to wall. Heavy items always on the lowest shelves.

  • Been waiting for this for a couple of months, past record shows aldi had a sale on this last year 22/1/21, so I was waiting for bunnings to match it. I was very tempted to buy a couple of weeks ago.

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    These are excellent value for money even at $46. I would recommend if you're planning to put a lot of weight on it to replace the mdf racks with this Rack It wire rack. Fits perfectly and avoids any bowing in the mdf.

    • Very interesting and only $13 a shelf. Although replacing with ply sounds like an option too.

      We have a sunroom at the back of our house and have been looking for shelving. Is it nice enough for indoors?

      • "nice enough for indoors" is very subjective. Mine are in the garage and sheds.

        But it's not really intended for outdoors anyway…

        • Fair point. This is the room we hang our laundry in to give some context.

          Anyway, I only need two so it’s not a huge investment. Can then decide if the wire racks are worth it later…

    • They would make giant outdoor racks for plants with these. Thanks.

  • Great shelves I have 5 in my garage for my shoe collection

    • +9

      We need pics of this. That's a lot of shoes.

  • I have the Aldi ones bought the last time they were on sale.

    Cheap and nasty but do the job.

    Aldi shelf boards are a thin piece of masonite.

    You probably have to spend near twice the money or more to get something better.

  • Quality is better than the 50 bucks shelves on ebay

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    Don't buy the Aldi one. It is horrid. A lot of their stuff is good, their boltless shelf unit is not among them.

    I bought this originally, and it is damn near impossible to put together, the locking tabs that hold the frame together just don't fit into place, so you end up bending them about with a screwdriver to fruitlessly try and get them to slot together, attempting to hold one end in place while you whack the other end with a mallet, and getting your hands sliced to bits by the sharp edges. I spent a couple of hours in frustration with it and got rid of the damn thing.

    I replaced it with this same Montgomery one (or possibly one of the other sizes, it doesn't matter) and it slots together with zero effort and hassle.

    • Similar comments last year about Aldi despite spec says it holds more kg per shelf, the Montgomery deal got 190 plus vote last year.

    • Yeah I had the same experience with some Stratco shelves we've got (prior to getting the Montgomery ones)

  • +1

    This type of tool-less shelves used to be closer to $100 mark, the price has really come down in general, a set of 3 to 5 of these shelves to tidy up the garage is quite affordable now.

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    I bought 4 of these last deal - keep in mind if you want to put them in a storeroom in your internal garage/house, the MDF shelving arrives covered in dust and smells toxic for ages. You need a HEPA filter vac and ventilation when new. It can apparently take a lot of weight but over time the shelves sag if the weight is a heavy paint tin or the likes in the middle of the shelf

    • if you could buy another shelf/brand over this, which one would you recommend?

      • Of the 6 different sets of shelves in my garage the ones I like most are the set I got from Costco. Lovely curved edges so no blood donations during assembly. By far the thickest 'wood' used for the shelves, and no concerns about water damage to them due to being melamine coated.
        Only downside is the plastic used to connect the legs together doesn't like being removed without damage so I would avoid separating the legs once assembled if possible.


        Think I paid about $110ish each a couple years ago when it was on sale.

  • Can we put this outdoor? Such as patio with roof?

    • As long as it won't be hit with any water slashes, it'll be fine. The MDF shelves will become damaged more easily than any other wood product if they become wet.

      The supports are coated metal.

      • +1

        That's understandable. Thanks for the feedback :)

    • +2

      Mine that are outside but under cover and got covered in mould.
      I painted the MDF to fix the issue.
      But I'm also in the tropics with high humidity

      • Ahh ic. So even if it's under cover, it could still get covered in mould.
        That sucks :(

        • Mine got mould in the garage that were low down just near the panel lift door opening - that was inside but constantly getting the breeze from the gaps at the sides of the panel lift door and moisture…
          so i'd say no to outside

          • @MrFrugalSpend: Oh wow.. I also had these in the garage but so far it seems fine.
            Definitely not gonna get this for outdoor then

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    I bought 3 of theses assembled one and return the rest. After that I went for the Pinnacle brand also from Bunnings, it's much better built and more stable. Stay away from Montgomery is my recommendation.

    The most obvious difference is the mechanism where they secure the top level shelf and bottom level shelf, Montgomery provided a lousy needle where as Pinnacle have a huge steel plate to secure the connecting point.

    • +1

      Ah so that’s the difference! I have a pinnacle shelf and thought these all looked exactly the same and maybe I overpaid for the same item with a different name slapped on it. Good to know thank you, can be very hard to tell online!

      • +1

        Same here. I was wondering if I had to hand back my OzB licence as I'd also bought Pinnacle for the garage (and have very heavy stuff on them).

    • Really? My Pinnacle only has a needle to connect the 2 halves as well. Granted I bought it about 4 years ago, so maybe they've changed…
      But not such a big issue when you use the middle shelf across both as the added support as suggested.

      This suggests it's only a pin too. See pic.

      Biggest difference is the middle brace on the shelves I think. But that only comes in on the 1200 version I think, not the 900 x 300.

    • Looks like Montgomery is the lower end brand owned by Pinnacle: https://www.pinnacle.net.au/product/montgomery-heavy-duty-st...

      I am very happy with my MDF-free Pinnacle unit. Ended up cutting it in half and creating a bench (2 shelves) and 3 shelves on the other one.

    • do you recall if the Pinnacle ones include extra connecting plates? Like can you stack 2 sets?

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. I've got a new garage so I'll need some shelving. I also received a Bunnings giftcard for Christmas so that's going to be handy.

  • +1

    Bought one of these for the garage a few weeks ago. Very happy with it. As mentioned above, it does smell a little for a while. The metal frame is also grey rather than black.

  • do you need a screwdriver to assemble this? if so, what kind?

    • No. Maybe a rubber mallet or hammer to lock the shelves in, but no screwdriver unless you're bolting/screwing to the wall

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