Amazon Seller Failed to Deliver, Now Item Is Available Again for Higher Price (from A Different Seller)

Hi all, looking for some advice or previous experience with this. I recently bought an item from Amazon which i was charged for and was expecting to be delivered at the beginning of this week. I have Amazon Prime if that matters.

Long story short it never arrived, I got an email from Amazon that stated it could not be delivered and that a refund would be provided. Anyway I still need the product so back to Amazon I go, and it is still available for about ~$6 more. ($6 on a $120 purchase from a different seller for clarity)

Have probably ordered and had about 40 packages over the last 12 months, so there is nothing wrong with my address, or other Amazon account details.

Seems a bit lousy to be caught for an extra $6, and I was wondering if there are any hot tips to get the benefit of the cheaper price I had before? I cant for the life of me find anyway to speak to a Amazon rep or see how they handle situations like this.

Any similar experience from anyone here in the home of all bargains?

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    Amazon chat is very easy and generous

    • Any advice on where to actually find the chat option? i just cannot for the life of me locate it…

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        Google contact Amazon, then select or enter in your order number then choose the options from drop down then on the bottom you will see chat option. Their courtesy credit is generally for items sold by Amazon Au itself but you can always use the credit for future usess.

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    Depends how much you value your time for $6..

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      I'd say the time was already spent

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        lol only if you actually attribute any value to your time…jk

        The 6 dollars is definitely spent, it is more the principle really of an item still actually being available on the site but I now need to pay more

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    from a different seller

    No chance

    • fair enough, that is kind of what i would have thought alright

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        I did give the OP of this particular thread an upvote but thinking back through my purchases over the years there was a situation that is kinda similar maybe??. Maybe if you play your cards right and depending on what your product is, maybe you can get a favourable outcome.

        A while ago I bought a foldable utility knife and a cold brew coffee maker from Amazon US. Apparently the cold brew pot was destroyed in transit and they had to cancel and refund my order. I had to reorder both items. In my case I was lucky that price(s) had changed and was actually cheaper. Thing was I was starting a new warehousing job and really wanted to have the knife sooner rather than later. I had a chat to Amazon and gave them my story and they were able to upgrade my shipping to their fastest shipping method (faster than the usual Prime method) for free. Maybe you can work something out, if you get the right customer rep and can convince them that you deserve something.

  • Amazon aren't setting the prices so they couldn't simply price match a historical price or send sellers two's item even if it is the same. If seller one still stocks the price but at more than $126 then maaaybe you could ask them to give you a coupon for the old price or something if the delivery failure was due to some technical click rather than lack of stock.

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    It's basically a different shop under no obligation to match the price.

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    Only if the item is sold and fulfilled by Amazon will this work. No chance with a private seller.

    • I thought the first order was from Amazon but then I re-read op mentioned Amazon Seller in title - third party seller? Which is it?

      • I understood it as a third party seller. I might be wrong.

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    Isn't this like going to Big W and asking them to give you a discount because K Mart sold it for cheaper?
    It's at the discretion of the seller.

  • Crowdfund the $6?

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      care to contribute?

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    Yes, once my order from black friday deal was not delivered. I complained to amazon customer service and they provided me with a voucher that can be used for that one product to bring the price down to the price as the black friday deal

    • Was Amazon the seller for both purchases?

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