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50% off Pick Up Orders at Selected Stores (Excludes Value, Value Max, Half & Half) @ Domino’s

  • Excludes Value, Value Max Pizzas and Half 'n' Half (Also Melbourne Range for VIC)
  • Appears to be corporate owned stores only
  • Great way to try the chicken & deserts if you've never seen them at this price before

Valid At The Following Domino's Stores:

• Beaconsfield
• Bulleen
• Caulfield
• Croydon
• Darlinghurst
• Diamond Creek
• Drouin
• Endeavour Hills
• Enmore
• Epping (NSW)
• Five Dock
• Flemington
• Fortitude Valley
• Geelong CBD
• Glebe
• Hampton
• Heidelberg
• Highton
• Hoddle St
• Innisfail
• Leichhardt
• Lower Plenty
• Manly
• Maribyrnong
• Mordialloc
• Newtown (NSW)
• North Melbourne
• Oakleigh
• Parramatta
• Preston
• Pymble
• Queen St (Qld)
• Richmond
• St Kilda
• St Kilda East
• Surry Hills
• Tura Beach
• Turramurra
• Warragul
• Wetherill Park & Williamstown
• Altona North

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  • +6

    no good, no accept

  • +3

    Does anyone know if there's an easy way to tell if a dominos is a franchise or a corporate store? Frugalfeeds mentions this is more likely available at corporate stores

    • Says on the receipt. Could probably contact shareholder relations and get a list.

  • +1

    This works at the Fitzroy St., St Kilda store.

  • +2

    Works at Seabrook Store,thanks OP

  • +1

    Works at Caulfield vic

  • +1

    Why would anyone report this post ?

    Anyways, thanks for sharing Op.

    • Thanks to op and those who report which stores work. Looks like a collective effort to make this bargain work.

  • +4

    Works at Epping NSW

    • +1

      Legend mate, can confirm it works

  • Not accepted by all stores close to me on the south side of Brisbane

  • Decent offer if you havent had the desserts/sides, they are quite small tho.

  • +1

    works at hamilton harbour,brisbane

    • second this, probably because it's their HQ in Brisbane or whatever.

  • doesnt work in 4053

  • Doesnt work Northlakes Kallangur Deception Bay Murrumba Downs Everton park Gave up after that

  • Works in Queen Street Brisbane CBD

  • +16

    My local has been giving me 50% less toppings since forever.

    • Haahhaahaha.. looks like store owner's bargaining. Lol

  • What do you all recommend me to try? (desserts/sides)

    • +6

      Thick Shakes are the best in OZ .

      • +1

        How big are they? Are they equivalent to a Maccas S/M/L?

      • +3

        Bro bro.. THE BEST SHAKES.
        Also, if anyone haven't realised you can use this coupon to place an order for future too i.e for 29,30,31. Worked for me.

        • +1

          I bought it and they had no cream so gave me a $1 back. $2.50 for a shake and it was sooooo good

      • with or without cream?

  • +1

    Just saw the value range pizzas most of them are now eight dollars instead of five. I wouldn’t call that value

    • +1

      Thats the value max range - same shit just an extra topping on most

      • +2

        but they don't even put extra topping

      • +2

        Nah it’s the same shit but $8 instead of $5

  • Might be obvious, but you should add pick up only to the deal.

  • +4

    How can I ever order past $4.99 for 3 pizzas delivered ever again? 😂😂

  • Works for Turramurra NSW (2074)

  • +1

    Not accepted Miami or West Burleigh, QLD

  • +23

    I believe the list of stores it works at is (corporate stores):

    Altona North, Beaconsfield, Bulleen, Caulfield, Croydon, Darlinghurst, Diamond Creek, Drouin, Endeavour Hills, Enmore, Epping (NSW), Five Dock, Flemington, Fortitude Valley, Geelong CBD, Glebe, Hampton, Heidelberg, Highton, Hoddle St, Innisfail, Leichhardt, Lower Plenty, Manly, Maribyrnong, Mordialloc, Newtown (NSW), North Melbourne, Oakleigh, Parramatta, Preston, Pymble, Queen St (Qld), Richmond, St Kilda, St Kilda East, Surry Hills, Tura Beach, Turramurra, Warragul, Wetherill Park & Williamstown

    • +1

      Thanks Doweyy, don't know why you were negged, I can only assume someone did it accidentally.

      • is it easy parking at mordialloc?

        • was bit confusing driving/parking to the front

  • Its working at Croydon, Vic, doesnt work at any of the surrounding ones, Knox, Lilydale, Ferntree Gully, Bayswater Nth

  • Are the chicken wings any good?

    • Just had some. They are pretty good.

  • No good for Matraville, Riverwood, Penshurst, Bankstown etc etc

    Seems that list above is pretty accurate

    • Works for Penshurst, ordered the shakes and 50 chicken bites

      • Maybe I order s the wrong thing??

  • Just today?

    • +1

      Or till 2 Feb (5 days left) like this very page indicates?

      • +1

        Ahh soz, was looking in the description, as you were….

  • List seems accurate as it doesnt work near me (closest being Epping… meh, not close enough).

  • Essendon isn’t on the list, but works!

  • +1

    Endeavour Hills 3802 works

  • +1

    Seems the custard puffs aren't included.

  • +1

    Big box of 50 popcorn chicken $5 😍
    .. I mean "southern style chicken bites"

  • +1

    Also working at Sunnybank qld

    • Hey thanks for sharing that as not my local but worth the trip, and was already going to order from Domino's tonight anyway.

  • +4

    I saw these geezers use their hands to make the pizza, no gloves. Yes I know the oven should in theory kill off 'the corona' but what if 1 corona survives and then everyone in the household get's the virus and then the people in the family with health issues die or lose their lung capacity so now they can't play sports forever and what if grandma ma dies? What if the 1 Corona then infects the rest of the extended family and someone who didn't know they had respiratory issues, they catch it and they die? Or worse get really sick and have life long issues. How will they work, earn money if they have issues long term? How will they pay the mortgage? Will the children have to start working full time at age 15 to support the family? So many questions…..but 50% off….I couldn't resist just ordered it for dinner for the family, will further nuke it in the Microwave when I get it home to hopefully get the last corona off the pizza.

    • +7

      Have you tried a slice of lemon? I heard that works well with the Coronas

    • Buy a pizza and a slab then all your worries will disappear in the short term.

    • -2

      Government brainwashing campaign still going well I see.

    • It can be a bit tricky picking up ingredients with gloves on, i'd like to believe they at least wash their hands thoroughly before making food though, Were they wearing masks? and properly, not hanging off so its not covering their nose? Pretty much the only places i trust to make my food in this pandemic is McDonald's and a few other local places where i know the staff, anywhere else i stand outside & look in the window to spy on them first lol, no masks or gloves then i don't order from them.

  • I found hair in my pizza :(

    • Was it sexy blonde hair?

      • Black.

        • +1

          Black wiry hairs matter

        • If it's curly, it could be pubes.

          • @dreamscene: The hair was straight however I had to do a no.3 at 4am that night…

  • No stores in Freo area. Looking at Doweyy's list appears WA misses out once again

  • 3 for $5 delivered. Those were the days. Sigh.

    • Mine got cancelled

  • Works at Caringbah, NSW

  • Naked wings coupon works, tandoori wings doesn't work…. Wtf

  • Churros didn't come down. Unfortunately didn't realise until after I clicked pay

  • Does anyone know a 50% off code for premium pizzas delivered?

  • +1

    With the newly aquired experience from this deal

    1. The thickshakes are milkshakes. They are not thick at all. Utter disappointment. Still a fine milkshake, but if you sell me a thickshake, I want that (profanity) to take effort to slurp.
    2. The wings with the hot sauce, is so far from hot it's not funny. It's honestly milder than your average little sweet chilli sauce. Still a nice sauce, absolutely fine, but don't tell me it's hot when the goddamn chicken bites had more kick.
    3. They really don't check that much, last night I ordered a pizza and some other stuff and hit pay in store and for the second time in a month or so, they let me walk out without paying, assuming I'd already paid.

    All in all, for a thickshake, 2 pizzas, 2 boxes of chicken bites, and 10 wings, after his stuffup on the first visit, $11.50 was a pretty sweet price total.

    • "hit pay in store and for the second time in a month or so, they let me walk out without paying, assuming I'd already paid."
      Cheers for the newest bargin fella

      • I didn't intend to! I went in with my card and everything, stood there for like 3 minutes while I could see my food going cold (and thickshake melting on a goddamn 30+ degree day), by the time I finally got served (I'm not being a sook, there was 3 guys in there doing NOTHING during this whole time), the dude brings it over, even double takes the receipt (I assume bc the price was 50% off) but then hands it to me and I'm like alright, now to balance this as well as I can as quick as I can to the car and get me the (profanity) out of here before he yells out.

    • For what it's worth, thickshake fans,

      I got another one tonight since it's the last night, even a milkshake ar $3 is still nice. And it was infinitely better. Turns out if you don't leave them out on the bench on a 30 something degree day, and instead keep them in the ice box thing like you're meant to, and did today, they're actually half decent.

      Still wouldn't say they're better than Macca's or HJ's, but definitely comparable. No worse.

  • not at 3174 3173 3175 3168 3197 3150 :/

    • my order lol


      1 X Chicken & Camembert $9.47
      Add Deep Pan
      Remove Classic Crust
      Add Oregano

      1 X Loaded Supreme $9.47
      Add Deep Pan
      Remove Classic Crust

      1 X Mega Meatlovers $8.97
      Add Deep Pan
      Remove Classic Crust
      Add Chilli Flakes


      1 X Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings 10 Pack $6.47


      1 X Hot Choc Fudge Brownies $3.00

      1 X Churros 4 Pack $3.00

      1 X Churros 4 Pack $3.00

      1 X Choc Lava Cake $2.27

      1 X Mini Dutch Pancakes $2.10


      1 X Malted Vanilla Thickshake $2.97

      1 X Chocolate Malt Thickshake $2.97

      1 X Salted Caramel Thickshake $2.97

      1 X Red Velvet Thickshake $2.97

      1 X Red Velvet Thickshake $2.97

      1 X On Time Cooking $0.00

      ORDER TOTAL $62.60
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