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Innoscreen COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit, 20 Pack $285 Delivery @ Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers


We have the COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit, 20 Pack for $285

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Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers
Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers

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  • +2

    So just over $80 for 5 tests? What a bargain!


  • nah

  • Selling out in 3, 2, 1…..

  • Ozripoff

  • Get out of here

  • Yeah … nuh! Few weeks RATs will be plentiful and half this price. No thanks.

  • not bargain
    You guys trying to get profit right ?

  • People might pay for this price a month ago but not now. You miss the boat.

  • Parasites

  • These vendors should be reported,

  • Save an additional 10cents per 5 pack if you get 10!

  • u guys should stay with your garden/bricklayer and don't sell PPE equipment e.g mask as well.

  • joke

  • Be aware the listing seems to suggest they are not sending them in the original packaging. You'll gets the bits and pieces I guess thrown in a baggy by the look of it.

    • According to TGA website:
      “ All rapid antigen self-tests should be in the original approved packaging. If test packs are divided and repackaged, it is possible that the test will not work properly if all components are not included or the correct instructions are not provided. If the packaging around the test kit has been damaged, or the test is exposed to excessive light or heat, it may not work properly. Consumers are advised the best assurance that the COVID-19 self-test kits they purchase will work properly is to only purchase products in their original packaging.

      If you have any concerns about how COVID-19 rapid antigen self-tests are being sold in retail outlets, you can report a perceived breach or questionable practice to the TGA.”


      • They seem to have updated it now and selling them in the 20 pack at least. Still gouging, but at least selling them in appropriate packaging.

      • +1

        Hi, please note that we are not price gouging. The mark up is not big at all.

  • +2

    You tried ripping us off 2 days ago and you're doing it again now. Have a neg for both!

  • Shameful.

  • Wow. That price would cut into my Fartbook and Scamtree scalping profits…

  • Perhaps all these price gouging panel beaters, concrete cutters, grocery stores, etc should be on a denylist for OzB so that once the sixty jillion RATs that the government have ordered arrive and supply is better, we can remember that these businesses tried to scalp the rapid tests and we can choose not to buy anything from them. EVER.

  • Ridiculous price.

  • Made in Australia. Reasonable price.
    Thanks op

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